The fires in California that have occurred this summer brought up quite a bit of emotion for me. I had students and friends who lost their homes or were in danger of losing them. I have friends whose health became seriously challenged by the smoke created by all the fires. I received a variety of emails speaking to the effect of the fire on the animals. I was very touched by a siting of a mother bear carrying her cubs toward the ocean to try to escape the fire. I continued to receive emails asking for prayers and help.

In the past I have written that we are in a time of great change. There is a part of climate change that has been created by humans by the lack of respect for nature and helping to keep balance in nature. We have to ask what kind of life form destroys its environment? And then we also have changes that are a part of a cycle as the earth evolves and changes.

The reason doesn’t matter at this point. The key is to keep up our spiritual work.

Keeping with this, I have spent the last couple of months writing away. In July I completed the writing of a new book of how we can come together as a global community to use spiritual methods to create change. For as we have been working over the years there is so much potential we have to create change if we would make a decision to focus our spiritual energies together.

This new book I have written has not sold to a publisher yet. But I am sure a publisher will pick it up. And I will give you more information once this happens.

It is so interesting to listen to publishers’ responses to books written about healing the earth. They say that the public is so overwhelmed by the problems happening today they don’t want to read books about healing the planet. Readers are more interested in their own personal healing.

I can certainly understand this. I do write that we must continue our own personal healing. But as the earth is the home where we live we can’t abandon taking care of our home. We can do both at the same time. We would never say I am not going to grow food this year because I am involved in my own personal process. We have to garden and take care of ourselves simultaneously. And as we heal ourselves we ultimately heal the planet.

When Gandhi was asked if he thought India would be liberated from England he said, “That’s none of my business. But I do my work because I am here to serve. Because it is right to try.”

In this regard I am thankful to you readers who are working together to create change on the planet. We do not know what the end result will be but I am thankful to be working with a community who continues to do the work.

I am also co-writing a book with Hank Wesselman who is a wonderful shamanic teacher and writer. The book came out of a vision I had to join together with some other shamanic teachers and writers to teach about what shamanism is, what practices are part of shamanism, and describing different practices we can engage in to transform ourselves and the world around us. I invited board members and advisory board members of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners to contribute to the book. And Hank and I will weave all the different material together. This book did sell to Sounds True who published my book Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide as well as my audio CD lectures.

Once we have the contract signed I will share with you the title and the expected date of publication.

I am a board member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and you can learn more about the organization by visiting

Love heals. I think we all understand this teaching. There is a difference between knowing you are loved by the creator, the earth, the elements, and nature and feeling that love throughout your body and on a cellular level.

People are attracted to trance states. And I think the reason for this is that when we get into an expanded state of awareness we typically bypass the mind and can feel more in our body and on a cellular level. And it’s on this level that true healing happens. When we can feel fully how much we are loved we not only heal on a personal level but we heal the planet too.

This month journey or meditate to feel the unconditional love of the universe. Some of us who did not get the love we needed as children need to feel the love of the male creative forces; some of us the female creative forces. Whether you use the terms father or mother god, the goddess, earth mother connect with the creative energies to feel true unconditional love in your body.

In the June 2008 Transmutation News I did ask you to go back and experience how much love went into your creation by the creator. The next level is to fully feel it and try to hold that feeling more each day. As we engage with others in the outer world we often lose our ability to feel the unconditional love that life continues to share with us.

There is no light without love. To fully be a light in the world you must feel love.

Dave in Ireland gave me permission to share his lovely story of creation with us.

Creation Journey

“In the beginning there was a breeze, a dancing warm playful movement, seeking and searching. Something like heat and warmth, something like music – soothing, moving, transforming, smiling. The breeze was lonely. It loved itself and could form anything. It had only one intent. It wanted to feel and be felt.

The breeze became a whisper in the dark, a stirring and echo, a vibration, a breath, and it began to form, to interact, to relate, to intertwine. It had only one intent, it wanted to speak and be heard.

The whisper became a seed, bursting with potential – a seed that could grow into anything, and become anything and that seed had only one intent. It wanted to grow and become.

That seed became me and within me the breeze still stirs and the whispers echo. We have only one intention we want to love and be loved.”

