Transmutation News June 2022

As the world seems to keep us in our initiation experience and the polishing of our consciousness continues to move us to new states of consciousness, I find people are diving deeper into their inner world to discover and reveal the hidden issues that are at the core of what needs to be healed.

We are reaching for ways to find inner peace in the midst of chaos while the human population is    dividing more and more, and climate changes have us exploring what we need for our survival.

We have big work ahead and achieving the best state of health on all levels is being called for right now.

In April I had a long epic dream that continued for hours. The dream was filled with so many metaphors and images all that made perfect sense to me. But the final message of the dream was that all the tension I hold in my body that create certain health issues for me are coming from the rage of being judged throughout my life.

Some of the judgement of course was personal. I did not speak until I was 3 ½ or 4. My mother was called to school by the principle who told her to put me in a trade school as I would never amount to anything. Then I was put in gifted classes where I obviously did not belong. And the list goes on of being constantly put in situations where I was judged – even singing, dancing, artwork, writing, all the things that I loved to do that brought me joy. There were always authority figures who judged what brought me passion and meaning and deemed whether I was worthy to continue with activities that were important to my soul.

Recently on the Shamans Cave, my podcast with Renee Baribeau, I shared how because I would not dissect a frog, this refusal ended me up in a psychiatrist’s office.

I started reflecting on how harshly society judges all of us and creates a role for us to play in life even if our soul calls us into living a different role.

The patriarchal powers that have been in place through our lifetime and many lifetimes before our time here use judgement to control. For how could society keep order if there were not controls on allowing the population of earth to tap into their highest creativity and passion for life?

And we know the answer is to balance out the vertical structure that is in place and allow the feminine energies to flow through our planet and through all that is alive again. No one can stop the feminine power – it is part of creating balance in the universe. We need that horizontal energy that empowers all of us to stand in our truth and follow our energy and flow in the river of life.

We just need more people who are willing to be a vessel for the feminine healing energies that can come in the form of rebirth or destruction. As we know the feminine has many facets.

In my dream I experienced the unbridled rage from being so harshly judged in my life. And I know so many of us hold that rage or being controlled might manifest as the fear of being judged and therefore getting into trouble or depression from stuffing our creativity so deep inside of us not allowing it to be expressed freely.

The answer is to keep performing your ceremonies to let go of what you took on from society’s projections on you, and in your ceremonies to ask for your greatest dreams to manifest. As we continue our transmutation work of healing our toxic thoughts, how we use our words, and daydreams, we allow the feminine to embrace us more and more. And when we shine our light from the core of our inner sunlight, as the sun shines its light from its core, we marry the male and female energies and create a frequency of love and a new a flow of unending light that could transform the collective that becomes more divided by the day.

And now we greet the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter in the Southern Hemisphere bringing us the opportunity to merge with the earth’s cycles that will impact the frequency of the earth, water, air, and light flowing in and through our lives. As we align ourselves to merge with the new changing energies, we find our flow and we start to wake up to the actions or the change in behaviors our soul requires from us to keep moving forward during this life path filled with so many obstacles for so many. It seems like the route is getting a little rockier and we all have to find our inner spiritual strength to keep walking second by second and not looking ahead to the future.

For the healing is staying in the the present and doing the deepest work you can do, as the earth is doing during this change in seasons. This is a time of deep growth and the flowing of magnificent beauty and also a time of going deep within to discover the treasures of the darkness and solace of winter.

I know many of you are rebels, as I have been in my life, refusing to give in to what society is asking or telling us to do and how to behave. We need to find our rebellious nature and this a time to truly allow ourselves to follow the journey of our soul.

But in order to do this, you must place yourself back into your own river!

The full moon is June 14 and is called the Supermoon. Let us call in the magnificent full moon energy of the feminine to either be a mothering force in our life that helps us heal, or the Kali energy needed to rise up out of our shell and be a force, just as nature is a force in the world. Remember we are nature and a force of our own.

Perform your preparation work to move your ego and mental chatter out of the way so you are a direct vehicle for the divine in that you connecting as a strong link with divine energies flooding our earth right now. Join in with the divine dance occurring right now. Move with the energy of light allowing it to flow through you touching every single inch of this earth within and without and all of life in the web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on this homepage for future instructions for our full moon ceremony.

The solstice in on June 21.  Take a day this month to be in meditation in nature and reflect on your own flow. Are you in your own river or did you join in with the chaotic river that society has created at this time? What are you trying to grow in your life? What part of you is ready to blossom?  Or is a time to go within and let the darkness and the inner fire of the earth feed the seeds you have planted with enough nurturance and heat to allow those seeds to rise up though any obstacle given to stand in the magnificence of life.

We join together as a strong circle with love and light flowing through our body and our hearts and we wish all in our global circle a beautiful solstice!

Sylvia Edwards helped me to record a healing and simple journey for the solstice. I think that we are getting lost in trying to perform complex ceremonies when we have not not really built up a strong enough relationship with nature to create the positive results that are possible.

I talk about the current state of the world and how as empaths we can’t take on all the suffering, and we need to do our personal work and get good guidance on steps we can make in our life that will affect the current state of the world.

