I think that most of you who have been reading the Transmutation News have been engaged in spiritual practices for quite a long time now. You have probably read numerous books, attended a lot of workshops, and listened to many lectures.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. And it is important for all of us to find ways to put into action all that we have been learning. And of course over the years of writing the Transmutation News I have been giving you ideas of how you might do this.

As the stresses in our lives continue to increase I am just not sure how seriously we are watching the signs and following the energy of what is being manifested for all of life. The changes we are seeing are showing us just how disharmonious the collective is.

I think that we get caught up in how overwhelming everything seems. So it is human nature to move into a place of passivity and start to believe that either the situation is hopeless or “someone” will figure out how to fix things. And we all know that this is just not going to happen.

I still maintain that it is the simple spiritual practices that we bring into our lives that can change the collective. So I want to encourage putting what you have been learning into action and at the same time keep it simple.

The last few months I have been encouraging you to find your way back home to yourself and journey within to find your light, spirit, power, and center. It is so important in the coming times to continue this practice. This is where your strength and inner guidance comes from.

This month I would like you to add to the practices you are doing by looking at how you can live your life with more intention.

In January a friend came to Santa Fe and taught me spinning on a spinning wheel. To my surprise I immediately took to the practice of spinning. And the practice that I have brought into my life is to spin fiber while keeping a certain intention. I might choose a fiber and while I spin I focus on love, unity, light, and oneness going into the yarn. Or I might spin healing energies into fiber I am spinning to help out a friend. I also spin yarn in honor of the elements, the hidden folk, the ancestors, and for all of life.

I love to spin. And you are probably familiar with different stories of how spinning was how women went into altered states and received visions. I wish I could spin for hours a day. And I find that life pulls me out and I have to settle at this point anyway for about an hour a day.

But an hour a day of doing something with great intention, focus, and staying in a place of prayer does create great change in the collective. As you bring intention into simple acts and practices that you do throughout the day you break down the veils of illusion and open the veils between the imaginal realms and physical realms. You end up working in harmony and from a place of love and joy. This creates enormous healing in the world.

Modern technology is wonderful, and it also has taken us off course. Most of us no longer eat food that was prepared with the intention of love. People who are working under substandard conditions make a lot of our clothes. You can only imagine the lack of love going into the clothes and fabrics that we wear against our skin. And the list goes on.

This month to add to the spiritual practices that you already do make a commitment to do one task during your day with intention. If you are really busy keep it simple so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Cook one meal with maintaining your full intention and attention to putting love into what you make. Take just a moment to remember where this food came from and the elements and life that gift you with this nurturance.

If you are into a craft such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, carving, painting, sculpting, or writing create something small that carries the intention of love into the collective. Sing or dance sending love out into the world.

Use your imagination and do one task everyday that carries the intention of love and notice if you feel a difference. I find that I experience a lot more peace and joy in my life as I live with intention.

Every minute you live your life with intention changes the web of life. Think of a ship that has gone off course. We need to work in the invisible realms to change the course remembering that everything manifests in the spiritual before manifesting in the physical. Work energetically and with intention. And if we all engage in a life with intention the collective will shift and so will our world.

The spring equinox is March 20. When we think of the energy of spring we think of new birth and creation. Let us put our creative energies together to honor the new birth of life coming into the world. And on the spring equinox let us all together perform every task during our day with carrying the intention of love into the collective in celebration of our lives and for all of life.

There is a wonderful woman I have been in frequent communication with around the Medicine for the Earth work. She recently sent me an article that comes out of Yes! (the Spring 2003 issue of Our Planet, Our Selves). In this issue there was an article written by Francesca Lyman titled “Restoring Nature, Restoring Yourself”.

In the article she talked describes a man by the name of John Beal who was broken by war healed himself by physically cleaning out the garbage in a stream by his house. John Beal was recovering from bullet wounds, was haunted by flashbacks, suffered from PTSD, had gone through three heart attacks, and had been in a serious motorcycle accident.

Instead of moving into a place of despair he literally started to pull out garbage. When he yanked a big refrigerator out of the stream he was not hurt by the activity. Instead he found himself feeling better.

He has directed his energies to cleaning up and restoring this polluted stream flowing out of Seattle’s industrial south end. He moved on to restoring the entire watershed of which it is part of.

The Dunwamish River and its estuaries had been written off as a lost cause. And due to John’s efforts restored them to health.

Beal has recruited hundreds of crews to clean up and replant the streams.

His efforts have been hugely successful and there is one story about his work on the Hamm Creek. Within days of a huge effort to daylight and replant the area little salmonids began appearing. What was once a culvert dripping with waste is now a beautifully recontoured and replanted stream brimming with beaver, salmon and other fish.

Not only has his efforts been healing to nature but the people who engaged in his projects also benefited by the work. He describes dozens of cases of people disabled physically or psychologically helped from the exercise and the feeling of accomplishment.

John talks about a young man who had been in a wheelchair for eight years. He came out to help weed and plant. After two years he was almost walking.

John says that no matter how stressed, angry, depressed or troubled they are, whether it’s a jail crew sent to clean up litter for the day or a class of disabled students, they seem to find pleasure from the work.

This is one example of how bringing intention to what you do heals nature and all the people engaged in the activity. I hope this story inspires you to gather a community of people together to work in your locale.

Francesca Lyman, the author the article, writes the Your Environment column for MSNBC online. She was recently awarded the Society of Environmental Journalists’ first prize for online reportage.

For those of you looking for a copy of the article it was published by the Positive Futures Network, PO Box 10818, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110-0818.

Here is a summary of practices that would be great to continue working with throughout the day. Keep your focus when you can with the understanding that you will deepen the practices the more you continue working with them.

Keep transmuting and transforming the energy behind your problematic thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and belief systems. In this way you continue to send the energy of love and light into the collective.

Keep watching the words you use. Words are magic and have great power. Be aware of the vibration you send out into the universe and what will manifest from that vibration.

Continue to work with the projections as I have written about in the Transmutation News December 2005.

As much as possible live your life and perform daily tasks with the intention of putting love into what you do.

Keep up your practice of transfiguration so you embrace your light and divinity. This is healing for yourself and for the world.

Get out into nature and connect! This is healing for both you and the planet.

The full moon is March 14. Let us continue to weave a web of light, divinity, and love within and through the earth. The spiritual work we do with the web of life and the web of light ripples throughout the planet healing the collective as it moves. This work does make a difference!

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