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Most of the dedicated email I sent out after the day after the election in the United States was actually what I had written for the December Transmutation News. So I begin again.

The big topic of conversation in America and many parts of the world has to do with how to create unity out of the division so many are feeling globally. This conversation comes up in every election that occurs in most countries. For there is always going to be part of the population happy with the results and part who are dissatisfied. So the conversation turns to, “Now we must heal the division and create unity.”

But the ego does not know about true unity. For the nature of having an ego is that it feels separate. The ego tends to be divisive by nature. If we want to experience true unity we must go beyond the ego and recognize our authentic self which is spirit. It is our spirit that experiences a state of oneness and unity.

We have been going through a long initiation which will continue. The road is filled with twists and turns. Sometimes we think we have arrived at the bottom only to find that we can sink deeper. But when we surrender to our inner spirit it always carries us through when we surrender to it. Our inner spirit is like a giant sunbeam, star, or moonbeam that lights our way.

The more we can drop into the light of our spirit the more we can step out of a place of division and the more our path is lit that shows us how to walk out of the depths and ride a wave of grace.

This is why it is so important to teach children, our loved ones, and others in our communities that who we are beyond our skin is spirit and divine light. This is our authentic self.

As I keep repeating  the new dream manifests when the dismemberment is complete. And none of us are privy to the knowledge on the timing. But again it is our inner spirit that carries us through the dismemberment. 

I journeyed on any words I could share that might be new and helpful to those of you reading the Transmutation News. I received an interesting message from my helping spirits.

They shared that in the end of our lives we will see that who we are on a personality and ego level was just a role in a play.

What will matter at the end of our lives is how does the Earth perceive our love and actions toward her. How does the Earth perceive you? How have you touched her and connected with her?

When I was really little I would play outside, and I simply could not believe how beautiful the Earth was. I was living in Brooklyn which is a urban environment.  But still I was so stunned by the exquisite beauty of the Earth. I remember this so well – my excitement when I would go out to play.

When I was in my late thirties I was having a difficult time. I decided to consult with a psychic who I knew. The first thing he said to me was do you remember how excited you were when you were little about the beauty of the Earth. You would jump up and down in excitement. He said do you remember – because the Earth remembers and has always loved you for recognizing her beauty. I was amazed that someone else could see this.

We talk about wanting to protect and defend the Earth. There are many paths we can take. We can become activists. We can also integrate our spiritual work into the activism work we do. And some people will focus more on the spiritual work. It all joins together to make a difference.

But ask yourself the question: Have you opened your invisible eyes, ears, and inner sense of feeling to communicate with the Earth? The more you do this the stronger your psychic senses become whether you become more clairvoyant, clairaudient,  clairsentient, or a combination of these. As I shared in the past when you strengthen your psychic senses the stronger the work you do on all levels becomes. For you are guided in ways that are beyond the rational. When the veils part between the visible and invisible miracles can and do happen.

As you do this you connect more deeply with the Earth and the web of life. At the end of your journey here the Earth will remember you as one who loved, honored, respected, and protected her. The Earth is alive and has a spirit. She knows when she is being loved.

The full moon is December 13. To start our full moon ceremony focus on something you love about life, nature, the Earth. Let that love expand your heart and help you to set a strong intention. And then let us join our expanded hearts together and radiate the brilliant love of our divinity to flow deep into the earth creating a radiant root system of light and then around the Earth to bring light into the shadow.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

Last December we did some ceremonial work together to welcome in the solstice. This December I would like us to do some work where you live and then also in the non-ordinary realms.

The solstice is on December 21. We welcome in winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. You can join into this non-ordinary ceremony at any time of the day as we are working outside of time and the power of our collective energies build as people keep joining in throughout the day. 

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Last December we began to create a space in the invisible realms where we can join together to do some ceremonial work together.

Perform your preparation work and close your eyes and begin to travel into the invisible realms. Start to create a path from the room you are journeying or meditating in. You might find yourself walking down a path that is surrounded by tall, beautiful, strong, and healthy trees. The earth you walk on is fine and you are stepping on rich dark soil. You can feel your footsteps making an impression on the earth. As you walk you listen to the beauty of the sounds in nature and take in the exquisite fragrances shared by the local trees, plants, and air which gives us life. Is there grass growing? What other nature beings are in this place? You can even experience how the air tastes. Notice if there is a body of water in this place, and if you can hear running water. Feel the power of the sun as it is setting and the stars and moon above start to shine their beautiful light.

As you walk feel your heartbeat and just notice what you are feeling. For many years you have been working in a virtual reality with people from all over the world. We have taken the time to open our hearts in love and give gratitude to each other. At the same time it is important to feel like you are connected to a family of like-minded souls who do everything possible to be in service to others and to the Earth. What does it feel like in your heart to be connected to such a community of like-minded souls? And when we engage in ceremonial work how do you want to express your love, gratitude, and respect for each of us as well as the helping spirits who continue to partner with us in our work.

