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The November Transmutation News obviously is coming to your inbox before the Presidential election in the United States. So, we do not know what the end result will be. We do know the campaign has been quite disturbing. We have so much at stake right now, and it is amazing to watch how the campaign is playing out. 

We have readers from many different countries reading the Transmutation News. And although you might not feel connected to the election here in the U.S., the result will affect the entire world collective. 

No matter what happens in the election please remember to:

Stay focused

Stay positive

Stay centered

Let us stay on track with our work. We must not allow ourselves to get distracted. 

If I feel a need to, I will send out an inspirational dedicated email after the election is over. And of course, I will post something on my Facebook pages. 

And then in November people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. I write the same thing every year and will continue to do so. Celebrating life should be something we do each day. It should be embedded into our daily ceremonial life. For life is a ceremony. And one of the fundamental elements of all ceremony is gratitude. 

In order to experience the natural state of reciprocity everyday must be a day of thanksgiving. We must wake up every morning and start by giving thanks for our lives. And then we must reach deeply into our hearts and from a place of appreciation for all in the web of life state what we are grateful for. I always wake up and give thanks for the spirit of the land where I live, the helping ancestors of the land and my own ancestors for giving me life. I continue by giving thanks to Earth, Air, Water, and Fire as the sun for giving that we need to thrive. I honor the nature beings that live in all the elements. And I honor the hidden folk that caretake the Earth along with us. Imagine the possibilities if everyone in the world did this on a daily basis. Imagine how life on this Earth would change. 

As such a large collective focuses on giving thanks during this month we can fuel the power of love and light as we join in such an energy.

We can bring increased power into our full moon ceremony of Creating a Human Web of Light. The full moon is on November 14. Let’s start building an energy of love and light that creates a vibrant fabric of reality alive with a new dream for the Earth and all of life. Let’s radiate our light, love, and gratitude together as we weave a web of light within and throughout the Earth.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage. This article contains the instructions for our full moon ceremony. 

This month I would like to suggest that we all make a rattle that we can use to connect our field of energy and to call in the strength of our global community. We all know the exponential power that comes from having a strong community focus on healing for others, all of life, and the planet. 

Many spiritual traditions use this power of community to support healing. For example, there are ChiGong teachers that teach you how to tap into the entire chi field created by thousands of practitioners who are working to heal themselves individually but also to be able to focus healing energies for the planet. 

In our work we have also been focusing our spiritual energies to create a strong field of light and love to be in service to all of life and the Earth. 

There are so many examples of different spiritual traditions who work by building a strong collective. 

I invite you to make a rattle that you can designate as a spiritual tool to use to feed our global community with light and love. 

You can make a very simple rattle by taking an empty bottle and filling it part way with some seeds, or crystals, or small stones, or corn. You can also make a more elaborate rattle. If you have more than rattle you can designate one for supporting the work of our community. 

Keep this rattle on your altar at home. And everyday pick it up and shake your rattle while thinking about our global circle and radiating love and light to those in our circle, practitioners who work in different ways in praying for the web of life and the Earth, and of course to the Earth itself. 

As you do this on a daily basis you will feel the tangible field created by all of us working together. And just this simple act of rattling while focusing on those being in service to the Earth will strengthen the field of collective energy that has unlimited power to create change and transformation. 

Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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