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During this month of May, I would like us to focus on balance.

We are body, mind, and spirit. Often, we get too lost in our body sensations, and we forget that we are more than a body. On the other side sometimes, we do not tend to our bodies through the nurturance, exercise, and rest needed to maintain our physical health.

We can drown in our emotions and problematic thoughts and attitudes. On the other side we can do what is called a spiritual bypass and refuse to look at what is troubling us on an emotional and mental level. This state of denial and repression ends up impacting our state of health.

We are spirit and we have a body and mind. Our body is the vessel of our spirit, and as the ancient Egyptians believed is the temple of our spirit. Sometimes we focus so much on daily challenges and stresses we don’t experience our spirit shining through and the flow, beauty, grace of our spirit. But spirit is always there. In some cases, we don’t attend to our needs by saying nothing matters, as we are only spirit.

For many of us the pendulum swings in an exaggerated fashion. We must attend to our body, mind, and spirit to call in and create balance in our lives.

Acknowledging what is happening on all levels is key while not overidentifying with the body, emotions, or mind. This creates balance.

In Medicine for the Earth and How to Thrive in Changing Times I shared a practice called “Disidentification” that comes from Roberto Assagioli who created the branch of therapy called Psychosynthesis.

The core of this exercise is to realize I have a body, but I am not my body. I have emotions, but I am not my emotions. I have a mind, but I am not my mind. I am that which has a sense of being, permanence, and inner balance. I am a center of identity and pure consciousness.

When I get caught up in overidentifying with something going on physically, emotionally, or mentally I repeat the above paragraph to myself. In this way I acknowledge challenges I might be experiencing and at the same time not getting lost in these challenges. I can rise above and get a broader perspective, which always brings me back to a state of balance.

The morning of Good Friday I had a dream. The dream was very involved, and I won’t share all the details.

First, I was at the scene of a battle in medieval times. The battle was quite bloody, and people were being tortured. Then the scene switched, and I was at a conference of people involved in spiritual healing. It turned out the battle scenes I witnessed were all part of a Hollywood movie.

At the conference some of the stars of the movie came out on stage. The stars were all young with blond hair, they were dressed in white, and they were all shining brightly with big smiles on their faces. The conference attendees started to ask them questions about how they felt about playing their role in the movie. I could feel my relief as I realized that I was not witnessing an actual battle but rather scenes from a movie. In the dream I was reminded that all of life is a dream and that we take on characters just as actors do in a movie.

I know I have written about this before, but the dream was a reminder that we all playing a role in this movie we call life. Even during the most challenging times where we almost feel “tortured” we are these bright lights evolving and learning during our earthly experience.

When we learn to disidentify a bit from all that is happening on a physical, mental, and emotional level we can step back and start to investigate the part we are playing. We can make a decision that it is now time to play a new role, a new character, a new part. We do have a choice to say, “I have been playing this same character for too long, and it is time to take on a new role.”

As a character actor preparing to play a part, we tend to immerse ourselves so deeply in our role. We forget it is a role in a movie and that we can make changes. Sometimes we do have to immerse ourselves fully in the role to learn the lessons we are destined to learn. We just have to know when it is time to make a shift and realize that it might be time to explore a new role in life so that we can keep moving forward.

You might take some time to reflect on this during May.

The full moon is May 24. Let us disidentify from all the challenges we are facing and remember that we are divine light and a vessel of universal consciousness, light, and unconditional love.

Let us join together and continue to weave divine light, love, and joy within and throughout our beautiful planet.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read the section on “Creating A Human Web of Light” for instructions for our full moon ceremony.

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