There is always a sense of excitement as we begin a New Year. For a New Year brings hope of new opportunities and unlimited possibilities.

In December I had time to reflect a bit on the cycle I have been in and what is ending in my life. For life is filled with many little deaths and transitions.

Since I was a child I had many out of body experiences where I went to ethereal realms and experienced the love and light of the creator and a state of oneness. These experiences came through three near death experiences and also through experimentation with psychotropic drugs.

In the 1980’s I took a shamanic journey and went to the being I called God. I asked God why I could only experience him (God was a “him” to me at that time) through Near Death experiences and drugs. I wasn’t sure if I would get an answer to my question but I did.

The answer that I received is that as long as I have a body the only way to experience God was to journey as deep within myself as I had been journeying outside myself during my near death experiences and my ego death experiences that drugs facilitated.

Since the 1980’s I have been exploring for myself how to do that. I understood the message as soon as I received it and knew the truth of it, but didn’t really know how to do this.

The transfiguration work has been a very powerful way for me to do this work. For with transfiguration there is no place to go. We just drop the body and the mental states that keep us separate from our own spiritual light and a state of oneness.

As 2006 ended I had announced to all my students that after over twenty years of teaching and traveling it was time for me to take a mini sabbatical in 2007 (I am still doing some teaching). All my teacher trainings are over and there are about 200 wonderful beings I have shared everything I know about teaching shamanic journeying and healing.

It just feels like an end to a cycle for me. So I started to journey on this. I was immediately taken to become one with the earth. I felt as if I had become a leaf that had fallen from a tree in autumn and was now dissolving back into the earth and adding food to the soil so that a new expression of beauty could burst forth.

I also felt as a flower that had dropped all its seeds so that new plants could grow and that the blossom and petals of the old flower went back to feed the earth. Again the petals would create food for the earth that would create new life.

Over the years I have done many journeys to merge with earth. But somehow this felt a bit different. For this time I was seeing how by letting go of what I have been provides food for the earth for a new expression of beauty.

And this new cycle of looking at how beauty is expressed through the earth is a shift in direction than it has been for over 50 years of my life. For I have always experienced the beauty of God or the creator has created.

And although I have taught endlessly how the earth creates beauty it feels like a time to learn really “how” the earth expresses beauty. For just as I am a divine being one with the creator or power of the universe so am I one with the earth. And all express beauty in many forms.

I have always taught that I feel the reason we chose a body and to be born on this planet was to learn how to manifest spirit into form. And I have always looked at this from the viewpoint of how the creator manifested form and looked at the void outside of me as the place of unpotentiated energy where all is created from.

Now I am experiencing the void of the earth and the deep rich place where beauty is naturally expressed from. I am reminded of writing all my books where what I wrote emerged from a deep inner landscape within myself.

Our creation was inspired by the heavens. And our bodies are born of the earth. We are earth. I have used the metaphor many times that it is obvious our fingers are not separate from our body. If one finger drops from our hand it cannot survive on its own. In the same way we are an expression of the earth and one with the earth. We move together as one.

A couple of years ago during a ceremony I met a spirit who shared with me why we were having so much violence expressed through the weather. And I wrote this on a previous Transmutation News.

He said that humankind was always meant to be a bridge between the heavens and the earth. And as we are not being that bridge the earth is trying to reach to the heavens through events like earthquakes and volcanoes and the heavens are trying to reach to the earth through hurricanes and flooding rains.

He said that if we would remember and again be a bridge between the earth and the heavens the intensity of the weather would end and harmony would return.

I wrote about being a bridge in the December Transmutation News. And being a bridge means to have strong connections. So in the sense as I am writing here having strong connections with both the earth and sky.

We go through many different cycles in life as we are beings of nature. And everything on this earth goes through cycles.

As you look at earth, earth is always expressing beauty that comes from deep within. We are earth and we must remember that part of being earth is to express our own inner beauty. We spend so much time looking outside of ourselves and forget the pure power that comes from within.

In beginning the New Year take some time to look where you are in your cycle. For we are all at different points in our cycle. For me I have dropped my seeds and now it is time for me to gestate a bit.

Some of you have been gestating and it might be time for you to burst forth in this year.

How balanced are you in bridging the heavens and the earth? Have you been balancing your work of transfiguring into spiritual light with being fully in your body and expressing that beauty and light in the world?

We have so much potential in our lifetime. There is so much for us to create and experience. And we sell ourselves short by not believing in our potential. We continue to buy into the trance state of the ordinary world that everything we need lies outside of us and that we must depend on authority figures who know more than we do.

In truth everything lies within. But there are cycles we must honor. If we keep birthing the new without taking the time for regeneration we burn out. If we keep waiting for others to birth the new and don’t honor the beauty, power, and strength that lies within us then illness on emotional and physical levels occur as we do not honor the need to move and express our energy.

As we know energy does not die it is always moving. Energy regenerates itself and then expresses itself.

Look at where your energy is at and honor the cycle you are in right now. This is an exploration that will give you a great start to the New Year.

The weather changes around the world are caused externally by global warming. The weather is getting very extreme in many places. Some places are much warmer than usual. In some places the winds are coming through as they never have before. Rains and storms are more extreme.

All of these changes also reflect back to us the work we must all do to re-center, rebalance, and return to a state of peace and harmony. It is a time for us to teach and share the importance of honoring all of life and the power of love. And it is important for all beings to understand that we are not separate from each other. As I said earlier we must all learn how to be a bridge between the earth and skies.

We can learn a lot about the coming times and changes by merging with the elements where you live. I know I have encouraged you to do this before but it is very important to keep up these journeys or meditations. As you merge with earth, water, air, and fire you will learn about the changes being asked for in bringing harmony back within and without.

The full moon is January 3. Let’s continue the graceful energetic spinning work of weaving a web of light within and through the earth. And as a spiritual community let’s set an intention and commit to expressing beauty and light in the world with each breath and step we take on this great earth.

As we begin the New Year I want to give many thanks of appreciation to all who help to make the information on the Transmutation News available to a worldwide community.

I want to thank Bob Edgar the webmaster of this page. We have been working together since the inception of this website and I am in deep appreciation for his continued help.

I wish to thank Eva Ruprechtsberger who manages the team that translates The Transmutation News into different languages so that we can really join together as a world community. Thank you Eva!

And here are the translators who volunteer their time to bring the Transmutation News to a global community. Many thanks to you for your support and the work you do. I know it is a lot of work and I give thanks for your dedication:

Linde Stecker translates the Transmutation News into German.

Nello Ceccon translates it into the Italian.

Malou Thein translates it into French.

Catharina Delmarcel translates it into Dutch.

Katharina Workmany translates it into Portuguese.

Ines Fermosa translates it into Spanish.

Zora Fresova translates it into Slovakian.

I know we are all grateful for the great gift to transcend the obstacle of language and have a way we can join together in our spiritual work. And this is made possible with the help of our generous translators.

Let me remind you that it is so important to keep up our creation work. For we are the dreamers and creators of our world. Use your senses of sight, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting to experience fully the world we want to live in as if it is all here now. That is how our world is dreamt into being.

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