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I know our hearts are being stretched as we watch so much violence continue in so many places of the planet and also as so much life is impacted by climatic events. We continue to join our hearts together and radiate love and light and perceive all in their spiritual strength instead of focusing on suffering and weakness.

Due the urging of many readers of A Fall to Grace I have been creating a story line for the sequel to this book. And the process has been so interesting and revealing to me. I think that some of what I am working with might create a desire to reflect on your own life.

A Fall to Grace is a visionary fiction book. I based the book on events, dreams, and journeys from my own life. The only exception to this was the beginning of the book where the main character C Alexandra is in surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

I had the flu, and I had a very high fever. I was in bed sleeping and trying to heal when I had a dream. In the dream a man with long white hair and clear steel gray eyes appeared and told me how to begin the story. He then instructed me to get up and start writing the book. In the dream I argued with him and protested. I told him I was sick. He was persistent and kept telling me to get up and write.

I finally pulled myself out of a deep sleep and got up, took out a pad of paper, and wrote the first three pages of the book. It was this dream spirit who told me to start the book with C Alexandra undergoing surgery.

I actually have never undergone surgery or had cancer. But I went with it. After I wrote those first 3 pages the rest of the story did not unfold for another 5 years. Something obviously was gestating inside of me, and I had to wait for the rest of the book to be born.

I promised a sequel and never delivered on that promise. This is not like me as I do follow through on my commitments. At the same time, I cannot force the sequel. The story will be told when the stars are aligned.

I have not put “pen to paper” yet to write down what is coming through for the sequel. But I have been actively developing the characters and the story line in my head.

Unlike A Fall to Grace the sequel will not be based on my life. It will completely be fiction about C Alexandra living in another dimension of reality.

I have the story line and the characters quite developed. I am really just waiting to complete the editing process of the two new books that Sounds True and Inner Traditions are publishing in 2015. I simply need some time to write out the story that is so deeply running through me.

Here is what I find so interesting and what I want to share with you. As I daydream about C Alexandra’s life in this other dimension, I sometimes find myself having to take a step back and question a character I created or where a plot in the book is going.

I might find myself creating a character who is getting ready to bring great suffering into C’s life and possibly break her heart. And then I stop and ask myself the questions, “Do you really want to pursue this scenario? Do you really want to bring in such a dark character into C’s world right now? And if you follow the line of the plot, do you really want this story line to be manifested in C’s world?”

I reconsider. I want C to live a life where she experiences the joys of life. But I also want her to experience the deeper lessons that come through life’s initiations and challenges. So, I am not trying to take struggles away from C.

But sometimes the story line gets so intense I feel my heart hurting in a way where I say I do not want to pursue this story line. And I erase the character and the plot in my head.

I am immersed so deeply with the book that the characters and the story line that I am creating have all become so real. It is like I am truly stepping into and inhabiting the dream and life of C Alexandra. This is one of the key steps that I have shared with you about creating the dream you wish to live in.

This takes us back to what I wrote about in the June Transmutation News about the need to tear up the script.

For shamans and mystics since the beginning of time teach that this world is a dream. It is time for us to take a step back and reflect on:

– Why did you create certain characters, events, and circumstances in your story line? Every event in your life has meaning. Why did you call it in?

– What have you learned from the events of your life? And how do you want to shift the direction of your story, the characters in it and the outcome?

– Reflecting on the power of the life story you created by your daydreams how would you change the scenarios and characters you are dreaming into being?

Here is an exercise I share in “Shamanic Visioning: Connecting with Spirit to Transform Your Inner and Outer Worlds”. I also wrote about this in my new book Walking in Light which will be published by Sounds True in 2015.

If you know how to perform a shamanic journey this is a powerful journey to do. But you can also do this as a meditation.

Do some preparation work so that you leave the distractions of your ordinary life behind. Take a walk and clear your mind. Or dance/sing/ meditate to move away your egoic thoughts away and open to the love of spirit.

Put on a shamanic musical track or drum or rattle for yourself and travel into the hidden realms. Let your intention and your imagination take you to The Land of Dreams. Once there ask to meet up the Master or Mistress of Daydreams.

Ask the Master or Mistress of Daydreams to show you how what you daydream about throughout the day is dreaming into being the life you are now living in. Explore the characters that are in your life. Learn about the scenarios and events that are now being created through your daydreams.

Ask for guidance on how you can change your daydreams so that you can also shift the story of your life. Remember the story you tell yourself is the life you end up living.

Neville taught, “The whole vast world is yourself pushed out.”

Florence Scovel Shinn taught, “Creation comes through us not to us.”

I truly believe that our destiny is to learn how to manifest spirit into form just like our creator did. And our life is a process of learning how to do this. We go on automatic and have lost awareness to the fact that our thoughts and words are invisible energies that do manifest into form.

As I written before what we feed grows. And I have continuously asked you to examine what seeds you are cultivating in your inner garden and inner landscape. 

By reflecting deeply on your daydreams and what you are dreaming into being take this learning to a deeper level.

As I also engage in all the spiritual work that I suggest you do I realize that this exercise is not so simple. It is not a simple matter to be conscious of the impact of our daydreams in our life. Also, it is not always clear how certain people or events did show up in our life. The exercise I suggest is easier said than done.

But even if you can get one small clue that leads you to understand something simple in your life that manifested is a start. Don’t take on looking at your entire life script. Stay open and see if you can connect the dots to how one event or person entered into your life to give you a valuable lesson. And reflect on whether there is a small change you can make in your life that also changes the script.

I feel strongly that there is a momentum to the collective dream right now. All of life is being so deeply impacted by behaviors based on greed, hate, and power over. The collective dream is so dense and solid. And of course, using spiritual teachings the collective dream is our personal dream. At the same time every small change to our script we rewrite and every contribution we can make to change the current dream is so valuable.

I get my mail delivered to a PO Box. And part of my daily routine is to go to the post office to pick up my mail. People arrive at the post office in a variety of states of consciousness. I see people come in angry, frustrated, sad, rushed, and some just peacefully entering into this space.

It is not uncommon for me to strike up a conversation with a stranger as I am picking up my mail. One day I was reading my mail at a location in the post office that was by a window. There was a man standing next to me also reading his mail. I started up a friendly conversation with him. As I did so I could see his eyes start to shine a bit. He had such a serious look before.

When I was done reading my mail, I said goodbye to this man. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Thank you for brightening up my day.”

The energy behind his words were so sincere that I can hear this statement reverberating through me from time to time.

We can shift the energy of others through our presence, and we also help a person change the dream he or she is dreaming during that day. By brightening up someone else’s world we bring light and love into their dream.

The full moon is August 10. Let us gather our energies together to rewrite the collective dream to one filled with love, light, peace, and harmony. We do this by creating a human web of light that radiates within and throughout the earth. We do this by joining our hearts and divine light together to dream a new world into being

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News you can read instructions for our full moon ceremony by visiting “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

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