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Last month I had a dream where I heard, “Often in life we lose sight of what is important.” Although this is not a new teaching the message spoke to me in a way that acted as a wakeup call. And the timing of the message was perfect for me.

Then I left on the first vacation I have taken in years. And while listening to the magical song of the ocean I received the same message.

It seems to me that with the resurgence of shamanism and renewed interest in this powerful work there is a wave of movement that is both beautiful to watch and at the same time is quite frightening to witness.

For in the collective field of excitement I am finding that people are being drawn outside of themselves. And I have to include myself in this population. As I am so available publicly, I can perceive a frenetic energy going into the work. And that is not what the practice of shamanism is about.

Over the years I learned that when I reached out for too much help it ended up being a distraction pulling me off the path I was walking on. During certain life challenges what stood in the way of a shorter and more graceful path to my healing was listening to what others thought and what others were telling me to do.

I keep having to stay focused on my own essential core teaching that the key to life is to create a deep, rich, and meaningful inner world. I focus on not getting drawn out of my inner world and getting pulled outside of myself.

In listening to others, I did not uncover the gems of what my own soul was trying to lead me to. And the only way to identify these gems is to dive deep within. There have been times when I lost faith in my own inner healer that I have always trusted to help me move out of and transform any challenge I have experienced in life.

With the practice of shamanism what is so attractive to many is jumping into working with healing methods and being part of communities. This needs to happen along with working deeply to discover the gifts, strengths, and abilities in our inner world that we still think we find by engaging in learning shamanic “methods”.

For the practice of shamanism is an organic process. We are part of the Earth organism and not separate from it. We join with all species to make up the appendages and organs of our Earth.

In order to be in the flow of the organic process of life we must find our own voice, inner healer, and be willing to face some old wounds that only you can see, feel, and experience. It is important to remove yourself from everyone’s projection and remember who you are again.

When participants in my Medicine for the Earth trainings ask me what is next, I have shared just keep deepening your transfiguration work and keep doing the personal work I have shared to learn how to be a healthy and responsible human. Stop looking for more “magical” methods to work with. And on many levels, this is true.

But in shamanic and other spiritual traditions people were not introduced to such powerful work before learning how to look within and develop a level of evolution in shifting into a new consciousness and way of living in the world. And I find for many, not all, the focus strays from the inner work we have to do, and we are mesmerized by ways of creating miracles and try to enter a fast track to healing.

For to really work with the power of light and transfiguration we have to change our lifestyle, our identity of how we perceive ourselves, be aware of how much we project onto others, how much we avoid our own shadow states, and the list goes on. Without these skills we cannot “live the work”.

The key is not to stop trying to learn more healing practices, but to polish the work of how we explore the deepest layers of ourselves which leads to an organic way to work with light so that we can be a presence that shines.

For years I have been wanting to teach some practices that help us to tap into some advanced spiritual practices of telepathy, changing the nature of substances using blessings and light, etc. But I have felt that there is more work for all of us to do before we are ready.

We use so little of our brain’s capacity. We have gifts and abilities that are beyond our wildest dreams. And our potential is untapped.

I see one of the reasons for this is that we allow ourselves to get so distracted and pulled out of ourselves.

I no longer want to lose sight of what is important about life. I want to continue to deepen my exploration of my beautiful and magical inner world. And invite you to join me in this journey.

This month please take some time to be in nature, journey, meditate, drink tea and reflect, and so on and ask yourself the question, “Have I lost sight of what is important in life?”  Am I focusing too much on what is happening in the outer world and not focused on the calling of my own soul?” “Am I listening to my inner voice”.

Notice how the different phases of the moon draw you within to times where you are supported in doing this deep inner work.

Continue to read inspirational books or take workshops that you are drawn to. But please do not forget about the magic seed of light that is growing within you. And how do you stay present to the challenges and the blessings of your own journey?

I feel there is a lot to reflect on. For so many people are talking about the exciting changes of consciousness that are being witnessed in the world. What is the conversation you need to take into your inner world?

The full moon is July 27. Reflect on how you can take your transfiguration practice to deeper levels as you continue to explore your inner world. For once you can evolve your practice other gifts will emerge to support the powerful work we are doing together.

On the full moon let’s join our hearts together and shine our light in ways that truly impact the living organism of Earth.

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