The key to the Medicine for the Earth work is the process of transfiguration. This process has unlimited and untapped potential today. Participants who have completed a Medicine for the Earth Gathering continue to amaze me with stories of how the continued practice of transfiguration has changed their lives.

In the March 2002 Transmutation News I explain in a simpler fashion what I wrote in Medicine for the Earth about transfiguration. If you are new to this web page and need some further explanation please check back to this page.

Here are a few stories to inspire you to do the practice yourself. One of my friends has been hosting a circle where they continue to work with the process of transmutation through transfiguration. She has noticed how the whole energy of her land has changed and that her garden is more vibrant than ever.

When we transfigure on a regular basis into a divine force a veil between the worlds opens. The sacredness of other realms enters into our realm and changes the vibration of our bodies and the places where we live forever. This is why I feel it is so important for us to transfigure on a regular basis as it truly has the potential of changing the vibration of our planet. The more we create a sacred vibration here the easier it is to transform the darkness and the negative states of consciousness we are surrounded with today.

At one of my trainings the group performed a transmutation ceremony for water contaminated with ammonium hydroxide that was in our circle as well as some people in the middle of the circle to be healed. The group transfigured into a divine force and worked on the water as well as the participants in the middle. One of the participants had debilitating lupus and could barely walk. A few days after the ceremony she was hiking!

I recently talked to one of my students and she told me an amazing story. She was at a business meeting with a group of people she works with. One of the members said that he had prostate cancer and was requesting a healing ceremony. She had the group form a circle and asked him to go into the middle and lie down. She asked everyone in the circle to stand and go inside themselves and find a place where the divine lives, or God, or whatever fit in each person’s belief system. From that place of divinity she asked everyone to tone. She had also told people that if during the toning anyone felt called to go into the center and put their hands near the friend they were healing to do so.

A few days after the ceremony the man called and reported that he had gone for a medical test and that the cancer was gone.

In this instance my student brought people into a transfigured state in an immediate and simple way. She did not need to explain the process. What she did was say go inside yourself and find your own divinity. I was very impressed with how she worked.
So you can see there are many ways to work. And the reports I am getting are that transfiguration changes lives in a positive way whether it is performed in a group or by a person alone.

Based on the positive feedback I am getting I want to encourage you to begin a practice of transfiguration this month. The work you do this month will lead up to a powerful healing ceremony I would like to lead us on for the fall equinox. The first step will be to experience being transfigured into a divine force. And next month I will give you the next step.

Begin by reading the chapters on Embodying the Divine, Dismemberment and also Transfiguration in Medicine for the Earth. You will find these chapters on pages 169-198.

After you have read these chapters there are different ways to proceed. If you have been trained in shamanic journeying you might want to perform a journey. The intention of this journey would be to go to a power animal or teacher and tell them that you want to be dismembered and then transfigured into a divine force. Come back from the journey in a state of divinity and begin toning to keep up this state. When you feel done go back into the journey and do a regular return where you return fully into your body. You can also just try experiencing that state of divinity in a journey and when the return beat comes disengage from that state and return fully to your body.

The reason I suggest coming back and toning is that when you return to ordinary reality in this state and tone this is what changes the vibration in your life and world. Changes don’t happen in a journey alone. There needs to be work done in ordinary reality to change the vibration in yourself and the space where you are living. But you do want to disengage from this state. So it is important to go back into the journey and return completely.

If you are not trained in shamanic journeying I suggest you work with the visualization on page 184-187. I have worked with this visualization in a few groups with powerful results. I tried this visualization with some people very experienced in shamanic journeying and some of them had the most profound experience of their lives.

There are a couple of ways you can work. If you want to try this alone you can record the visualization. I would suggest finding one or more persons that you can do this with. You can either play the tape in the group or one person can read it.

One day I hope to make a tape of this visualization but as I haven’t yet, you need to make one for yourself.

There is a place in the visualization where you need to stop to do the toning. If you finish the visualization completely you will end up coming back too far.

Here is what I do in groups:
I stop after the second paragraph on page 186. So I end with the sentence, “And your heartbeat is in harmony with the one.”

