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As December 2012 gets closer, I continue to see many articles published about predictions for this time.

I tend to stay away from reading anything that talks about predictions for the future. I used to turn to astrology and psychics to advise me about where my life is going. And over the years I have found the best way to deal with life is to just stay in the present and deal with what comes up and that decisions I make in the present are what end up shaping the future.

I am in no way trying to judge astrology and psychic work. I have a true respect for this work and many of my friends and students are brilliant astrologers and psychics. And these systems can help us to see the forces that are guiding us in the present and gain tools to work through current challenges. I find myself from time to time working with astrologers and psychics to get tools to work with challenges that are being presented to me.

And at the same time, I think many people turn to practitioners who will predict the future for them. I think that this desire to know the future is a way to feel safe. Even if someone gives a prediction that points to great challenges there is a false feeling of safety and some feeling of control that comes from thinking that you know what is coming. Of course, we all like to hear that things are going to be wonderful in our future and then can get disappointed when life ends up bringing us different situations than we were expecting.

But as I have been writing for years the spiritual guidance, I continue to receive is that our future is created from our present. The more that we learn how to stay present with what is, do our spiritual work, raise our consciousness, face each challenge that appears, and trust in spirit to guide us during the challenges the more we can actually transform the forces and end up changing the future.

In the end of our lives don’t we want to leave this great earth as conscious as possible? The consciousness we are striving towards comes from how we live our lives. It is beyond the books we read and the workshops we attend. Of course, books and workshops can inspire us. But in the end, we all have to do our own work.

I did find myself inspired by an article a friend sent to me that was written by Carlos Barrios, a Mayan elder. His website is

I wanted to share something with you from the article he wrote:

Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions and make up stories about the Maya, but they do not read the signs correctly. It’s just their imagination. Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.

Carlos Barrios goes on to say that this is the time in between, the time of transition.

I think that we can all relate to feeling that we are in a transition. And I do know that many of us feel frustrated of living in an in-between state. It makes us feel uncomfortable for there is nothing “to do”. We can only keep doing our work. The challenge is our ego and rational mind wants to see the immediate results of our work.

I would like to share something very personal about the power of holding a state of unconditional love during transition times. For transition times are preparing us for a death. This can be the death of the physical body or the death of a way of life.

My father died one year ago at the age of 97. He suffered from dementia and the last few months of his life were very challenging as he had become quite violent.

I knew that my father was working out traumas he had suffered in his past. And I also knew that I could create an opportunity for healing for him.

As I was with him every day, I could control who came into his presence. And I hired extra help to assist in his care. The only people who were allowed in my father’s presence for the last two months of his life were caregivers who would hold him in unconditional love despite his behavior. And obviously this was true for myself.

When he died, he left from such a state of peace. His transcendence was so quick, and he traveled back to Source like a bullet. It was so clear that when he died, he completed his healing.

Many of us today are taking care of elderly parents. And I constantly hear from friends and students about how an elderly parent had a very traumatic life but is now in a situation where they are being held in love that is creating healing of the past.

I speak to so many about how simply by holding someone in love during their final transition creates a state of peace for him or her that allows true healing of past wounds to take place.

For many this transition can be longer than makes sense to outside observers. Years can go by as one heals from life traumas before letting go to the final journey back to Source.

But the key so many of us have seen is the power of just holding a loving space.

The reason I am sharing this is that we are living in a time where we are experiencing the death of a way of life that no longer serves life or the earth.

And we do not know how long this transition will take. We really do not know how long the in-between time will be. We do not know how this transition will impact each of us on a personal level. And we really do not know what is coming. Death has always been mysterious to the rational way of understanding and probably always will be.

But during any transition process the key is being present and being a loving force in times of great change.

We have been focusing our practice over the years on being a true vessel of unconditional love and this is what is being called for right now.

What we are seeing in the world is the effect of how as humans we have not respected the earth and all of life on the earth.

The focus of many in the world is still on “healing the economy”. And the focus should be on how to live a life of honor and respect for the earth.

I of course understand the challenges of not having enough money for food and shelter. I have been there in life myself.

When we open to living a spiritual life, we start to find solutions and opportunities that take us out of the challenges of a paradigm of scarcity and into a life of abundance.

For in the universe there is no such concept of scarcity there is only abundance. But to experience the energy of abundance and to tap into solutions that lead us to abundance ask us to devote our lives to living a life that embraces the divine. The more we surrender to the divine we find ourselves led to what we need at all times.

We do have to continue to educate people that the earth is our home and we do have to take care of the elements that give us life. This process of education is so needed at a time where people only focus on what they can gain materially no matter what the cost to the rest of life.

At the same time the more we can sink into simple daily spiritual practices that allow our own inner wisdom to lead the way the more we can create positive change for all of life.

The more we can stay present to what is and hold all life and the planet in love right now the more we can heal the past and the present creating healing for the future.

The full moon is October 29. As we continue our practice to weave a brilliant web of life within and throughout the earth let us also join our hearts together to radiate unconditional love that holds all of life.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human of Light” on the homepage.

As we radiate love throughout the world remember to love yourself. Make choices in life that reflect back to you how much you love and respect yourself.

In the article that Carlos Barrios wrote he talks about one respected elder, who lives all year in a solitary mountain cave, who journeyed to Chichicasenango to speak with people who had joined together at a ceremony. The elder delivered a simple, direct message. He called for human beings to come together in support of life and light. This is what we have been doing together as a global community for many years now.

It is only love that heals.

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