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In January I had the wonderful opportunity to do the New Year’s show on Renee Baribeau’s Winter Solstice Summit. The talk and the practice I led was very well received. I thought you might enjoy watching my presentation. You can click on:


The last few years have been filled with so much change and sculpting away of old parts of my personality that no longer reflect who I am now. So many of us are experiencing the death of what is familiar, what we know, and what we can count on.

This leads us back into the language of Nature and the cycles of death and rebirth.

My life, even before I started practicing shamanism, was filled with a deep desire to make people feel loved and worthy to be here. I have always and still feel so much unconditional love for people and of course for all of life. At the same time, I find myself doing the paradoxical dance of” being” love while my ego/personality continues to slip into separation and judgement.

I am still teaching, still trying to sing my own authentic song in the world. But I am get so caught up in the facts that:

There are too many people on the planet.

Human beings are making a choice to give birth to babies and then feed them with polluted water, air, and food. Babies are coming in with illnesses that no child or family should have to experience.

Humans are losing all sense of humanity. 

And most of all humans don’t know the language of Nature. And how does a species survive who does not learn his mother tongue? How do we learn the wisdom of Nature that provides us with life instead of feeling like we are the most evolved species and in dominion over Nature and life?

While I think about these things endlessly, I find myself being strongly called within. For the ruminations of my mind are not productive. 

My words of inspiration in some way start to feel meaningless. At the same time spiritual energies come closer to me dancing with me, going away, coming back, all the while sharing amazing mystical information about yes, the process of letting go but also the miracles that are possible through the really old practices of shamanism – not the superficial practices and ceremonies that make everyone feel good for a short period of time.

february 2019 1200x630

For these miracles to happen we go through a death. For right now a part of the collective is only singing dismemberment chants – not realizing the power of their words and thoughts. We no longer have our Creation Stories that teach us how to sing intentions and chants of creation and rebirth.  

It is important when facing death and dismemberment to say goodbye to what no longer serves. And then it is a time to go within and cultivate and tend to your inner landscape through deep spiritual work. Plant the seeds of textures, colors, tastes, sounds, feelings, sights, and even good memories that help us remember how to create and reengage fully in life.

The collective is separating into different dimensions of reality. Or as I have writing for years, we are all finding different waves to ride. For those who want to join in the process of rememberment this is a time to focus your energies in ways you might have not chosen to before.

In January I had a very powerful journey and a very different message from the spirits.

They reminded me how people who journey to the different species in nature keep getting the message that there is compassion for us as we grow into our higher selves and evolve.

If nature is compassionate and we are nature (we are not connected to nature) then what does it say about our own essential nature.

This is helping me with some of my judgements. But it is a work in progress learning how to be compassionate for myself!

As I keep repeating shamans are gardeners are energy. When the helping spirits shared this teaching with me it changed my entire understanding of shamanic practices and healing. To fully grasp that we are only energy and as shamanic practitioners we only work with energy gives us more choices than just looking at the dying of forms as we are seeing today. We are dealing with the thoughts that formed through erroneous and unevolved thinking. We believe that we have the intelligence to think our way through everything. And we don’t.

In reality we don’t even know what to pray for. For we don’t know the language that would make our prayers a reality. I have reflected deeply on when words of power that serve your intention, do not come, be still silent, and let your heart speak.

It is imperative for us at this point to let go of even thinking about the outcome of where the world and our lives are going. This is a time to be silent, pray, perform your ceremonies with as much energetic fuel that you can and let the wisdom of our next steps simply unfold.

Trust me it will!! That is part of being in the flow. When in the flow all the next steps of our practice and actions will unfold.

If everything is energy think of the energy required to transform the current collective’s energy. Ask yourself are you putting in compensatory energy to fully be a transformative force?

If not, then this is what you want to reflect on this month.

The full moon is on February 19. Let’s raise our energy to experience the depth of transformational light we can radiate within and throughout the Earth to really flood all of life and the Earth with radiant light feeding the energy of new birth, life, and creation.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read Creating A Human Web of Light on the homepage for the instructions for our full moon ceremonies.

During the month of February Valentine’s Day is celebrated by many. It is a day of celebrating love!

In shamanism reciprocity is one of the most important practices we can engage in. For example, nature loves to be sung to. But when a common language is found between two different species and songs of love are sung to each other magic happens.

Let’s continue to share our love with all of life. Sing love songs and listen to the songs sung back to you!

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