As you continue to walk you arrive at a large clearing. Use your imagination to see, feel, hear, smell, and taste all that is around you in this clearing.  Step fully into this clearing rather than watching your journey/meditation/daydream as if it was a movie. Be here now. Give thanks to all the helping spirits you continue to work with who are now also part of our circle.

As you enter the clearing you will be met by a guardian spirit who will cleanse you on a spiritual level. This compassionate spirit might cleanse you with incense, or a feather, or sing over you, or touch your hair, or whisper a message into your ear. Be open and know these are helping spirits who wish to help you feel unburdened by your ordinary thoughts and concerns.

Once you have been cleansed step into the clearing. Notice there is an altar here where people have been leaving gifts, offerings, and even your prayers for yourself, others, all of life and the Earth. Please add to bringing gifts to our altar over time when you feel called to visit such a place of power where you can pray and find your center.

In this stunning place in nature there is a beautiful fire that is burning in the middle tended by helping guardian spirits. Take your place around the circle. You can drum, rattle, sing, and/or dance as you do this. Feel the positive energy and love that is being shared. And begin to look around the circle to gaze into the eyes of our community.

Let us welcome each other and smile and greet each other by extending the love emanating from our hearts. Feel your feet on the earth supporting you. Again open all your senses.

Smell the smoke of the fire and listen to the sound of the fire crackling. Look into the beauty of the fire who always reads our hearts and not our minds. With your heart experience any messages fire has for you.

Put your drum or rattle down and let us hold hands together. Let us feel the strength and tangible energy and strength of our circle. Once you feel the love, support, and power of the circle drop hands. Travel within and experience your inner starlight, sunlight, inner moon light and let that light flow through your body. Let us celebrate the return of the light. With your hands facing the center towards the fire, start to tone the song of the universe. Let our toning support our light traveling to each other, to our loved ones, to our communities, and all around the world touching all in the web of life.

We tone together until as a group we start to end and fade out. Start to slowly open your eyes. Feel the sensation of peace as you have expanded out of ego and into your divine self. Experience yourself. And then once again look around our circle.

Let us wish everyone a joyous solstice and begin to take our leave. We have our starting place for our ceremonies to come. Say goodbye to our group, the fire, all the elements and helping spirits. Let the helping spirits know our work is done for now. And give thanks to all the helping spirits that guide you in your life.

Walking down the same path that you took to arrive at this place return to the room you are in now.

Open your eyes and feel yourself deeply rooted to the Earth, and take a few deep grounding breaths. You are back fully filled with radiance and the blessings of our circle.

After you have completed your ceremony in non-ordinary I would like to ask you to go out into nature and find a stick, a rock, or some other nature object such as a shell that you use. Pick up a stick or rock that calls to you. Hold the object from nature and really feel its texture and its life force. Talk to it about your wishes and dreams for the Earth and for your communities. Blow in your wish and your blessings. Give thanks to this power object for working in partnership with you to pray for all of life. Leave this object empowered with your prayers and blessings in nature – in your backyard, a park, give it to the ocean, a lake, a river, etc. Really focus on your love for life and your intention to be of service to all of life during this great time of change.

Last month I asked that you create a rattle or use one you already have to rattle for a few seconds each day in behalf of our circle. We want to keep creating a strong tangible energy that has no weak links. Please continue this practice. If you want to read what I shared about this practice last month please take a look at:

If you have felt called to create a prayer tree in your home or community, this would be a great time to add prayer ties/ribbons to the tree filled with love, prayers, wishes, blessings. I have written about this practice over the last few years on this column but also in some of my books. Most recently I wrote about in Walking in Light and also Speaking with Nature (co-authored with Llyn Roberts).

As we end the year it is time to thank the generosity of spirit of our translators. For they put so much work into helping to bring our important spiritual work into an expanded spiritual community. Let us close our eyes and send blessings to each one and extend deep thanks and gratitude to:

Sylvia Edwards, the webmaster of this site and who manages the email list and posts and sends the Transmutation News to you each month.


Our translators:

Lena Anderheim – Swedish

Nello Ceccon and Flavia Cavallaro  – Italian

Ines Fermoso – Spanish

Sofia Frazoa – Portuguese

Els de Graaff-van Meeteren and Sandra Koning – Dutch

Annie Idrissi – French

Miriam Kisssova and Jan Lenc – Slovakian

Irina Osechinsky and recently Anton Uvarov – Russian

Astrid Johnen and Barbara Gramlich– German

Simin Uysal – Turkish

Tea Thum – Finnish


If you are willing to be a volunteer translator in French please email Sylvia at  Sylvia will forward your name and contact info to me, and I will contact you.

Please join me in wishing our radiant and devoted global community of readers a joyous solstice!


Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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