We will do some drumming, rattling, singing, and dancing to prepare. So please have a shamanic instrument that you can use. I like to stand and drum. But I have not set up my computer to capture me standing and drumming. I am just not that interested in technology. So this part of the video might seem a little strange. But drum and rattle with me and you won’t notice.

Click on this link to join in with supporting our circle and getting messages from the Earth during this powerful time of the solstice.


I am still waiting until the spirits give me the go ahead to create an in-person practitioner and Teacher Training. But there are resources available for all of you to keep learning.

I still have Evergreen Courses that are already recorded on Journeying and other topics. Check out my Training page for further information. And you have all received my dedicated email that all my Shift Network courses are now all digital and can bought by you to learn from at any time. “The Dark Night of the Soul” is such a powerful course and has great tools to get you through challenging times.

And Healing with Spiritual Light produced by Sounds True is a course that brings me the most feedback and how much it has changed people’s lives and ability to move with grace during these times.

On you can find shamanic practitioners from all over the world who trained with me who are doing remote healings right now. And many are working with people in person. And I have been training brilliant teachers since 2004, and you can find online workshops and in person workshops by visiting the website.

Please check out my books and audio programs. I have received such great feedback, and they include information and exercises I teach in my workshops. How to Heal Toxic Thoughts is selling incredibly well right now.

And don’t forget to visit our Shamans are Gardeners of Energy Facebook page to post inspirational stories and images and also to be uplifted by what our community is sharing. To join the Facebook group Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy, go to: The password is “Transfiguration”. I am back on this FB page. I had to leave FB for awhile just for a rest. But I began participating again.

And of course Renee Baribeau and I have a popular podcast called the Shamans Cave. People love it!! I love doing the podcast with Renee!  Join us! Subscribe on And subscribe on You Tube! Our show had completely take off on You Tube, Buzz Feed, and Apple. We are getting the most amazing feedback on our podcast.

And if you have a topic you wish for us to address you can email I will receive your email and the topic is appropriate Renee and I will discuss it.

I will be teaching a new online course for the Shift Network, and I am excited about it as it will create a stronger community and more engagement from participants than in my other online courses.

I will teach shamanic journeying to the Lower, Middle, and Upper Worlds to discover the compassionate spirits that are guiding us, protecting us, and willing to help heal us and perform our ceremonial work.

Once we are grounded in the core practices of shamanic journeying, we will start working in behalf of each other in small groups. There will be journeys on what is happening in the world or in nature, such as during changing seasons, where participants will discuss with each other in small breakout groups the wisdom they learned through their journeywork. In this way everyone gets to share different pieces of the puzzle. For we all only get certain pieces in our personal journeys.

And we will have the opportunity to perform healing work in small groups where there are participants who need guidance or healing help.

I will also include a session on transfiguration and how to teach this powerful practice in your community.

Participants will also be able to ask me questions.

I am very excited about this course. My free introductory call will be in June. And then the 7 week course begins on July 12 and ends on August 23.

This course is perfect for those of you wanting to learn the art of shamanic journeying and is also great for seasoned journeyers who would like practice sessions to deepen your work and learn how to work with your community.

I don’t have registration details yet for my free introductory call or for the course. As you know I will share more information as I get it.

For now please save the date.

Nicholas Breeze Woods is an amazing shaman. I have turned to him in my deep crisis, and he was one of the only shamans who could help me. He wrote a new book that is so much more than the books you see on the market today.

The title of his new book is Walking with the Tiger: Deepening Your Shamanic Life. I cannot recommend this book enough!

Nicholas Breeze Wood has researched and practiced shamanism for almost 40 years, combining it with the more ’earthier’ end of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as with ‘medicine’ teachings from Native North American peoples.

He has worked with many gifted medicine people, shamans and lamas over the years, and is also deeply apprenticed to his own spirit helpers, whose teachings never fail to awe and surprise him.

 His shamanism is a fusion of traditional Himalayan and Mongolian forms, combined with teachings from his own spirits.

He has extensively researched the use of ritual objects within Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism for his entire adult life, and works deeply with ritual objects within his own shamanic practice.

He holds traditional teachings and – where required traditional initiations – for their use.

Nick is the editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine – – a leading international magazine about shamanism – published since 1993. He is also a musician and artist.

The book is available on Amazon. This link will lead to  some extracts and a link to Amazon

You are invited to join WE ARE EARTHKEEPERS! a Ceremonial Circle for Earth & All Our Relations with indigenous elder Brooke Medicine Eagle. We have a REMARKABLE OPPORTUNITY for VITAL SPIRITUAL ACTION in THIS CRITICAL TIME.  I know you care about this Earth family, and yet sometimes don’t know how to make a significant offering in your busy life. As a family of sacred co-workers, we can step up in a simple way to make a profound difference – for the world, and in return, for ourselves.

Guided by White Buffalo Woman’s ways, this membership will make it possible for you to do just that – giving just a 1/2 hour every 2 weeks to create a beneficial impact. Each month we will take an empowered spiritual action (prayer, guided journey, ceremony & more) focused on critical issues – interspersed with beneficial personal teachings that relate to the ceremonies and make them more profound. Sessions are recorded for your convenience. Join us!! For more details and signup:

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