Welcome everyone to 2023!  We made it at least this far. What a crazy journey we are all on. And what all life is trying to do is to reconnect us to love, nurturance, Source within and without, honor and respect for ourselves and all of life.

In the last couple of months, I have been writing about practices I have been doing to return to a state of inner strength so I can keep going even deeper with my spiritual work. I find the veils between the worlds are pretty thin right now, and there is so much support for diving deep into what is driving us, what parts of our life we are running away from, and where do we want to run to or walk forward to. What state of consciousness do we really want to manifest?

I feel for myself I am traveling deeper into my inner psyche than I have ever done before. And I am finding so many surprises of how I had to learn how to cope with all the trauma in my life and the parts of myself I had to hide from myself and the world. There are places in my landscape I have never taken the time to travel to and just sit and ask what nurturance is needed for true health, what does my body need, how can my mind support my healing and creativity rather than just looping on old thoughts.

As some of us are moving out of our dismemberment we are learning how grow into the new beings we have become. And this takes time. So set your intention as you begin the New Year to move some of your adventures in the outer world to the inner world where you can discover hidden parts of yourself and ask them what they need to heal and to connect with your inner light and Source where you can obtain the ultimate protection and sources of nurturance for your healing.

Balancing out your time in focusing on your outer activities to find ways to stop your world briefly and travel inside to the place within where the treasure of you lies, but you might not have accessed your true power or strength that is waiting to move forward in the next step of your evolution.

As much suffering as there is during this time on Earth there is such magic in taking in the deep lessons the universe is trying to show us. But we are stubborn and resist. In truth the universe is only trying to help us find a place within where we love ourselves unconditionally and allow that love to be the energy that guides us in our behaviors and actions.

Watch how this state of pure inner love becomes your greatest healer.

As you know from the Medicine for the Earth work, I truly feel that the simpler practices of watching our thoughts and daydreams is critical for where we are right now. For if you open to new frequencies but you are holding onto and carrying the energy of your darkest thoughts and daydreams what results do you feel will come from this way of being in the world?

On Thanksgiving I decided to write a post on the power of words. I liked what flowed out of me and I will share an excerpt of my post here:

“Words are magic. And you have seen me share again and again that shamans are gardeners of energy. Shamans take the words and break the form down into what is the energy and frequency you are calling into your life with a word. For often we are unaware of what we are calling into our lives and the collective when we speak. Words are seeds that grow into plants. What plants are you are growing in your inner garden?

So I thought it could be interesting for you to explore the energy behind the words you use when you talk about giving thanks.

The easiest way to do this is to go outside in nature and imagine saying different words that embrace the energy of “gratitude” and “thank you” and experience for yourself the energy you are calling in, and try and absorb the energy into your cells like we do with absorbing light when we perform our transfiguration work.

Or you can perform a shamanic journey where you experience yourself in nature saying words out loud and watch the dance of energy the words create.

You should feel energized and nurtured by the words you speak. And then when we speak about gratitude it might have a deeper meaning for you.”

Start recording words you wish to bring into your daily vocabulary. These should be words that when you breath in the energy it should produce a state of calm, joy, wonder, inspiration, hope. Your words should always be a blessing and never a curse for you or anyone else.

Record words you wish to say in conversations during the day which call in the most beautiful energies to your life.

For me everything is about examining my flow, performing practices that get me more in tune with the river of life and the flow of life I wish to be in. It just feels good when we do this and miracles start to happen.

I recently typed two items into google I was looking for. Two completely different items that I needed actually miraculously appeared in the search bar showing me that when we are in the flow even google produces miracles for us.

Miracles do happen when we stay in the flow. How are you doing with your own flow? Are you getting calmer by quieting the endless chatter in your mind about all that is not going right? Are you surrendering to the loving power of the universe that can help you find your place back into the flow of life? How flexible are you being right now? How much are your control issues coming up? For right now we don’t have a lot of control over our lives as the tides of the waters are too strong to fight, and we have to go with where life is taking us versus stamping our feet on the ground and saying to the universe you cannot make me change.

These are rich questions to ask yourself as we step into a new year where we can have a wealth of personal miracles and create deeper connections with ourselves and the rest of life.

We are moving into places of true magic if we let go of our attachment to the dense collective in the 3 D world and allow ourselves to take a time out to do our personal work.

I have really enjoyed doing the monthly recordings for you for the last two years. We did have the blessing of a few of my teachers on www.shamanicteachers.com share a ceremony with you. Now that we have two years of journeys and ceremonies, I have decided to take a little break. I might lead a ceremony on the equinox and solstice, but again we have so many resources for ceremonies. And when I feel called to, I will record a ceremony for you.

Sylvia Edwards has generously compiled a list of the ceremonies that have been shared so far in the Transmutation News. Below is a link to that page on my website. Once you click on the link, you will find all the past recordings with a description.

Thank you Sylvia for gifting us with this list:


We celebrate the first full moon of our new year on January 6. Please join me in using preparation work to get into a truly expanded state. Many people are writing to me that they are feeling their transfiguration work going deeper which is natural for those of us who have been practicing for awhile. But there is also a shift in energies that I feel is supporting our work right now. It seems like we are stepping more out of the 3D world with ongoing, continuous discipline and focus.

