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We are only one month into 2017, and we are already experiencing a wild ride with continued terrorist attacks, extreme climate change disasters with hundreds of thousands of people around the world being displaced, political upset especially here in the U.S., and a variety of other unsettling changes.

I cannot remind you enough to continue your transfiguration practices to center and not get lost in the unsettled energy. We have an important role in continuing our healing work for the planet and all in the web of light. Our work has no power if we bring chaotic and unsettled energy into it.

So, we must continue to experience the depth of feelings whether they be sorrow, fear, anger, and so on and then transmute the energy behind your emotions to energies of love and light that radiate and light up the Earth. We are all Earth protectors, and we must continue to do the work we feel called to do.

On this note we also must continue to transform and transmute what we take into our psyches and our bodies.

Our psyches are being flooded with all kinds of devastating news. We don’t want to “swallow and digest” this energy. It does not support the health of our inner garden and inner landscape. As you watch the news or read news stories continue to ask that what you digest be transformed into light and love.

On a spiritual level our Earth and bodies are filled with divine light. When we step into a unified field and oneness everything is perfect and light. Then we dance the paradox and find ourselves also experiencing our ego/personality and being in a physical body. Our physical bodies have needs. They need clean air, water, food, and sunlight to thrive and stay healthy.

I have encouraged all of you through my books and past columns that we must perceive what we are taking in as light. Until humans wake up to the fact that earth, air, water, and the sun give us life there will be continued efforts to make decisions that are based on greed versus the love for life.

What do we do before the general collective wake up? We do our spiritual work. When you prepare food to be cooked do this with love and as a sacred ceremony. Cook with love focusing on who you are cooking for and how you want all to be nurtured by your food. Give gratitude to the earth for the food you have been given.  Drink water and see and feel light sliding down your throat with each sip that enters your mouth. When you cleanse yourself imagine water filled with light cleansing you on all levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Breathe the air as if it divine light and love. Give thanks to the sun every day for the energy we are given to live our lives as intended.

If you do these practices daily and throughout the day you will support your health until consciousness is raised to simple basic principles of protecting our environment and how to keep ourselves, our children, and all life safe with what we eat, breathe, and drink.

This is such a simple practice. The key is to remember to do it. You might put notes in places where you will see them throughout the day and evening to remind you to do this simple but important work.

During the month of February many in the collective celebrate Valentine’s Day. Collective “holidays” are great times for us to join with the broader collective to add exponential power to our spiritual work. And Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love.

Love and gratitude should be celebrated daily and not left to commercial holidays.

As a global community let us gather our hearts together to communicate with all of life and let all living beings know how precious and exquisite they are. Let us join together on the full moon to perform our spiritual work as we have been doing to create a human web of light on February 10. And then again let us join with the collective on February 14 which is when Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

If you are a new reader of this monthly column, please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” posted on the homepage or in the section the “Transmutation News” to read the instructions for our monthly full moon ceremony.

On both Valentine’s Day and on the full moon go outside and write LOVE on the earth. The earth might be damp or wet from the rain – write LOVE in the mud. Write LOVE in the snow if it has been snowing, and let the water share the loving energies as it melts into the earth. Or write LOVE in the sand where you live. Let us do this together on this day.

I do this whenever I take a walk outside. It is always a good day to place your fingers in the earth and write LOVE.

Reflect on the word “love” as you do this. Feel its vibration and energy. Shamans teach that our words hold power. The vibration of each word we use goes up into the universe and manifests back down as form. For all creation starts in the invisible before manifesting in the physical.

And to add to our practices this month continue to make a clear choice to stand strong in our global community as we work on behalf of all of life and the earth.

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