I wrote a post on my four Facebook pages about what my perception is of the process we are in. We have started a global and a personal process of dismemberment. Dismemberment can take some time as everything that is ill and out of harmony is removed, making room for a new and bright state of consciousness to grow inside of you. This creates the state of evolution that many of us are moving closer to, and many are trying to achieve.

It is a powerful process of destroying and being unburdened from what is not working in your life, and in the case of our global dismemberment, what is not working in the world. This is a powerful initiation that completely changes us. We embrace new morals and values. We feel more connected to Source and light when the initiation is over.

After the initiation is over comes the rebirth while we are still alive. And this is where we do have new opportunities and potential as we walk through life with a different perception and consciousness about the illusion we get trapped in, and the truth of trusting Source within and without.

But in our case, at least for most of us, the rememberment has not begun. So this puts us in a waiting period and people in the Western world do not want to wait for anything. We tend to go for instant gratification and are a bit ADHD when we follow a spiritual path. How fast can I get spiritual enlightenment if I take this class?

Well in reality you are already in spiritual enlightenment. And you always have been. In the remembement process we are really being reborn into our true self which remembers we are always in union with source and can never be harmed.

The waiting period is uncomfortable for us. We want TO DO something to speed up the process. But there is nothing to do except use this time to enter into your Inner World and look at how much fear, anger, and trauma you hold. Find ways to release what is not needed through ceremony. We have our entire list of ceremonies we have performed together over the last two years.

Sylvia Edwards has generously compiled a list of the ceremonies that have been shared so far on the Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy Facebook page. Below is a link to that page on my website. Each ceremony has a description of what it is about.

Thank you Sylvia for gifting us with this list:


Allow yourself to dream about what you are moving forward to. Let your imagination go. Your imagination can take you to beautiful dimensions you can enter into, and find more of a place of unity and peace. Or your imagination can take you into the current nightmare we are living out.

So many have used this time to heal their past wounds so that their rebirth is eminent when the timing is right for the rememberment.  And the powers in the universe and the divine beings we work with as helping spirits make that choice.

Yes we are in a waiting time and an in between time. And we want to use the power of this time wisely. Journey, go to therapy, work with a shamanic practitioner listed on www.shamanicteachers.com or choose a practitioner you know in your community.

The more we can release our burdens we create a nurturing inner world where we can plant new dreams for our rememberment.

 I received a download from the spirits of “make your time meaningful, and you will have a meaningful life”.

What are you walking towards in the New Year that brings your life meaning? What are you releasing so that you have the resilience to engage in life with a new consciousness as you transmute your inner suffering into inner light and peace?

We are impatient about being in a waiting period and not having direction on what to do next.

In a time of waiting, stay still, reflect, absorb the power of the sun and the elements. Work on yourself. And in time you won’t care you are in a waiting period as you realize you have entered into a beautiful flow of life.

The full moon is February 5. Create sacred space where you can be in silent reflection. You might want to drum, sing, dance, rattle to lift out of your humanness into a spiritual being filled with light. However you like to transfigure, do it with passion and a true desire to share and receive love. Emanate your light like the golden stars, moon, or sun. Allow every inch of the Earth to receive the light of our circle.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.


I have finally learned that there is a retreat center I can teach at. It is about 22 miles outside of Santa Fe and is the Qigong Center that Master Mingtong Gu started here. I visited the center when it first opened, and it was not in shape for me to teach a residential workshop. But I learned from Alberto Villoldo that Master Ming Tong created a perfect retreat center for the work that I teach. There is a fire circle and a labyrinth, and lots of nature to be in. So whenever my helping spirits give me the go ahead I hope to teach an advanced workshop on shamanic healing at the Chi Center in Santa Fe. I am looking at teaching an advanced shamanic healing training in 2024!

In the meantime, I am still doing The Shamans Cave podcast with Renee Baribeau. We have so much fun doing this show, and we have had amazing feedback on how we are helping people ride out the waves of change we are in. We have listeners and viewers from all generations and from people all over the world. You can learn more and subscribe to our show by visiting www.ShamansTV.com.  

There are teachers on www.shamanicteachers.com who are teaching in person trainings, online advanced shamanic healing methods trainings with really small groups so everyone can be observed in their work, and there are hybrid courses of a mixture of online and person trainings. Due to the intimate size of the group participants are getting some of the best shamanic healing than they have seen in past workshops.

And during these times it is a good idea to get some shamanic healing work performed to give you the power and resilience we all need right now. There are brilliant practitioners working with clients remotely and in person listed on www.shamanicteachers.com also.

I still have Evergreen Courses that are already recorded on Journeying and other topics. Check out my Training page for further information. And you have all received my dedicated email that all my Shift Network courses are now all digital and can bought by you to learn from at any time. “The Dark Night of the Soul” is such a powerful course and has great tools to get you through challenging times. And “Healing with Spiritual Light” produced by Sounds True and “Spiritual Immunity” produced by the Shift Network are my Medicine for the Earth and Spiritual Light trainings in an online format.

There is a fabulous course on working with Nature which is one of my favorites “Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature”.

Please check out my books and audio programs and my Healing Your Thoughts app. I have received such great feedback, and they include information and exercises I teach in my workshops. All my books sell well. But if you haven’t check out Walking in Light and The Book of Ceremony. You might be missing some valuable shamanic tools and practices you can use in your life to receive guidance, healing, and to honor all the transitions and changes in life.

And don’t forget to visit our Shamans are Gardeners of Energy Facebook page to post inspirational stories and images and also to be uplifted by what our community is sharing. To join the Facebook group Shamans Are Gardeners of Energy, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/991720834662313. The password is “Transfiguration”. 

Chetna Lawless is a amazing person whose kindness has always touched me over the years of knowing her. She assisted me in my Teacher Training I taught in Scotland. Chetna is listed on www.shamanicteachers.com  and does wonderful work. She has a new training coming up you might be interested in.

From February 3rd, Chetna Lawless is offering an advanced training in colour frequency healing: The Colour Athenaeum.  This course is a deep dive into transforming our personal and collective density into Light.   It is a rich, engaging 8-week live-online class, and includes a personal channelled Colour Ray chart. For more information go to her website:  www.vision-voyages.com

Evelyn Rysdyk is back teaching another phenomenal course. I know those of you who have worked with Evelyn really love her teaching. The Hidden Folk are unique spirits that stand between our human world and the natural world who support nature’s strength. Evelyn Rysdyk will share how to step back into partnership with these spirits in a FREE webinar on February 23rd, The Hidden Folk: 3 Essential Keys to Renewing the Soul of Nature and You!  

To learn more, click on this link:  https://www.spiritpassagesacademy.com/a/2147526727/FizyRhhB

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