In shamanic cultures it was so important to work closely with the moon and the stars. It has always been understood the influence that they have on our lives. Let us take some time to celebrate the full moon which has the power join in with us to create a beautiful human web of light that travels within and throughout the earth weaving light and magic into the web of life. Experience the golden light of the moon, stars, and sun deep within the core of being and absorb some of that light for yourself and also let it emanate throughout the web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

I am delighted to announce that Alexandra Brabcova has stepped in to help with the translations of the Transmutation News into the Czech language. Please let us honor Alexandra who is so devoted to the work we are doing together and to help others learn the tools I share in my monthly column. Let us join our hearts together to give Alexandra blessings for her life and for the New Year. May she experience all the goodness life has to offer.

Please join me in wishing our light filled circle a year where you know the love and power of Source, trust divine timing, and experience the goodness of life!


I am feeling a bit schizophrenic about my schedule and life. I do need to time to regenerate. At the same time, I seem to be actively searching out a center for teaching a Two-Year Training in Advanced Healing.

For now, if you want to go further with your work, please work with one of the teachers I trained listed on www.shamanicteachers.com. They teach all the courses I teach as well as some of their own.

I am simply taking a break to regenerate. I have not taken time off to do this in 40 years!! It is very hard for me as my workshops are large and I am not sure how to do in person workshops with the Covid moving around so much. I know many teachers are teaching in person. I have not received a green light to yet. But I am missing teaching in person workshops so I will figure something out.

You can get amazing training so you can work in the world with clients and potentially be listed on my website www.shamanicteachers.com. But you need to be flexible about working with someone other than me.

The Healing Your Thoughts app is officially out, and you can purchase it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. I am getting fabulous feedback! I have been using the original app Transmutation since 2004 and now the updated app Healing Your Thoughts and it is something I count on to change my mood as I asked to be notified every two hours to stop and reflect on what I am thinking about and transmute any negativity I am focusing on. There is a one time fee of $1.99 and there is no sign in It is as simple as apps come!

There are teachers on www.shamanicteachers.com who are teaching in person trainings, online advanced shamanic healing methods trainings with really small groups so everyone can be observed in their work, and there are hybrid courses of a mixture of online and person trainings. Due to the intimate size of the group participants are getting some of the best shamanic healing than have seen in past workshops.

I still have Evergreen Courses that are already recorded on Journeying and other topics. Check out my Training page for further information. And you have all received my dedicated email that all my Shift Network courses are now all digital and can bought by you to learn from at any time. “The Dark Night of the Soul” is such a powerful course and has great tools to get you through challenging times. And “Healing with Spiritual Light” produced by Sounds True and “Spiritual Immunity” produced by the Shift Network are my Medicine for the Earth and Spiritual Light trainings in an online format.

There is a fabulous course on working with Nature which is one of my favorites “Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature”.

On www.shamanicteachers.com you can find shamanic practitioners from all over the world who trained with me who are doing remote healings right now. And many are working with people in person. And I have been training brilliant teachers since 2004, and you can find online workshops and in person workshops by visiting the website.

Please check out my books and audio programs. I have received such great feedback, and they include information and exercises I teach in my workshops. All my books sell well. But if you haven’t check out Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony. You might be missing some valuable shamanic tools and practices you can use in your life to receive guidance, healing, and to honor all the transitions and changes in life.

And don’t forget to visit our Shamans are Gardeners of Energy Facebook page to post inspirational stories and images and also to be uplifted by what our community is sharing. To join the Facebook group Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/991720834662313. The password is “Transfiguration”. 

And of course Renee Baribeau and I have a popular podcast called the Shamans Cave. People love it!! I love doing the podcast with Renee! Join us! Subscribe on ShamansTV.com. And subscribe on You Tube! Our show had completely taken off on You Tube, Buzz Feed, and Apple. We are getting the most amazing feedback on our podcast! I can’t believe the emails we are getting. People so appreciate our wisdom, humor, experience especially during these times.

And if you have a topic you wish for us to address you can email shamanscave@gmail.com. I will receive your email and the topic is appropriate Renee and I will discuss it.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet Marci Shimoff the author of best selling books that teach about happiness, success, and unconditional love. Then she invited me to present a guided journey and the rest is history. I became a huge fan of the Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, and Lisa Garr. I love their work, and I am happy to refer anyone to their Year Long Course in Miracles. I know a lot of people who signed up for their previous courses, and they loved the course.

To begin check out their ebook to get a sense if you would like to work with these extraordinary teachers and guides.

Live your life in The Miracle Zone! Step #1 – STOP these 4 unconscious mistakes that are keeping miracles from showing up in your life. Follow Marci Shimoff, Dr. Sue Morter, and Lisa Garr’s easy-to-follow steps in their new ebook.


Mirabai Starr is one of my favorite writers and teachers. She is tapped into an incredible well of wisdom and wants us to be tapped into our own wisdom also. As she says:

A caterpillar has to completely digest itself… dissolving entirely into a liquid state before it develops its beautiful new butterfly body. And even then, their wings are initially soft and droopy, which delays their ability to take flight.

Mirabai Starr, interspiritual teacher and innovative translator of the mystics, gently holds this as a metaphor for the human experience and the continual evolution of the soul.

This newsletter came out after Mirabai’s free introductory call. But you still have time to register for her workshop.

You can register here for The Holy Emergence of Your Everyday Mystic: Lean Into the Awkwardness of Transformation to Reveal Your Brilliant Butterfly Within: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/he/ingerman

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by Donald Altman.

Donald Altman, M.A., LPC, Psychology Today Practical Mindfulness Blog
International Speaker, Mindfulness Consultant & Trainer
Past Vice President, The Center for Mindful Eating

Coming Feb. 1, 2023: Travelers, a Mystical Odyssey of Hope, Healing and Renewal

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