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I want to start this month’s newsletter by letting everyone know I will be teaching Spiritual Immunity again over Zoom through the Shift Network. The intro call will be broadcast September 4 and the course will begin on September 28. This is the course I taught for the Shift Network when we just entered the Covid and the lock downs began. I will be sending out two dedicated emails to share more about the intro call and the course.

This course includes practices from Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light. It is a fabulous way to stay centered during these times when so much fear and angst is touching us on so many levels. This course teaches you how to remain empowered and how to find harmony in the midst of a challenging life journey.

We keep talking about the rapid changes happening in our lives and in the world. And we can all see that this process is heating up. There is a dynamic involving change that I would like to share with you.

Some of us are making huge and rapid changes from how we were living our lives. Do some scans of yourself on all levels to see how you are managing such fast shifts. For when you are living your life at a fast speed,  trying to change too much at once leads to feelings of deep grief. For our psyche needs time to integrate change.

When a big event happens in nature you can hear silence for days allowing for the integration process to happen.

We act like we are on speeding trains that come to an abrupt halt, and then we go into a form of shock that can lead to grief. In many ways our process is not always natural.

I have found in my own life that I have to slow down with everything I do right now. For so much of my body and soul is overexcited by so much inner and outer change. So I have to slow the movie down instead of trying to keep up. When we just try to keep up, we don’t always calculate the changes we are making which can unknowingly throw us back into the dark night of the soul.

So  the solution to this is to slow down. I have talked about this before. As time speeds up I purposely and intentionally start to move slower to give my psyche a chance to find harmony and move in an organic fashion.

On September 22, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are getting ready to greet my favorite season of the year – fall, a time to celebrate the cycle of death. In the Southern Hemisphere you are celebrating a time of new birth and those powerful new sprouts of spring that remind us of hope.

I was meditating on the upcoming equinox and was staying spiritually open to receive a message on what our journey/ceremony should be to welcome in the equinox.

I was told to perform a ceremony to lay down our weapons. This really struck a chord in me. For as you know the Transmutation News includes work, messages, and exercises from Medicine for the Earth. In order to really practice the spiritual work I outline in the Transmutation News, you do need to lay down your weapons which send our unprocessed energies to ourselves, our loved ones, all of Nature, and out into the collective.

The spiritual community seems to generally be against owning guns. But we still allow ourselves to get so triggered by the statements and actions of others. We are going around psychically shooting people down we don’t agree with.

I imagine most of us perform our transmutation work to shift the energies we are feeling from hate and judgement to unconditional love and light. When we do this, we are tapping into the universal power of unconditional love that can heal ourselves and environment. Don’t confuse unconditional love with personal love.

So we do pick up psychic weapons when we get triggered, and as I wrote about in How to Heal Toxic Thoughts we must work with our triggers so that we don’t shoot “the gun”.

For those of you who don’t read English I will write out the instructions that will be translated. And then for those of our community that would like to join in on our ceremony for the equinox the link is below.


Please note: I got awkward at the end of our recording. It was like I did not know how to say goodbye and tell you how grateful I am for all of you. So words “got stuck” in my mouth.  I was simply trying to say goodbye, and say I love you.

You want to do your preparation work for performing ceremonies. There is a resource on how to prepare for ceremonial work on the homepage of the Transmutation News. https://www.sandraingerman.com/transmutation-news/english/shamanic-ceremony/preparing-for-ceremonial-work/

We want to move our ego out of the way so we can have a strong and divine connection with the spirits that can help us while we state our desire to the power of the universe.

If you are not watching the video of me leading the exercise listen to some spiritual music that allows you to enter the non-ordinary realms where healing and magic can happen.   I always recommend drumming and rattling for yourself while dancing and singing while you journey.

Experience yourself standing on a beautiful beach. The sand is pure white. The sky clear blue devoid of any clouds.

Feel the warmth of the sun under your feet and greet the sun, the ocean, the earth, the air, the moon, and the stars. Look around you at the purity of this place in nature. The ocean is beckoning to you and wants to greet you on this special day. Let her cool waters cleanse you and open your heart to the power of love.

Call on your helping spirits if you practice journeying. If you don’t journey you can call on a divine figure who helps you find peace. With the aid of the helping spirits ask for help in metaphorically laying down your weapons. What weapons do you hide in your psyche? What do they look like? How do you psychically cut down others, yourself, send out messages of hate and judgement?

Use your imagination in this work to see and feel the weapons you are holding. You might not physically own a gun. But our thoughts can act just like gun shots. So we have to stop judging those who hurt others with weapons, as we have our own weapons.

Stay in the journey until you experience the elements unburdening you from the weapons you are holding.

It is time to step into our true spiritual power. The Covid brought a message that we are just not taking seriously.

We called in change. And here we are. But let’s find our own sense of inner peace during these times. You have a choice. You always have a choice to choose love or violence.

The full moon is September 20 and is the harvest moon. Let’s harvest love and light and connect fully to the web of life. If we connect fully to the web of life, we will feel the support we are looking for. Everything becomes so clear and obvious when we are one with our internal light. We are at peace. And we want to greet the full moon from a place of inner peace.

Perform your preparation work, listen to some mind-expanding spiritual music, or go out into nature and perform your transfiguration work allowing any blocks to your light shining strong dropping away.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony on the homepage- Creating A Human Web of Light. The same link that brought you to how to prepare for ceremonial work will take you to the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

Before we move onto announcements I wanted to let those of you know who follow me on social media that I have gone off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I hope to occasionally post an inspirational message on my Friends page, my Authors page, and Shamans are Gardeners of Energy. But being on Facebook for work 7 days a week since 2015 no longer seems healthy or adds to the quality of my spiritual life and practice. It just became too stressful to answer so many posts from my workshops for so many years and unfortunately impacted my health. I want to devote my life to my practice and not just responding to FB questions. We have brilliant teachers on shamanicteachers.com to learn from.