Then I improvise a bit and add something like this:
“You are one with the source.
You are source. You are divine.
There is only one source, and it is you.
Remember you are pure light and love.
It is only love that heals.
The universe has a song. This song is you. Listen to the song and stand up toning your love and light.”

When I do this in a group I ask that people sit in a chair that is comfortable or you can sit on the floor. You can also lie down and get up when it is time to tone.

I instruct groups beforehand that the toning will come to a natural end. Some people stop toning before the end. I ask people if they are done to just keep praying for healing and hold a sacred space. This is an important point.

If you choose to try this in a group you might wish to put someone in the middle who is in need of healing. If you are doing this alone just notice how your own energy and body shifts when you are done.

Make sure you are truly back when you are done. If you need to feel more grounded take a walk outside and sit with a tree, plant, or rock. Or you can imagine yourself sitting with a tree and moving your deep roots into the earth as a tree does.

Please do not drive or do anything that needs your full ordinary reality attention until you feel fully back.

Please feel free to improvise your own visualization. You don’t have to use the one 1 have written.

You can also try just going inside and find a divine place inside of you and tone from this place.

As I have written in Medicine for the Earth the reason I have people tone is I have found that it is the easiest way to hold a transfigured, divine state. If you have never done any toning you just let your own voice produce sounds that match up with the divine state, the light and the love you are experiencing.

The more you practice transfiguring the faster the process becomes. And I hope you will experience the same positive results as others have.

Again, please practice transfiguring so you will be ready to perform a healing ceremony for the planet on the fall equinox.

As an author who has published four books, one of them self-published, I watch what is going on in the publishing world. Today the major publishers, like other businesses, are only concerned with the bottom line. Smaller publishers who care more about providing service are having a hard time staying alive, as they can’t always get bookshelf space in the major bookstores. Many wonderful books never get published or are being yanked off shelves and put out of print because they don’t have a wide enough audience. The only books that will ultimately make it out into the larger public are books that will sell big numbers.

There are some brilliant books I have seen that are never published because they speak to a smaller audience. Many books today are being put out of print for the same reason.

As I watch what is happening in the publishing world I do start to worry about Medicine for the Earth. Due to a series of “coincidences” I was led to publish with Three Rivers Press which is a division of Random House. I trust that the spirits I work with did not lead me astray. But my nature is to worry. And yes I do my work to transmute my tendency toward worry. At this point the spiritual work I have been working with in some ways is grass roots. I know it will take off when more people realize that we really have an environmental problem and that many health problems today are caused by environmental pollution. But for now I am trying to get us all organized in a way so that we can easily slip this work into a larger public when the ground work has been laid.

I know that even if Medicine for the Earth would go out of print I could get it republished. But there would be a six month to a year lag time. This could be damaging to the work. I can only share a certain amount of Medicine for the Earth with you on this web page. In my trainings and lectures I only have time to share a piece of the work. Having a book which includes all the information the spirits want people to get is essential.

If you feel that it is in your heart to let the publishing world know that books like Medicine for the Earth are wanted and needed I hope you will help spread the word to people you know.

I meet many people as I travel who tell me that they love my web page, but they have not bought Medicine for the Earth yet. If you are one of these people I hope you will consider buying the book now. Or maybe there is a friend you might want to gift with a copy of the book. Or maybe there is an organization you might want to gift the book to.

Remember the key to our work is working in cooperation and collaboration with the spirits. They will not do it all for us. I am moving into a more active role myself of trying to get Medicine for the Earth to a broader audience who is interested in environmental work. I hope if this work speaks to your heart that you will help in whatever small way you can.

If you have questions about the transfiguration process or if you have any ideas on organizations I should contact about the work, please drop me a note at:
Sandra Ingerman, P.O. Box 4757, Santa Fe, NM 87502.

Thanks for your commitment to being in service to the planet in whatever way destiny leads you to. I do feel the greatest service to the planet is the light and love we allow to shine through us as we walk through the world.

As St. Germain said, “The high road as distinguished from the low road, is the way of the alchemist, whose heart is in the shining glory all the day and all the way that his pilgrim feet walk the dusty ways of man—transmuting, transmuting, and transmuting that dust into purest radiance.”

Please remember that we join our hearts and light together to continue to weave a human web of light around the globe on the full moon which is July 24.

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