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In the newspaper I read an interview with a man who said he did not feel life was important enough and wanted to go back to work to protect his children and grandchildren in the future. What a noble gesture.

 The issue is that people are more interested in money than they are about life. And that about sums up what many people in the world want – material things. Yes, we need rent money and food. I am not writing this as a debate.

 But when does mass humanity get that placing pollutants and poisons in the water we drink from, the earth we eat from, the air we breathe, is not an action that protects loved ones and future generations?

Is this truly what we have come to?

But in reality, I can see outrageous statements made from people of every walk of life, every spiritual and religious tradition. And what I am seeing in everyone’s behavior besides fear is pure rage and anger.

The saddest part of the pandemic for me, besides all the death and suffering, is the division being created. There is division among countries, economic levels, the ill and the healthy, and politics has gotten just crazy and scary.

And enter the spiritual community. We know from all the ancient teachings that magical healing abilities are created when we stand strong together as a collective, as we get to see an exponential rate of healing. But this takes focus and the willingness to work with an incredible amount of discipline to not have weak links that leaks the healing power out of the circle.

The spiritual community seems to have challenges in coming together. Of course, we have our own ways of working. All shamans do. The key is to perform the healing work you are guided to do and not judge what others are doing. If you are emanating love, Light, kindness, honor, and respect, does it really matter how and when people do their work.

Last year I shared a powerful journey I had with Mother Earth. She shared that she is evolving to be part material form and part light, iridescent and transparent. There won’t be survival of the fittest as all the creatures inhabiting the Earth would be in this balance of form and spirit, with much more interplay than we experience now.

This is an evolutionary leap I won’t see in my lifetime. But I can see this as a future time with an Earth filled with beings who understand the power of love and live it rather than speaking about it.

You can only imagine the dissolution of life as we know it to get to this place. And maybe we are experiencing dissolution right now to step into a greater experience of what it means to be human and a nature being. And this new dream includes how we can live in harmonious communities together without domination, but mutual cooperation.

When we look at the core issue, what we are seeing are the egos from all walks of life and viewpoints blaming everyone outside of themselves for everything that is happening from climate change, world issues, the virus, and so on.

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This is a time for reflection. We are all facing our death whether from the virus or other earth changes. It is time to go within and own your projections on whom you are blaming and do your work to heal and grow. No matter what happens I want to leave as evolved as possible. Blame leads us away from working with higher energies.

The full moon is June 5. I don’t think I have to tell you how important it is to leave surface practices and go as deep as you can. Let’s join our hands and feel the love for our circle and life. Travel within with so much love in your heart for all of life and shine your divine light on all you love.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

We also join hands together this month to celebrate the summer/winter solstice. The sun gives us life. Let’s honor the change in seasons and the new motion of the sun. Go outside if possible and lie on the earth. Tell her how much you love her and receive fully how much she loves you! Reflect on the beauty of life.

Wishing you a beautiful solstice!

Stay well and filled with light!

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