I love that we have Shamans are Gardeners of Energy. I do look at the page from time to time and the posts are akin to singing love songs to the collective. The energy just radiates to all of life.

We are looking for a new French translator to help with the French translations. If you can help us out, please contact Sylvia Edwards at info@sandraingerman.com.

Join me in wishing our global circle a wondrous equinox!

Next month Evelyn Rysdyk will be sharing a ceremony with us. Evelyn’s work is so creative and brilliant. She is one of our most experienced teachers on www.shamanicteachers.com. She has an incredible sense of humor and is a fabulous storyteller.

Evelyn is an internationally recognized shamanic teacher and bestselling author whose titles include The Norse Shaman, Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, A Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools, The Nepalese Shamanic Path with indigenous Nepali jhankri Bhola N. Banstola. Evelyn’s new book, Shamanic Creativity can be pre-ordered from bookstores, now.

Please note: Evelyn is teaching a new training:

The Hidden Folk are unique spirits that stand between the human world and natural world who support nature’s strength. Evelyn Rysdyk will share how to step back into partnership with these spirits in a FREE webinar on Sept 23rd, The Hidden Folk: 3 Essential Keys to Renewing the Soul of Nature and You!https://www.spiritpassagesacademy.com/a/2147493929/FizyRhhB


I know many of you are getting notices from Apple about the Transmutation App. I have found a team who is willing to help me update the Apple Transmutation App and create the Android version. It is such a gift to have this team be willing to work with me. Some of the original programming information is missing. But they feel they have enough to get around this issue. I am excited if it works to have the Transmutation App available.

In the 1990s Isis asked me to start training teachers. She said that it would become too hard to travel for people to be able to sign up for non-local workshops. It took me some time to gather myself to start leading Teacher Trainings, but I did start in 2004.

Due to the Covid, and the massive airplane cancellations due to weather, lack of pilots, and staff, Isis’ statement is definitely relevant right now. I trained wonderful teachers teaching all over the world. Please visit www.shamanicteachers.com to look at the wealth of workshops you can take and are probably close to where you live.

I am waiting until I know if I can complete a Practitioner Training while we are still dealing with the Covid and the danger of retreat centers having to close. I am waiting to see how things proceed for the Practitioner Training I will teach at a physical retreat center. As you know I believe teaching advanced healing workshops online is unethical and dangerous. The internet is not a way to transmit the ancient healing practices that can be the difference of life or death in a client’s life.

Advanced Healing Trainings of 6 or less people are being taught online by the teachers who I have trained as each person can get dedicated individual attention.

So I am journeying and watching carefully the trends of how retreat centers are operating. Stay tuned for my workshop will be small, and I know there will be a lot of interest. Make sure you are signed up on my email list for when I schedule, I will announce the training through a dedicated email.

The training will basically include 3 five-day workshops teaching Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light, Extraction, Psychopomp work, and Soul Retrieval. Graduates who show proficiency in the work over time can be listed on shamanicteachers.com as a shamanic practitioner.  And from that group I will pick those who show a gift for teaching and will invite them into a Teacher Training.

I still have Evergreen Courses that are already recorded on Journeying and other topics. Check out my Training page for further information. And of course, please check out my books and audio programs. I have received such great feedback, and they include information and exercises I teach in my workshops.

And Renee Baribeau and I have a popular podcast called the Shamans Cave. People love it!! I love doing the podcast with Renee!  Join us! Subscribe on www.ShamansTV.com.

I delighted to let you know that The Book of Ceremony is now published in Dutch!  It is published by A3 boeken.

Here is the link where you can buy it: https://www.a3boeken.nl/nl/webshop/ceremonies-sandra-ingerman/

With both of these next workshops listed below the introduction calls are over. But you can register for both courses in September. Click on the links to find out more information.

Discover the healing power, joy, and magic of living a life guided by synchronicity, as you learn to recognize Kairos moments — when the world speaks to you in signs and symbols to help you grow, thrive, and manifest.

You can register here for Discover Kairomancy: The Art of Navigating Life Through Synchronicity: Recognizing Signs & Symbols From Your Dreams & the Universe for a Happy, Healthy, Fulfilling Life with renowned dream archeologist and bestselling author Robert Moss: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/dkSI/ingerman/

The effectiveness of Tension Releasing Exercises, or TRE, relies on your primitive reflexes to reveal where trauma is residing in your body — and then “shakes” it out.

On Saturday, August 14, bodyworker and TRE expert Steve Haines will share how harnessing the power of your reflexes can release trauma and neutralize your own fear-based patterns while calming your nervous system and easing your body back into a state of balance.

You can register here for Discover the Healing Power of Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®): How Primitive Reflexes Shake You Out of Fight-or-Flight Patterns & Into Your Natural Joyous State:


Due to the times we are living in I am sharing workshops that teachers I love and respect are offering. I wanted to let you know of the wealth of offerings.

During this exceptional time and the need for social distancing the teachers and practitioners I trained  are offering virtual circles and courses and are adding more during this time. The circle link is https://www.shamanicteachers.com/shamanic-circles/  We also have a section for online courses: https://www.shamanicteachers.com/online-telephone-workshops

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the teachers on shamanicteachers.com are now offering physical workshops at retreat centers and in nature. And many practitioners are seeing people in person again. So please check out www.shamanicteachers.com for a wealth of different workshops you might be interested in.

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