When one watches the news there is so much hate and fear being reported. And we can all see for ourselves the rapid climate changes creating challenges we all have to face. The world situation can feel very overwhelming.

As I said last month it is the simple practices we do incorporate into our lives that have an impact. Last fall I took part in a ceremony at a workshop I was leading. I met a spirit who gave me an important message. He said that the purpose of humankind was to be a bridge between the heavens and the earth. He said that because we have forgotten this the earth is trying to reach to the heavens and the heavens are reaching down to the earth. Earthquakes, flooding rains, hurricanes etc, are the heavens and earth making contact with each other. If we would remember to be this bridge the heavens and earth would not have to work so hard to “touch hands” and reach each other.

Bringing attention and love to what you do as I suggested last month is definitely a powerful way to be a bridge between the earth and heaven. And we should continue living our lives in an intentional way.

Also by grounding the light of our transfigured state into our body is a way of bridging these energies.

Life on this planet is so precious and such a gift. But we forget the joy of life as we get caught up in survival. The pace of life has quickened so we forget how to appreciate the simple joys of touch, the beauty of nature, the fragrances, the incredible sounds, and tastes. We distract ourselves with gathering more and more information and forget to stop to just experience life in the moment.

To experience the simple joys shows honor and respect to nature and the natural forces. Balance is the result of acts of honor, respect, and appreciation.

Every day take a few minutes to be grateful for the simple pleasures of life. Listen to the sounds in nature, taste your food, feel and see the beauty of the earth, and smell the wonderful fragrances from a place of joy and gratefulness.

Performing ceremonies of celebration are also a potent way to create change. Ceremonies open the veils between the realms where miracles can happen especially when we keep our concentration and focus.

When we work in ceremony and with attention in our daily lives we work in partnership with the invisible worlds and helping spirits in behalf of all of life.

This month lie down and breathe and harmonize with the heartbeat of the earth. Hold a larger earth energy in your body than you are used to and bridge into that energy light, oneness, and divinity.

Let’s do the greatest ceremony we can do for the earth and earth our appreciation and prayers by planting a seed or a stone of love on the full moon.

The power of group mind is great. Let’s create a group mind that is focused on the honor and respect for the earth and all of life.

Continue to do the work of coming home to yourself and learning to center so you can ride out the storms ahead.

The work we are doing this month is the work of a gardener. Tend your garden with joy and love and reap the rewards of a beautiful harvest.

It’s the simple acts of love, honor, respect, and appreciation that create the biggest magic.

The full moon is April 13. Let’s continue to weave a web of light throughout the planet. And let’s plant our seeds of joy and love into the earth. Let’s connect our minds and hearts together to create a collective of love.

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