We are all aware of the intense weather changes happening all over the world. Entire countries and states in the U.S. are experiencing devastating floods while some places on Earth are literally drying up. We have rivers all over the world that are now so dry you can walk through them.

Water seems to be trying to reach out to us to ask us to wake up to teachings on how to walk on this Earth with balance. For when the weather gets so out of balance it is a reflection of something happening inside the collective of humanity.

As you all know there are endless numbers of people who don’t believe in climate change and don’t want to participate in discussions, solutions, or take action at all.

The message I have shared for so many years now is that if we get up every day and thank earth, air, fire (as the sun) and water for our lives I know in my heart and soul that with the shamanic principle of reciprocity things can change quickly. For if we honor the elements they will honor us in return as has always been intended for our relationship with all nature beings.

We are not the only sentient beings on this planet although we act like we are. There are countries who are giving rivers the same rights as humans. Things are changing and people are realizing that we must form a harmonious balance with nature if we want to continue to survive as a race on Earth.

A few times now I have posted in the Transmutation News a dream I had about a river that had dried up but still had a song. I am posting it here for those of you who have not read about this most powerful dream.

Everything that exists on this planet sings and grieves. Every life form has a right to a life where food and shelter are available. And nature is truly our greatest teacher right now. If we would follow the signs of nature, we would know what to do to save ourselves and our planet. And a lot of it has to do with showing honor, love, respect, and showing kindness. It is really not that hard to go out into nature and sing to healthy nature beings and beings that can use some healing and love.

In all my courses I have taught since 2000 I still find it hard to integrate how many people have miraculous healings by working with transfiguration. This work has been around for so long and used by so many to light up the web of life and keep feeding the light of life.

Singing, dancing, transfiguration, performing honoring ceremonies for the living and the deceased are all ways to change the course of where the dramatic climatic changes are happening. But we need groups of people to go out and form local communities to do the work on the land where you live. It sounds so simple but has a power that has been shown for millennia.

The dream I had was about a river that had seemingly died, but as I walked by it, I could hear the river singing.

For those of you who never read the dream here it is:

Dream Dec 11. 2014

Early this morning I had the most extraordinary dream. The first part of the dream was very complex and deep, and I do not remember it. I know I was in an apartment in a city having a very deep discussion with others, and I think the topic might have been on death.

Anyway, the discussion had moved to a place where I knew it was time for me to leave. And I had come to the city as I wanted to buy light blue mascara. So I decided to move on with my mission.

I was walking through the streets of the city, and I came to a construction zone. There was a new development being built for commercial properties and stores.

A river had to be drained for the building projects to proceed. I know this sounds strange but this was a dream.

The next part of the dream will be with me forever. I walked along the drained river bed. The sand was still wet. It was not like where I live where I walk along arroyos which are dry river beds. The sand in this river was still very moist and wet.

As I walked the river started singing to me. The song was exquisite. And every new curve I came to in the river the song changed. I came to one part of the river where through the song symbols started appearing in the sand. I went back and forth the entire length of the river and kept listening to this beautiful song. The song remained constant depending on where I was on the river.

I was so touched and moved by the beauty of this song and that the river was still singing although the water had been drained.

I walked back to a group of construction workers. And there was one large Native American man with two very long braids. I thought to myself maybe he will listen to me. I told him my story that the river is singing. He looked at me, and when I started crying, he said he would walk with me and try to listen.

We walked to the river bank and started walking the length of the river. At first there was only silence. And then a song emerged. It was different than the one I heard when I was walking alone, but it was song. I asked him if he could hear it. At first he could not. And then the song got stronger and louder. He looked at me in amazement as he heard the song. And together we walked the length of the river listening to the river sing.

He went back to the group of other construction workers and said they had to stop the project for the river was alive and still singing. I left the group knowing they would stop the work.

And then I went on to buy my light blue mascara.

I woke up so touched by the dream and the song of the river! In the early 1970s I drowned in the ocean in Mazatlan and I experienced going through a tunnel and came into a light. I found myself in an extraordinary garden and sat a stone bench while I listened to most beautiful music that I will never be able to describe or have never heard in this earthly realm.

The song of the river was like that. Everything in life sings and the song is eternal.