Over the months I have been asking you to watch your thoughts and the words you use throughout the day. Linde in Austria found an interesting note in a German magazine called “Focus on Light”. It was a report about the idea of Will Bowen for a complaint free world. You can learn more about his work by visiting

From reading about his work Linde suggested that we can be supported in watching our thoughts and words by wearing a bracelet. If you find yourself complaining you change the bracelet to the other arm.

She said that the idea helps you to be very aware of your thoughts and words and the use of the bracelet is the visible outcome of your inner attitude. She used one of her bracelets to try it out. And she felt it was an interesting experiment.

In March I co-taught with Kappy Strahan an advanced workshop on the “The Spiritual Practice of Spinning”. One of the exercises I gave participants was to make a bracelet for someone else in the group. The intention was when we each wore the bracelet and looked down at our wrist we would ask ourselves the question, “What are you thinking right now?”

The intention was to become more aware of what we were thinking and then to replace any negative line of thinking with thinking that would lead us to our desired outcome for our own life and for the world.

I still wear my bracelet each day and I find it very helpful. You can make a bracelet out of yarn, string, or beads. Use your imagination. Just hold the intention that this bracelet is to help you become more conscious of the thoughts and words you use.

And as Linde suggests you can try moving the bracelet to your other wrist when you find yourself complaining or thinking defeatist thoughts.

Kappy and I are co-teaching a multi-level workshop on The Spiritual Practice of Spinning November 6-9 in Santa Fe. It’s a chance for those who wish to learn how to spin fiber into yarn with intention to join those of us who love to gather together to spin with intention in a group. For more information please email Ruth Aber at:

The full moon is August 16. Creating a human web of light around the world is a powerful way to work to create change. We continue to experience the divine light of the planet and of all of life. In this way we continue to weave a new fabric of reality into being.

And we continue our monthly group healing to help those in our community that need some healing help. For instructions please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on my homepage.

I was asked by Sounds True to contribute an essay on Medicine for the Earth for their new book: Measuring the Immeasurable:

The Scientific Case for Spirituality. Below is some more information on the book.
Available: September 1, 2008
Can your thoughts heal another person, even from across the globe? Can meditation create “superhuman” levels of perception? Do prayer and intention actually affect reality? A few decades ago, scientists would have dismissed such ideas as superstition. Today, a growing body of persuasive research has turned many scientific thinkers into believers in the power of spiritual practice. Measuring the Immeasurable brings together some of the most prominent and informed authorities on the new frontier where science and spirituality intersect.
The scientific evidence continues to mount to support and question
spirituality. An essential collection of new essays and research from today’s most compelling pioneers of “frontier science.”

“Measuring the Immeasurable is a superb collection examining the
relation of science and spirituality. Full of insights from some of the
most respected names in the field, it is highly recommended.” Ken
Wilber, The Integral Vision
Contributing Authors
Jeanne Achterberg, Ph.D., Tina Amorok, Psy, D. James H. Austin, M.D., Denise Bendl ,Gregg Braden, Dawson Church, Ph.D. Karin Cooke, Larry Dossey, M.D., RobertA. Emmons, Ph.D., Les Fehmi, Ph.D, Owen Flanagan, Daniel Goleman, Joan H. Hageman, Ph.D., Rick Hanson, Ph. D., Sandra Ingerman, Katherine N. Irvine, Ph.D., Leila Kozak, Stanley Krippner, Ph. D., James Lake, Peter Levine, Ph.D., Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Justin Mager, Nancy Marriott, Lynne McTaggart, Dan Moore, Andrew Newberg, M.D., Candace Pert, Ph.D., Kenneth Rachlin, Dean Radin, Todd Richards, Jim Robbins, Peter Russell, Suzanne C. Segerstrom, Ph.D., Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., Dan Siegel, M.D., Gary Small, M.D. Leanna J.Standish, Charles Tart, William Tiller, Ph. D., Cassandra Vieten, Ph.D., Sara L. Warber, M.D., Ian Wickramasekera, and Garret Yount, Ph. D.

Various authors
Hardcover, 552 pages
U.S. $24.95
Category: Spirituality, Science
ISBN-10: 1-59179-654-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-59179-654-1

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