As the month of January began and the New Year celebrations started settling down I received emails from different people stating predictions that 2007 would be a great year.

From a spiritual perspective all years are good years as we grow and change from the energies we continue working with and what life brings to us.

There does seem like there are more and more people becoming interested in some kind of spiritual work. This means that more and more people are awakening to a different way of living and to new perceptions.

And we know that as we continue to wake up to a new way of life, we must leave a lot of our old life behind. And this of course is not always easy. We start to feel as we cannot control everything as we used to think we could and we must surrender to a higher power.

In my journeys I have seen that now more than ever we must link together as a collective spiritual force as more and more people begin to wake up to a spiritual way of being. For there will be great change and transition and we must hold the space during this crucial time.

I have been leading teacher trainings over the last few years. And one of the hardest concepts for me to get through to others is this concept of holding space. This is one of the greatest roles of a teacher and a healer. As it all happens on an invisible level it is hard to describe the process of how to do this.

I do believe that so much of it has to do with setting an intention to do so. And then we must hold our attention and awareness to holding a collective space filled with light.

It is similar to what we have been doing with creating a human web of light. But in this case we keep that light shining throughout the day as we are setting a container for the collective. And the more we can link together on psychic spiritual realms collectively the stronger this container will be.

This creating a container and holding the space stays steady as storms on all levels move through creating change. Whether the storm occurs in our physical world or in the collective unconscious we must keep a strong container of light holding the space allowing changes to keep flowing. In this way consciousness can change and transform with fluidity. The river of life takes us through many changes. Some times the river is turbulent and the ride is very rocky and sometimes we go through those very smooth currents. We must learn how to stay centered and move through whatever current we are in as well as help the collective ride through the currents of life and changes in consciousness.

In my book Welcome Home I wrote about a message I had received from Isis. I wrote that book during the first war in Iraq. Isis shared with me the importance of needing people who were willing to keep tending the garden.

This was a very clear and important message for me to get out into the world then and it remains an important message for now. One way to keep tending the garden is to keep up our personal spiritual work of shining our light in the world and creating a container of love, honor, and respect for all of life. And we must continue looking at how we can live our lives in a state of harmony with nature.

Another way we can continue tending the garden is to keep holding the space as others on the planet move through different shifts and changes.

We must also continue to take care of ourselves. Continue your practice of absorbing light from the air you breathe, the water you drink and bathe in, the food you eat, and the sun that provides the energy for life.

And we are spirits in human bodies. As we keep raising our frequency through our spiritual work we must keep strengthening our bodies. For your body is the container for your spirit.

It is crucial to keep transmuting the energy behind our problematic thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems. Watch the words you are using which also effects the collective web of life. Remember abraq ad habra – I will create as I speak.

Keep using your imagination to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste a world filled with peace, harmony, love, unity, and equality.

Review the formula for transmutation and creation: intention + love +unity + harmony + concentration + focus + imagination. See what elements of the formula you need to deepen your work with.

Let’s set our intention to link together as a world community and create a container of love and hold the space for all in the world today during these times of transition. For we are transitioning into new levels of consciousness and a new way of life.

And of course let’s continue to weave a brilliant web of light throughout the earth on the full moon which is February 2.

Keep up your practice of transfiguration and keep shining your spiritual light with each breath and step you take.

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