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I join our radiant circle in wishing our global community a Happy New Year filled with all the best that life has to offer.

How amazing that we are here to welcome in 2020. I know we have readers of a variety of ages. But for many of us 2020 has almost taken on mythical associations. We often have projected 2020 to be the theme of futuristic movies and here we are.

My association with futuristic movies and novels mostly includes a time when we have tapped more into the unseen realms and by increasing concentration and focus create true magic in the form of healing ourselves, others, and the planet. My projection on the year 2020 includes deeper initiations to carve us into the true spiritual beings we were born to be. And then hope returns. For in this state of rebirth we own our potential and that leads us to hope.

In November I was having one of my visionary experiences. I was watching an invisible screen showing me words and thoughts floating by. Some of the strings of words were quite positive and hopeful. Some were quite challenging anchoring me to an unhealthy past and creating a state of stagnation.

The message I received was to grab onto the positive thoughts versus the negative ones.

This metaphor of “grab onto” had deep meaning for me. For I could actually image the action and effect of grabbing onto words and thoughts in my body. I could feel the effect of what states of consciousness I grab onto in my body.

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Let us reflect on this as we begin a New Year together as a global community.

Play some spiritual and mind-expanding music. It does not matter what day you choose for this meditation. Let’s imagine ourselves sitting in a giant circle among magnificent trees in an ancient forest. We are in wonder of the ancientness of the land and the strength and support of the trees witnessing us.

The time is dusk which is such a powerful time as the veils between the worlds are so thin. We marvel at the mystery of the forces of nature and how steady they remain during all change. We are as resilient as nature is. We just forget this sometimes.

As we sit together, we notice the compassionate and divine beings from the transcendent realms start to create projections of our daily thoughts and words we use throughout our self talk and interactions with others.

We watch in amazement as we can see how the light and sound of these words and thoughts impact the collective and all of life. Our psyche takes a pause as we can see what magic our words create – dark magic that draws us into states of anger, despair, and hate versus words of power, medicine for ourselves and the Earth that emanate fully the vibration of love and light. We realize we always have a choice of what state of consciousness that we want to grab onto. And with concentration and focus we can make the right choice to feed ourselves and all of life with love and light. But it takes so much discipline to make a choice that shifts us out of our reactive states.

Each member of our circle projects positive words, thoughts, and daydreams into the collective field of energy while we use the methods we have learned to transmute the darkness that comes with our negative way of thinking.

Imagine the alchemy created as we bring out the light of the collective.

What thoughts do you want to grab onto for 2020? Make your choice. For the future is in our hands by the choice you make.

This world is created by mind. To create a reality ruled by spirit we must step through the veil of illusion and step into a beautiful reality created by our daydreams which lead us to the dimension of reality we dream of inhabiting.

Let’s step into a dimension filled with kindness, honor, respect, peace, love, and light.

Let’s commit to shifting our priorities to keep our focus on the reality we can create with our words, thoughts, and daydreams.

Let’s continue to perform our sacred ceremonies as for Shamans performing ceremonies is our greatest vehicle of change.

The full moon is January 10. We started our ceremonial work to create a human web of light on the solstice of 2000. We have been performing this ceremony for 20 years taking us into a new decade.

The spiritual work we have been doing keeps enlivening the web of life. How could it not when thousands of open hearted people join together each month to feed ourselves, Earth, Air, Water, and  Fire, all the nature beings, all of life with love.

The key to creating true change is to learn how to obtain deeper states of concentration and focus.

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Let’s perform our monthly full moon ceremony Creating a Human Web of Light as if we never performed the ceremony before. This a time to freshen our work together.

Before a sacred ceremony how does your heart call you to prepare when you know all of life will be impacted by your work. The strength of your spiritual vitality and presence weakens with no preparation work. What do you need to do to step away from your day and burdening thoughts and states of consciousness?

For me singing brings me into an ecstatic state of consciousness. What spiritual practices support you attaining an ecstatic state? For shamans journeying and performing ceremonies require entering into an ecstatic state. Try drumming, rattling, chanting, meditating, walking in nature for extended periods of time. Noice the difference of entering into a ceremony spiritually prepared versus going in with all your usual daily thoughts putting a strong anchor down blocking the power of your work.

Once you feel “ceremony ready” cast aside your burdens, travel deep within to your Inner World; your inner landscape and experience your radiant light. It is shining with more power, strength and luminosity than in the past. The light is so bright you can actually see all the rainbow colors within. The light is transformative and is transforming all the cells in both your own organism as well as the organism we refer to as the web of life. We radiate our light with such effortless grace and beauty bringing restorative light to all that is alive.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please visit Creating a Human Web of Light on the homepage to learn the instructions of our monthly full moon ceremonies.

Please join me in holding our circle in love as we welcome in The New Year. May your ceremonies be filled with joy as we honor the Earth, the elements, and all of life during this powerful time of change of dismemberment and rememberment.

Welcome to 2020!

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