Choosing Joy!

I invite you to take a minute to close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Put your hands on your heart and feel yourself breathing through your heart. Think about how much you love the earth and how grateful you are for your life. And now let us wish everyone in our global community a blessed New Year!

In the last few months I have been writing quite a bit about death, letting go and surrendering. For with every change and transition there is a death. But we also have to keep in mind that death is not an end. You cannot destroy energy – energy transforms. Fear keeps us in a contracted state and when we can finally surrender and let go we experience an expanded state of awareness.

At some point you have to decide for yourself when it is time to start to re-imagine and rebuild a new path that leads to a new life. At some point we have to choose to branch out or spiral out from a path of pain and suffering and start to take all that energy that is available that has been let go of to recreate something new.

You will know inside yourself when the time has come to say okay I have died to what needs to be let of go of for now and it is time to focus on the rebirth. You will know when it is time to experience the phoenix rising up anew out of the flames.

The information I have received on this from my own helping spirits has given me a way to begin and once again feel tremendous hope. I am a person who gets overwhelmed when a clear path is not shown to me.

For myself I can’t just go from death of old beliefs and an old way of life to a whole new life created instantaneously. I need baby steps of where to put my foot next.

I was shown that it is time to start to recultivate my inner garden. I have been writing about that everything is born from within us. Like plants and trees growing strong roots into the earth a plant grows from the seeds that we plant. If we plant seeds of fear, sadness, hopelessness that is what will grow in both our inner and outer garden. For as above, so below, as within, so without.

I was given an exercise to start to slowly replant my garden so that I do not overwhelmed. I was told to start with just a very small circle in my garden – maybe the size of a small to medium sized pot that I would grow a plant in. I was told to imagine this small plot of land in my inner garden. And with this very small area in my garden I was told to imagine myself pouring in love and nurturance to fertilize the soil. Then using the principles of creating new neural pathways to start to imagine a simple happy memory feeding my garden.

Last month to end the year I asked us all to focus on a simple good memory to end the year with. Examples might be eating a favorite food, focusing on a beautiful image from nature, a favorite scent, a great feeling, or hearing a wonderful sound such as birds singing, water flowing, the sound of gentle breezes.

If everyday and throughout the day you can take a simple joyful memory and plant it in your small plot in your inner garden this joyful memory can take root. This will impact the new rebirth and a spring filled with hope and possibilities. This allows for a rebirth of life that spirals away from the suffering of what you have let go of.

But you need to create a partnership with your brain to do this. As we birth the new into the world spiritually with the thoughts and words we use we must also team up with up with our brain and activate new neural pathways that will help lead us to our desired outcome.

As you work with your brain by creating new neural pathways this helps to rebuild your inner beliefs and thoughts leading to a new joyful way of life.

Throughout life we will continue to spiral through cycles of death and rebirth. It is important to remember the rebirth part of the cycle. And as we birth a new personal and collective world we must plant the seeds, be an architect and imagine the new plan, and sculpt a new world. At some point as the old fabric of reality dissolves the choice of what you wish to create is in your hands.

For me slow and steady is helpful instead of creating too big of a vision that I don’t know how to manifest. Starting with planting joyful memories that can grow into joyful plants and a joyful way of life is a good start.

For this month of January as we begin a New Year I ask you to join me in finding a small plot in your inner garden and start fertilizing it with love and light and fill it with happy memories. Death will continue throughout the collective of old ways that no longer serve life. Some of us have to be willing to plant the new seeds of a harmonious and joyful way of life.

I also received a very important message from my helping spirits about the power of pride. Many of us in the spiritual community get nervous when we talk about pride as often we associate being proud or too filled with pride with being too egotistical.

My helping spirits gave me a different perspective on pride (in the most positive sense of the word) that I had not considered. As I have written over the years love is an important energy that fuels the power of our creation. Having passion for what we are doing also fuels what we can manifest in the world.

My spirits shared with me that having pride in our work is powerful fuel that also adds to the success of our work and also creates a larger field of energy around what we are manifesting. This larger field of energy attracts success.

As we feed our garden with happy memories I also invite all of you to take some time to feel pride for all the work you have been doing in service to all of life on the planet. Infuse your creation work with pride. This is another step in empowering our ability to manifest the world we wish to live in. And let’s give thanks to each other for the work we continue to do. I ask each of you to receive the thanks from our global community with pride!

And let’s keep us the work of expanding into one field of energy that pulses in oneness, unity, love and light creating the transformation needed to manifest harmony and peace on this great earth. Remember that your words and thoughts continue to be transmitted into the field of energy of the planet. Be conscious of what you are transmitting.

Let us join our hearts together in one pulsation as we continue to weave a brilliant web of light throughout and within our planet on the full moon which is January 19. Feel the radiance and love infusing the web of life.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please click on “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the Transmutation News page for the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

I woke up one morning with this wonderful inspiration coming through:

Sail away from the past
And sail towards the brightness and vast possibilities of a new future!!

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