Even if I did not watch the news, just listening to the predictions of the times ahead that my friends and students talk about in conversation I can find myself moving in a state of fear and hopelessness. I listen to people predicting the demise of civilization through the bird flu, the potential of terrorist attacks, and climate changes.

I think that people are sensing a great deal of tension in the air. And also changes are speeding up. But personally I do not believe that any of us are privy to exactly how the great changes will occur. Climate changes of course are obvious – they are happening right before our eyes.

The fabric of reality as we know it is breaking down. And I keep repeating that everything manifests in the spiritual realms before it manifests in the physical.

True shamans have always worked on the fabric of the invisible worlds by weaving new patterns of harmony through the use of art, song, dance and ceremonies.

In this great time of change we must continue to do our work. I have been outlining key practices the last few months and I hope you will continue to do them.

This month spend time merging with the earth or transfiguring into earth- whichever practice you know how to do or prefer to do. If you are new to this work review the section on merging with the elements in Medicine for the Earth.

The soil is very active during this time of year as new growth is bursting forth. As you become one with earth connect your heartbeat so your heartbeats are one.

Start all of your shamanic journeys or meditation practices from this place of one heartbeat and deep connection. Once you are in this connective state embrace the earth energies with the understanding that you and the earth are one – one organism, one heartbeat.

From this place of connection ask your questions, do your healing work, and/or meditate.

If you are connected the information you need abut coming changes will be given to you. From this place of deep connection and oneness with the earth you will weather the changes of the coming changes.

And remember thoughts and words create action and form. Keep looking at the energetic pattern behind your words and thoughts. Look at how you can help to change the pattern so new forms are created.

And as I keep writing it is so important to:

Stay positive

Stay focused

Stay centered

Do your work and stay focused no matter what changes are manifesting around you. You came here this time around to be part of and to help birth a new evolution of consciousness.

The full moon is May 13. From a place of being one with the earth and heartbeat spread your light into the web of life embracing all of life with love.

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