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I have been joining you in performing the practices to step into a deeper relationship with Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. I can really feel a difference in my body. I feel a deeper connection to myself as well as to all of life.

One day I was eating a small apple from my apple tree. I suddenly could feel that we are connected to the spirit of every life form we eat. I could feel roots growing through my body and a deeper connection to nature. That of course awakened different parts of my imagination, and I started thinking how every time we eat, we connect to the life form we ingest and threads of connection form inside of us.

I started thinking about how those of us who are committed to our spiritual practices often start our day, our spiritual work, and so on with gratitude.  And during the month of November people in America celebrate Thanksgiving.

This led me to wonder about the spiritual difference if before we give thanks, we ask permission from the land where we got our food from and the spirit of everything. Ask permission to eat the bounty that Mother Earth provides for us along with her partnership with air, water, the sun, the moon, the constellations.

If you ask permission “to take” first I wonder how that would change your own internal landscape, your feelings, thoughts, your health and your connection to life.

We certainly want to keep up our gratitude practices and even bring them deeper into our field of energy. But what if we added the practice of asking for permission as well as asking for encouragement on ways we can lighten our step on Gaia.

As we do this, I imagine the forces of nature, the ancestors, and the ancient ones singing songs of gratitude and thanksgiving for us.

This practice might also help us to make dietary and lifestyle changes as we tune in deeper ways to the energies we are absorbing.

The full moon is November 23. Let’s bring a deeper awareness and wake up fully to our spirit within which is simply pure divine light. Don’t contain it. Let it flow with abandon instead of trying to contain your light. Let us join together as we share transformative light with the Earth and all of life. Think about how the sun, the moon, and the stars transform growth. Are you shining your light strongly enough to be a transformative force?

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News, welcome. Please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony by visiting Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage.

A message came to me during a walk. When the world dissolves there is only spirit. By going through the initiations we are experiencing now, we are dissolving into our spiritual selves.


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