We are speeding along and ending another year of extreme growth.

Many years ago, a very dear friend gifted me with a ficus bonsai as a gift. I was so excited to receive it and terrified at the same time as I am not good with plants. What would I do to a little tree that was over 20 years old?

Well Ficus (ficus our tree’s personal name) and I have had quite the long journey of learning how to live together and support each other’s growth. There have been times when I did not think Ficus would make it. There were times when Ficus did not think I would make it. But oh my to see the new growth in Ficus from just a few weeks ago is like I infused it with some super growing formula. And we have been together since before I got ill so it must be at least 7 years of life together.

I am sharing about my journey with Ficus as I see a similar process happening with so many right now. There is a learning curve of how to tend to oneself and others during this time of dismemberment and simultaneous rememberment. Mostly our minds are focused on what is broken and what is not working. And we do need to take actions now and in the future. But we must have the energy to deal with what is coming. And we need a period of growth to gather the energy for our continued journey that has no end until our soul decides it is time to go home.

When we move into a state of growth and take our place in this life, we must remember that we came here to be caretakers of the Earth.

We must step out of the dimension of division and constantly return to the divine spark that lives in all of us that is connected to the creative forces of the universe which are always shining the song of dismemberment and dissolution as well as the song of rememberment and new creations.

When we step into the dimension of recognizing that there is only oneness, love, light, and lessons for our spiritual growth we can be held by a state of inner peace within.

But we must let go of fear, self-hate, division, and hyper vigilance. We need to ground to the land and feel the land supporting us for that is the real support we need. We need the support of all the elements who have been here for billions of years and have been through and contributed to the storms of change that we have been going through since life began on this Earth.

Nothing changes until it changes within you. So this month attempt doing regular body scans and notice where your “feet” are standing on all levels. Are you feeling yourself standing on solid ground and supported by spiritual forces? Do you need to just rest and let go of doing anything? There has to be a period of rest before a e period of growth, or you won’t have the energy for the next stage of growth which can cause a level of physical suffering.

Just like Ficus had to learn how to live with my husband and myself, we have to learn new ways of living on this planet and with our fellow humans and nature beings. For our old way of life is simply gone. It does not exist anymore. And do you need time to grieve this before moving on?

Take some time this month and tune into yourself and tune out the media as well as social media. Use this month to learn about yourself and what your current needs are and make plans to have those needs met.

I still believe one of the reasons the Covid came here was to wake people up. People just started to enter their own bubbles. People are making choices some of these not loving, compassionate, or kind. But for now, we have to focus on the work we are doing and seeing what part of our Inner World, our soul, body, heart, and mind might need some tending to right now. Stay with the focus and growth will happen, and you won’t regret following where the river of life is taking you too.

If you know anything about the process of mitosis you can actually witness it happening in the organism we call humans. Humans are now splitting off into different cells. I wonder what worlds and new dimensions will be created by this cell division.

We celebrate the winter/summer solstice on December 21. This is a time of deep reflection and rest for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. And it is time for big growth in the Southern Hemisphere.

Whatever season you are entering into think about this as being a time for regeneration and healing.

In 2000 I started our full moon ceremony titled Creating A Human Web of Light. And years later I added a monthly healing for our global community. But I did fall short on this and only organized this for our circle a few times.

I felt that this winter/summer solstice is time to bring back using a specific transfiguration ceremony to support those in our global circle.

Sylvia Edwards helped me record a ceremony for us to perform together on the winter solstice.

To listen to the audio version of this recording click on: https://youtu.be/YGQegbAk88s

Since the instructions are actually written up on my homepage I decided to include them here for those who will need the instructions translated. This is a powerful ceremony. We have used the GDV camera many times to record the results and we always get amazing images of what happens to people’s energy fields when they engage in the ceremony we will perform together on the solstice.

I am posting here a shortened version of what appears on the homepage under Instructions for our Monthly Ceremony: 

As we continue to do our transfiguration practice, we begin to heal those states of separation. We move into a higher state of consciousness, and we need to learn to surrender to the perfection of the universe.  And sometimes it is hard to do that and we need help in remembering our own divine light.

To help our worldwide community reading the Transmutation News I have decided to add a monthly healing circle to go along with creating a human web of light.

Here is what I suggest. If you would like to volunteer as a practitioner imagine yourself standing or sitting in a circle with other practitioners.  Remember the Transmutation News is translated into many different languages. We have a large global community working together.

Our intention is to experience our divine light and radiate it out to the inner circle.

We do not see suffering in our circle. We acknowledge the divine perfection in each person. So we do not lock people into a diagnosis of suffering rather we lift them up into their divinity.

Author and lecturer, Eric Pearl teaches, “In quantum physics if you change the behavior of one particle, another particle in a different location will instantaneously react whether inches or universes away.” Lower frequencies entrain or attune to higher frequencies not the other way around.

So back to the core principle of the Medicine for the Earth work, we change the world and heal others by who we become – by our presence and by the love and light we radiate.

We are not sending energy or trying to heal anyone. We are only allowing our divine light and love to spark the divine light of those asking for help.

Imagine yourself standing or sitting in a circle of practitioners. Do your transfiguration work and with your hands facing the inner circle radiate your divine light and love.

If you feel you need some help imagine yourself lying in a circle with people from around the world.

Your role is to absorb the light being shared by our practitioners. Think of a metaphor that might help you with absorbing divine light and love into every cell of your being.  I will give you a few examples with the hope that you will find a metaphor that works for you. You can think of a dry sponge that has been placed in water and soaks up moisture. You can think of flower that has been in rain for days or weeks and the sun shines and the flower soaks up the rays of the sun. Or maybe you can think of a flower that has been getting too much sun and it begins to rain and the flower soaks up the water nourishing it and giving it life.

