As I travel around and have conversations with people in different spiritual communities I find that there are differing opinions about the times we live in.

There are those who truly believe that the end of the world is coming and that the imbalances are too far along to be remedied. Then there are those who truly believe that all can be changed as we imagine the world we want to create.

I find myself living in the middle of these two beliefs. I do believe that the world as we know it is dying. I do not see this death as an end but as a transition from one way of life to another.

In spiritual traditions death is not an end, but a rite of passage and a transition. During our lifetime we go through many little deaths before making our final transition out of our body.

We can look to nature for metaphors and see the transition as a snake shedding her skin, a butterfly coming out of his cocoon, the seed of a new plant bursting forth from the ground. All of these are transitions that take a letting go of the old and bursting forth into new life.

I do believe that we are entering a time where we must continue to use our imaginations to create the world and the state of consciousness we want to live in. And we must also realize that there will be a transitional state between where we are now and where we are going.

How long and stressful this transition might be is directly proportioned to how asleep people are and how loud “the alarm clock” must get to wake people up.

The more we do our spiritual practice and raise our frequency we can all keep weaving a new fabric of reality with beautiful colors and textures which include a great deal of joy and grace during these changing times.

In the outer world this is an incredibly busy time of traveling and teaching for me. But when I go inside myself right now there is a deep quiet and a need to remain quiet. It feels to me like there are different frequencies we can choose to ride right now. We can choose to raise our frequency and ride a different wave of energy. It takes going within to change our choices and to shift our energy.

One way to do this is to take some time for reflection.

This month please continue to connect with the heartbeat of the earth as I suggested last month. Keep working on merging with the new frequencies that are associated with the change in consciousness being birthed into our world.

Re look at your work with the formula for transmutation and creation: love + union + intention + harmony + focus + concentration + imagination.

How strong is your ability to set an intention, concentrate, and stay focused on your work right now? Reflect on this question and meditate on any daily spiritual work you need to do to strengthen these spiritual muscles.

Do you really experience yourself being in a state of union with the divine and the web of life? Reflect on this. How can you bring more light through in your daily life?

Can you hold the energies of love and harmony within while we live in these times of transition? Reflect on whether you are really creating a foundation of love and harmony in the collective right now.

Are you staying strong in your powers of imagining and visioning a good dream for the earth and all of life? Reflect on this. How can you deepen your visioning work?

It is so important to keep reflecting on the spiritual work you are doing. For this work does make a difference. But it is important to keep deepening the spiritual states of consciousness you hold throughout the day. This is what continues to raise our frequency and create the changes we all long for in our lives.

I wanted to let you know that I am scheduled to lecture at the United Nations the end of July on Medicine for the Earth. My goal is to bring through the importance of bridging spiritual work into all the work that is being done to help the environment and human rights as well as the rights of all of living beings.

I hope you will keep a good thought. I will let you know more information as I have it and will give you more details on the July Transmutation News.

And again I wanted to remind everyone of the conference I will be part of in July put on by the Society of Shamanic Practitioners. I wrote about this last month, so you can look at the write up on the Transmutation News May 2006.

The full moon is June 11. Let us keep weaving a brilliant web of light within and throughout the earth.

Remember that we are birthing into being a beautiful world for all of life with every thought and every breath we take. Hold this precious web of life in your heart in every one of your waking moments.

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