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I hope you had the opportunity to work with the practices that I shared with you in the October Transmutation News.

If you did I am sure you have a deeper physical connection to the spiritual work we have been engaged in. For to really make a difference we need to embody the practices instead of simply mentally understanding them. Through the embodiment of the work we change our field of energy or auric field which changes what we energetically radiate and project. By doing so we truly impact the collective field of energy. 

This month I ask you to put into action working with the power of words. For the shamanic path is a way of creating change through blessings. When we bless ourselves, the world, and all in the web of life we create an energy that manifests the blessings in our ordinary world. The energy of our words spins fibers that weave first an invisible fabric that ultimately creates a new fabric of reality in our ordinary realm of existence. 

David Mathisen, author of The Undying Stars, writes a wonderful blog. After reading what was shared on blessings in Awakening to the Spirit World he wrote a great blog on the topic. He shared a couple of sentences in particular that really spoke to me. David wrote that in saying blessings we recognize the invisible spirit within and call it out to shine forth. We recognize the hidden spirit world and invite its energies to flow into the visible worlds. (   

Each day pay attention to using words that bless and create beauty. Before you go to sleep at night end your day and start your nightly dreams by stating words of blessing for yourself and all of life. 

We have been working with the power of the full moon in our monthly ceremonies. This month perform a meditation or a shamanic journey to merge with the moon. I would suggest that you merge with the power of the full moon so that when you do join in with the full moon ceremony “Creating a Human Web of Light” you have the physical sensation of the power you are working with. Feel the power of the full moon in your body as you learn about the moon by becoming it. 

Put on some meditative music that expands and heightens your consciousness or listen to a drumming or shamanic music CD. You can also drum or rattle for yourself.

Hold your intention that you would like to merge with the power of the full moon. You can do a series of merging journeys/meditations with the different cycles of the moon to embody the internal shifts that you experience with the moon’s changing cycles. 

This is not about getting messages although the moon might share a message with you as you experience her. The key is to feel how your energy becomes one with the energy of the moon and what the changing phases feel like in you. Notice the power you have to project and also attract to you during certain phases. This will help you in your creation and manifestation work as you learn through becoming the moon the most potent times to perform some of your ceremonial work. 

In some native cultures the moon is seen as a masculine energy and in some it is seen as a feminine being. As shamanism is a path of direct revelation feel for yourself what gender you connect with as you merge with the moon. 

This is a very powerful journey that will help you tap into your body’s intelligence as all of life is impacted by the lunar cycles. We know how the moon effects the tides. As we are mostly water the moon has a great impact on us too.

As we watch what is happening in the world we can see the imbalance of how water is impacting different places on the earth. We are seeing flooding rains and extreme drought. This month let us honor the living being that we call water.

Bring simple spiritual practices into your life to honor water. Understand that water is reflecting back to your own inner state of toxicity. Learn to transmute and transform the energy behind your emotions and thoughts to love and light.

Make it a daily practice to honor water. As you wash yourself, the dishes, etc. connect with water and give thanks for how water sustains life. It also heals and cleanses you. As you drink give thanks to the life and nourishment that water brings to you.

Whenever you drink water or visit a body of water always see it in its divine light. Remember your perception creates your reality. If you perceive the water as polluted it is polluted. Lift the veils between the worlds as shamans have done since the beginning of time. And choose to see the divine light in the waters of the world.

Earth, air, water, and the sun sustain our life. We must not pollute that which gives us life. Honor water and all the elements that give us life. And they will honor us in return.

Find a body of water that you can sit by. You can travel to a beautiful place in nature or visit a nearby park that has a lake, pond, or stream. Sitting by running water such as a river, stream, waterfall can help you be transported away from your ordinary concerns allowing your inner wisdom to emerge. Watching the waves in the ocean creates a state of opening so you can listen to the messages of your soul. If you sit by the ocean feel the waves welling up inside of you. While sitting by a river or stream drop into your sensory awareness of the flow of your inner water. A lake or pond might put you in touch with the stillness within you.

Listen to some music that you find relaxing and expansive. Lie or sit down. Close your eyes and hold the intention that you wish to experience the waters that run beneath and through the city where you live. Experience the waters and learn about the qualities of water that run through the land. Open your sensory awareness and notice what you feel in your body as you do this.

Reflect on the people, trees, plants, animals, and other nature beings that live in your area. Meditate on how they reflect back the qualities of the water where you live.

When you feel you are finished return from your meditation. You can take some notes. Take a walk outside feeling the water running beneath the land. Even if you live in a city there is still water in the land where you live.

In some places the mighty rivers and oceans run strong. In some locations there might be gentle streams and still lakes feeding the land. And in some places there are deep pools of water beneath the land that sustains the life that grow roots deep enough to find the water below.   

Merging with water is a wonderful way to experience becoming one with the flow of life. Water flows in a natural and graceful way. Water is a reflection of the divine feminine and water reflects the nature of our soul. We can learn about the power and nature of water by merging with it. When we merge with an element the teachings we receive go beyond mental understanding, but rather impact us physically as we become one with the energy of another living being.

Listen to some relaxing and expansive music. Imagine becoming one with a source of water such as a still lake, a river, a waterfall, the ocean, rain, mist, etc. 

Go deep within and experience yourself losing your own boundaries and become one with this water source. Learn about water by becoming water. Open your sensory awareness noticing all the feelings in your body as you do this.

Relax into being water. This is such a powerful and regenerating practice.

When you feel ready disconnect from the water source you are merged with and gently come back to yourself and into the room you are in. Feel revitalized from your experience. Feel yourself grounded and present. 

If you need some help with feeling more grounded after such an expansive practice imagine deep roots growing out the soles of your feet into the earth. Or imagine sitting with and leaning your body against a tree.

Listen to a piece of music that creates an expanded state of awareness. Set your intention to travel within to experience your inner light. You can imagine traveling within your body and merging with a star. Remember a star does not try to shine, there is no effort involved. A star does not choose where it’s light shines. A star simply radiates light and brightens all of life. 

Allow your divine light to nurture all the cells in your body. Absorb this light deeply into your cells. Soak it in and luxuriate in this light.

After about 15 minutes of experiencing your divine light return from this experience without disconnecting fully from your true spiritual nature. We are luminous beings. 

Now drink a glass of water. And notice as you radiate and experience your light how smooth, fresh, and sweet the water tastes. It is the same water you drink each day. But as you allow yourself to experience and live from a state of light water will always reflect back your luminosity.

Be conscious about what you put into water. and do not pollute it. As we give thanks and bless water for all it shares, water will also bless us in return.

The full moon is November 8. Let us do our spiritual work and connect with our global community, the power of the moon, and the spirit of water to weave into being a radiant and healthy web of light. Remember that we are mostly water so we are truly water beings. Let us bring in the element of water into performing our full moon ceremony together. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” to read the instructions for our full moon ceremony. 

In the United States Thanksgiving is celebrated in November. It is a good time for us to remember that in shamanic cultures every day is a day of thanksgiving. When we give thanks each day for our lives and share our blessings with all of life then all of life will bless us in return. 


Copyright 2014 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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