Or think about a room where the curtains are closed, and the curtains are opened flooding the room with the light of the sun.

Allow the light of the outer circle to jumpstart your own radiance to flow through every cell of your body. This reconnects us to our divine perfection and our connection to the web of light. This heals those states of separation that create emotional and physical illness. And it reminds us that we all have the power and strength to rise to the challenges and opportunities that life brings to us.

And you can be in both roles at different points of the day or evening. You can be practitioner at one time and then lie in the middle of our circle at another.

And as we are working outside of time it does not matter when you do this work. It is not necessary to coordinate the times in which we all work.

The full moon is December 18. This month’s full moon is called the Cold Moon. So let’s warm each other hearts and souls by joining our spiritual presence and energies together to radiate our light with absolute focus and attention so that the entire Earth and web and life is uplifted.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News. please read Creating a Web of Light on the homepage.

It is remarkable and magnificent to me and everyone who knows about the Transmutation News that we have an amazing collection of people who take the time and energy to translate the monthly column so people all over the world can read it. And this has made a difference for this column. For you can really see the radiant energies coming from such a strong global community.

So please join me in thanking all our translators from your heart for the work they do every month is so intense. We have had translators come and go, but everyone put in a labor of love and you feel it.

Let’s send blessings to all our translators for sharing spiritual practices in their community making our community larger and stronger. With being strong links, we can do so much for ourselves, each other, and all in the web of life.

And none of this would be happening without Sylvia Edwards. For one she helps to keep me focused and sane! Not an easy job. And she adds so much beauty, love, and light into the column. Her heart is really in it to bring the column alive. Sylvia is a person on the planet who I can say truly does the work I teach and more every day of her life. And it shows by the extraordinary work she does in the world.

Sylvia Edwards
Petr Němčanský   – Czech
Caroline Bertrand – French
Catherine Meyer – French
Bea Salgado – French
Nanouk- French
Barbara Gramlich  – German
Astrid Johnen  – German
Nello Ceccon – Italian   
Flavia Cavallaro – Italian
Miha Masuda – Japanese
Ai Suzuki – Japanese
Els de Graaff – Nederlands
Sandra Koning – Nederlands 
Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese 
Tatiana Starikova – Russian
Ines Fermoso  – Spanish  
Lena Anderheim – Swedish   
Simin Uysal  – Turkish 

I wish you all a deep and meaningful solstice and a time of inner peace and love during this holiday season.


I am very excited to announce that the Chinese edition of Soul Retrieval has been renewed!!

Since this month’s column is long, I will forgo my own personal monthly announcements where I encourage to buy some for my inspirational books and CDs, listen to my amazing podcast with Renee Baribeau called the Shamans Cave, learn about my online courses you can sign up for now, and to learn about all the physical and online workshops the brilliant teachers I trained are teaching. You can learn about the workshops of a circle of brilliant global shamanic teachers on www.shamanicteachers.com.

As far as scheduling a physical workshop, trust me I am so eager to do this. But I have to be responsible and see where the Covid is going before I schedule a long-term training that might have to be interrupted.

I will be doing an opening session on the Gathering of Shamans which takes place December 3-5. This should be a fabulous event that I am looking forward to being part of. I love the lineup of teachers who all have a fresh perspective to share.

This live, interactive video gathering takes place via ZOOM and includes Dr. Alberto Villoldo, don Miguel Ruiz Jr, Linda Starwolf, and many other leading teachers and shamanic practitioners. This online weekend event is designed to invite you into a deep experience of your own true nature using time-honored shamanic practices.

Event Highlights:

  • ​INTERACTIVE workshops with leading shamanic teachers and healers
  • ​Video Replays for all sessions so you won’t miss a thing and can watch again as often as you like for up to six months
  • ​A special event app that allows you to connect with other attendees in real time

The Gathering of the Shamans started as an annual event in Sedona, Arizona, that always sells out months in advance. You can now experience the power of these interactive sessions without ever leaving your home, or budgeting for airfare and lodging!

Click here to learn more. https://bit.ly/3oyi07M

I hope you can join us for what is sure to be a magical weekend of shamanic exploration!


Add some ceremony and ritual to your life this December.  Join me, Sandra Ingerman for the Opening Ceremony of the 10th Annual IAM Solstice Symposium on December 20th at 11am (PST).  Presentations by shamanic wisdom keepers include: Deborah Koff-Chapin; Linda Fitch; Christina Pratt; Izthak Beery, and Louise Edington. 

This one-of-a-kind community event is a world-wide gathering. What make it extra special are the hundreds of earth tenders who build altars and hold space at their home. The Wind Clan Facebook group page is the central hub for presentations, sharing stories, and for supporting each other as the power of the fire grows over the course of 14 days. These sacred fires purify and strengthen the bond of community members.

Register Here: https://thepracticalshaman.com/fire-tenders-gathering/

Join us in this ceremony as we keep the sacred fire burning. For 14 consecutive days we will hold our lights (candles, battery-operated devices, wood-burning stoves, twinkle lights) and keep a special altar. There will also be two daily live events on the Wind Can Facebook page. (recording available).

A few years I was a presenter on a Sounds True summit on trauma. The summit host Jeffrey Rutstein impressed me with his skills and his knowledge of working with trauma. Sounds True is now offering a trauma certificate program with Jeffrey Rutstein.

Healing Trauma Certificate Program with Jeffrey Rutstein

Here is a link to experience link to the free teaching of a five free videos on the Opt In Page: https://product.soundstrue.com/healing-trauma-certificate/sign-up/#a_aid=5d2e32ffc1326&a_bid=8d0fe1f4

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