For this month I thought we would do a transfiguration for the waters of the world like we used to in former times for readers of the Transmutation News.

If you can create an altar where you can place a small bowl or glass of water. Your altar turns your space into sacred space. If you wish to you can light a candle.you can burn some sacred herbs. Use a shamanic. Instrument or play a track of spiritual music you like that allows you to step out of your humanness into being a divine being which you are. Experience the power of your inner sunlight, starlight, or moonlight growing into a beautiful golden light that floods every cell of your body. And then let that light emanate out to a body of water where you are called to focus the light in order to honor it and see it in its divine perfection.

When you feel done you can drink a little bit of the water and then bring it to a body of water where you live. As the transfigured water filled with divine light makes it way to all the waters of the world.

We will do our ceremony this month where I will lead you in this exercise. So have your altar, water, and a shamanic instrument ready to use if you would like to sing and dance as we work together.

For those of you joining in on the ceremony I will also lead a transfiguration ceremony for our circle where we will have the chance to be both the client and practitioner.

It doesn’t matter when you join in for this ceremony as we are working outside of time and everyone will benefit from our work.

I did ramble a bit in the beginning but moved on. There are really two parts to the ceremony. And after recording with Sylvia, I realized that most of you might want to split up the ceremonies and do one at a time. You will see what I mean when listen.

Due to a health challenge my presentation this month will be audio vs. video. You can listen here:


And then we continue our work on the full moon on October 9 where we join our energies together to emanate light and love within and throughout the Earth. Join me in these ceremonies for they really have the power to create true change.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News, please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage to read the instructions of our full moon ceremonies.


I have had some unexpected back-to-back health issues that are showing me it is time to slow down a bit. I have been teaching too much, writing, working with clients. The back-to-back online workshops were hard on me. I need more engagement with my students. So I am taking a break until I can fully recover so I can teach into the future. I am in no way planning on stopping teaching. But I am human and need a break to care for my body.  

So I wanted to let everyone know I am going to stop announcing that a workshop is coming soon. But if you want to go further with your work, please work with one of the teachers I trained listed on www.shamanicteachers.com. They teach all the courses I teach as well as some of their own.

You can get amazing training so you can work in the world with clients and potentially be listed on my website www.shamanicteachers.com. But you need to be flexible about working with someone other than me.

I will teach again. I am simply taking the break my body is asking me to take.

Renee Baribeau and I are going to teach a very small workshop on divination. We are registering 30 people so we can have an intimate experience. All participants need to know how to journey. And the workshop will be on November 12 for 5 hours. For more information and to register click on:


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There is a fabulous course on working with Nature which is one of my favorites “Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature”.

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Body as Healer: Freedom From Chronic Pain

Dr. Peter Levine has been such a gift to this planet in teaching some of the most powerful ways to work through trauma using somatic therapy. I had the opportunity to present at a conference with him when I was first starting out my conference tours. And I learned so much from him and enjoyed getting to know him. I recommend his work to anyone working through pain issues.

  • A collection of Dr. Peter A. Levine, PhD’s life work in an interactive, online format (including six live Q&A sessions with Dr. Levine and six live sessions with one of his top practitioners)
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Olivier Clerc translated many of my books into French. He is such a deep thinker and a man of true compassion.

Healing the Wounds of the Heart : 15 Obstacles to Forgiveness and How to Overcome Them, Olivier Clerc, Findhorn Press, December 2022.

Can everything be forgiven? Forgiving the small and average sufferings experienced throughout life is one thing. But what about bigger transgressions, like infidelity, abuse, or even large-scale offenses such as genocide? Showing that forgiveness is the healing of the heart’s wounds as well as the revival of love, Olivier Clerc looks at what prerequisites might be needed to enter into a process of forgiving and what the effects of doing so might be, for oneself as much as, if not more than, for the perpetrator. He identifies 15 obstacles to forgiveness–prejudices, confusions, false ideas, misunderstandings–and discusses where these perceptions and obstacles originate from, which keep many of us from taking the path to healing.

Drawing from his years of forgiveness work as well as from the Forgiveness Project, he shares inspiring testimonies and examples from both victims and perpetrators who have rebuilt their lives after trauma by walking the path of conscious forgiveness.

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