I had a wonderful year in 2005. Yes, there were also many challenges, but that is all part of life. Sometimes in the river of life the waters are smooth and sometimes we find ourselves in the rapids. The key is not to get stuck in the tough places but keep moving.

I led many wonderful gatherings and ceremonies during the year. I was really touched by the groups I worked with. And the bottom line is that I was always around a lot of people.

So this winter I really made a choice to be more of a hermit and go within as I suggested you do last month. And it has been wonderful to feel myself coming home to myself again.

For the outer world is changing in ways that my egoic self has no control over. The climate is changing quite rapidly. Where I live we are in a severe drought and all the storms are coming through as wind. The wind is definitely bringing messages of changes ahead. Fire season where I live usually starts in May or June. This year it started in January.

If I look to the outer world for peace and security there is none to be found. To find peace I must find it within. Security lies within. It is so important with all the changes around us to journey within and find our internal center and strength so that we can gracefully move through the territories of the river of life even during turbulent times.

Continue to do the work that I suggested last month of finding times in the day where you can disconnect from the outer world and take some time out to fully go within.

Find time to go out in nature and be in deep love and appreciation for this glorious earth garden we live in. And then also find the same beauty within. The beauty of the night sky is within. The beauty of the forests, oceans, rivers, deserts, etc. is all within us.

It is important to really nurture our inner landscapes where all the beauty of the outer world is truly experienced within each of us. As you appreciate the beauty of your inner world you will notice a positive effect in your own sense of physical and emotional well being.

In December I wrote about projecting light and peace into the world. The more you can truly experience these states within the more powerful your projections will be.

If I am afraid of how my trees where I am living are doing in the drought I am limited in how much light I can project onto them. If I can experience deep states of love, light, peace, and joy within I can project those states onto the land.

Again the key to this work is remembering that everything outside is also within. And where we have power to create change is to work on our inner landscapes. We can nurture the inner states of beauty, love, peace, harmony, unity, and light. We can transmute the energy behind our negative thoughts and emotions which stems from living in the egoic state of separation.

Our egos cannot change or control the world right now. Where we have the power to create change is in nurturing our own inner garden.

There are so many distractions that pull us out of our inner work. This month reflect on what activities you engage in that end up distracting you from truly coming back home to yourself. Going to workshops and reading can be inspiring. These activities can also be just another trap if you are looking for “entertainment” or if you are seeking power from a teacher or from methods. True power lies within.

If you are truly on a spiritual path you will keep finding that all roads and paths lead you within. Allow yourself to be inspired by others to go within. Don’t get trapped in paths that keep you from experiencing your inner home, security, power, strength, beauty, love, and light.

The full moon is February 13. Let us all gather our inner light together and continue to weave the web of light of oneness within and throughout the planet.

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