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I just returned from teaching two wonderful trainings in Joshua Tree, California. It is always so amazing to spend time in the desert and feel the power of the stillness and witness trees, plants, and animals who have such a remarkable ability to thrive in adverse conditions.

I find myself still digesting and absorbing what I wrote about last month, and I feel a lack of words for any new information to write about for this month. Between the depth of what I wrote last month and speaking so much for two weeks I feel a need to move into a place of reflection and stillness. And this is always a good place for all of us as we continue on our spiritual path.

As I have shared many times before it is important to let practices settle and become you. One of the trainings I led in Joshua Tree was Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light. I always feel quite filled with joy, hope, and inspiration when I can introduce others to this powerful work. I find that for a variety of reasons there are participants who come to this training more than once. Some people were there to assist me, there were participants who had attended the training before and wanted to get grounded in the practices and the ceremonies I lead so that they feel they can share the work with their communities with a deeper sense of experience, and some people just simply love to return to be back in the collective energy.

For those who attended the training again I kept getting feedback that they felt they had gone deeper than they had in a previous training. Participants would ask me if I had taught the same journey before due to feeling like journeys I led were brand new to them. There was nothing I had changed in the training although of course I keep changing instructions as I find better words to describe the exercises we are doing. Participants who repeated the training gained so much more insight and went to deeper places in their own Inner World. This goes back to how I have been encouraging all of you to repeat exercises, practices, and ceremonies I have shared over the years. For the richness of the experience and how deep you go is truly when the work becomes you. And when you always keep moving on and not deepening the practices you end up only skimming the surface of the work. There is so much potential as we dig deep and nurture seeds that have been planted over time.

In a journey I performed for this month’s column I was told to encourage you to journey or meditate and imagine sitting at the end of a mountain top or at the top of a hill where you can gaze upon the landscape and just free your mind to reflect and dream.

As you gaze into the distance feel the breezes or wind caressing your face. Smell the fragrance of the clean air. Feel the air bringing messages of love and inspiration to you. Feel your body sitting on the earth and touch the texture. Look at the beauty of the landscape as your eyes stretch to see the landscape below you. Feel the energy of the sun being absorbed deeply into your cells nurturing you. Taste the flavor of the air.

As you sit reflect on how you have become the work. I know some of you are new readers of the Transmutation News. And some of you have been reading this column and joining together with the collective energies of the global community we have created for years. Imagine thousands of people from around the world all reading this column each month and doing the work in their own way. For the true power of the practices is to change them and make them your own. Experience the joy in the heart as you feel support and the strength that we all share together when we work in behalf of the planet and all in the web of life together.

Gazing upon the beauty surrounding you feel your gratitude for having a body, mind, and emotions that can appreciate with all your senses life on this great Earth. Yes, there are many challenges we are facing together. But when we join together in joy, love, and support we start to ride a different wave. And as transitions and initiations continue to occur you are now and will continue to be presented with choices of what wave you wish to ride. In ancient times and in traditional cultures the unseen and visible worlds were woven together. Today there is a solid doorway between the worlds. It is time for the veil to be lifted and to once again live a life of spirit with magic and beauty everywhere.

As a collective we are being asked to live a life filled with spirit and walk the path of spirit.

Here are the seeds I have offered you. It is up to you to nurture them and help them grow through intention, repetition, and application.

On a daily basis transmute and transform the energy behind your thoughts and words so you are feeding yourself, others, and all in the web of life with love and light. Remember the difference of expressing an emotion versus sending the energy of the emotion.

Bless yourself and others by the words you use.

Rephrase your thoughts and daydreams that do not lead to your desired outcome.

Continue your dreaming practice of engaging all your senses to dream into being the world you wish to live in for yourself and for the Earth. Live from the dream.

Stay focused on your practices while surrendering the outcome.

Work on strengthening your body and also do the emotional work you have to do to be a clear, strong, and healthy vessel that can hold higher frequencies of love and light.

Stay connected to nature, its cycles, and to the elements – earth, air, water, and fire.

Continue to watch for the omens and signs that are revealed to you on a daily basis that provide guidance in your life.

Give gratitude daily for your life, earth, air, water, and the sun that sustain you and all of life, and for all the helping spirits who guide you. Find ways to add gratitude practices throughout the day. And open your heart to be grateful for what life brings for you.

Remember the truth of who you are which is divine light. Keep up your transfiguration practice to absorb your divine light and radiate light within and throughout the earth.

Project strength onto others. Perceive others in their divine light and perfection. Do not pity others when they go through challenges. Have compassion for their situation, but do not pity them.

Perceive the beauty in all things. Our perception creates our reality.

Continue to cultivate a deep and rich inner landscape and Inner World.

Do not separate your spiritual life from your ordinary life. Become the work!

Continue to empower your daily life by living a shamanic way of life.

In the United States November is a time where people celebrate Thanksgiving. In order to experience the natural state of reciprocity everyday must be a day of thanksgiving. We must wake up every morning and start by giving thanks for our lives. And then we must reach deeply into our hearts and from a place of appreciation for all in the web of life state what we are grateful for. I always wake up and give thanks for the spirit of the land where I live, the helping ancestors of the land and my own ancestors for giving me life. I continue by giving thanks to Earth, Air, Water, and Fire as the sun for giving that we need to thrive. I honor the nature beings that live in all the elements. And I honor the hidden folk that caretake the Earth along with us. Imagine the possibilities if everyone in the world did this on a daily basis. Imagine how life on this Earth would change.

As such a large collective focuses on giving thanks during this month we can fuel the power of love and light as we join in such an energy.

We can bring this into our full moon ceremony of Creating a Human of Light. The full moon is on November 25. Let’s start building an energy of love and light that creates a vibrant fabric of reality alive with a new dream for the Earth and all of life. Let’s radiate our light, love, and gratitude together as we weave a web of light within and throughout the Earth.

For those of you new to reading the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage.

I am in deep gratitude for each and every one of you who does the work to create a new dream for all of life. Thank you!


Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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