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In the last few issues of the Transmutation News, I have been sharing how people are writing me about being in a state of despair and having a hard time keeping up with their spiritual work. Well now these communications being shared with me are changing in ways I did hope for and expected.

With all that is going on in our inner our outer worlds we are truly going through a death. And as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross so brilliantly outlined there are different phases as a person prepares for death and also when people experience grief. Of course, she was referring to people given a terminal diagnosis. But these phases certainly pertain to the death of our current egoic state of consciousness. The phases she described are not in a particular order, and she also admitted some people never experience these stages. But I find them remarkable as I have worked with so many people facing death and experiencing deep states of grief.

First there is denial. And then there is the anger that life is changing in ways that seem bleak as we look out of our human eyes. When great shamans gaze out of their eyes, they look beyond this material world we are living in into other dimensions of reality where hope and healing are always present. After people move into states of anger, they might move into bargaining with a divine force for a miraculous healing

At some point anger about death and change can transform into acceptance. Some people perceive that acceptance is giving up. And that is not true. For even with acceptance, we have tools to stand strong together and continue our work and not give up on our dreams. At the same time when we accept that a death is occurring, we actually learn how to adapt to the necessary changes occurring so we can move back into a state of balance.

And what people are starting to communicate to me is that with the “ego death” being experienced and the sculpting away of lives people are experiencing deeper journeys, ceremonial work, and healing work. The current crises we are in are actually opening up the veils between the worlds where greater insights and guidance is waiting for us. And the path between the ordinary and the non-ordinary realms is getting shorter as we learn to shift our perception and gaze into dimensions beyond this one as shamans have done for millennia. And in that gazing into these other dimensions of reality we truly can bring through higher energies to help us make the much-needed shifts into rebirth and illumination. These phases follow any death and dismemberment experience.

In the United States November is the month where Thanksgiving is celebrated. Each year I write the same message. In shamanic cultures, every day was a day of Thanksgiving. The sun was greeted and welcomed each day. Each community member greeted the sun with gratitude for the life and energy it provided all of life to thrive. Gratitude was given for life on a daily basis and for the plants and trees that helped to heal and feed the community and the abundance of animals that sacrificed themselves so that others could eat and survive. Through the power of such gratitude and acts of honor and respect flow and balance was created between the people and the elements earth, air, water, and the sun.

And people focused on their greatest dreams and visions daily instead of feeding what was not working in their outer world. There was gratitude for the wealth and treasures of the divine forces that live within each of us.

Every day was a day of Thanksgiving, and we could create such potent dreams if we would bring this simple and most magical spiritual practice into our daily life. For whatever is happening in life we always have life itself to be grateful for.

The full moon is November 4. The full moon is always a powerful time to join our collective energies together to radiate light and share unconditional love with all of life as we continue to weave a beautiful web of light within and throughout the Earth. Remember to do your preparation work so you can truly step into your divine light and join our global community as we shine and focus on all the places on the planet that can use spiritual healing at this time of dismemberment and rebirth.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage so you can learn the instructions for our full moon ceremony. 

Inspirational Story of the Month

Thank you, Anne, for sharing the following story and photos! We wish you the best of health!

Just before the surgery to remove my left kidney and ureter, my sister and I were with my husband in our backyard. I was walking slowly on a path flagstone meditation path near the Buddha.  It’s mid-December, I had already had 2 exploratory surgeries and knew that I had cancer and that it was serious, life-threatening.  As I walked, I communed and prayed to the Helping Spirits, to Buddha, letting go of all expectations of outcomes.  My sister took this photo as I walked.  The wintery sun was angled from the South, there was nothing in the material world that could have caused this rainbow light shining directly on to the area where the operation would occur and where the cancer was located. Spirit’s answer- all deep healing comes from Spirit. Trust!

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