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Lorem ipsum We continue to hold all of life in our hearts who are being impacted by storms, fires, and earthquakes. We continue to see all in their divine strength having the tools to navigate the changes. And to all of life that died in these catastrophic events we thank you for gracing the Earth with your presence and wish you a smooth and graceful journey home.

Remember one of the keys of our work is not trying to change the weather and join the ranks of humans who feel they can control Mother Nature. Instead, we need to perform our spiritual work and live a life of honor and respect for all of life. And then using the principle of reciprocity the Earth will respond in kind.

In September, during a session of my teleconferencing course for on the Shift Network, I taught how to merge with a helping spirit to see the world out of the eyes of spirit instead of through the eyes of ego. As a demonstration of how to merge with a helping spirit, I brought through my teacher, the Goddess Isis. I had asked Isis to speak to the group about the topic of suffering. For it seems that so many friends are students have lost hope, feel stuck in gazing upon so much suffering and poor behavior by humans towards each other and all of life. Practitioners of a variety of spiritual practices are losing hope and focus.

I felt that the message Isis shared was a powerful one, and I wanted to share it with all of you in case it speaks to you and touches you on some level. I am sharing only the core of her message:

“There are an abundance of planets and dimensions where spirits incarnate to learn and evolve.

Here on Earth, you were born to experience love, light, and joy, But the lesson was to first experience suffering and then to be able to reach beyond that dimension where inside of you (not outside of you) there is an inner sense of love and joy. Actually, joy is not the correct vibration, for in reality it is bliss that your spirit feels.

In your world teachers, including your own, encourage you to open your heart to the spirit of love.

But this teaching is not correct on the level of heart that you are being asked to connect with.

For the focus has been on your physical heart which is simply part of your ego. And so many of you are experiencing and seeing suffering which on an evolutionally level is expanding your sense of compassion. It takes you so deep into your humanness. But you are still trapped in the energy, vibration, frequency of suffering and that is the energy you are feeding in the world. And by carrying the energy of suffering so many people are becoming ill.

You are now literally and metaphorically being cracked open to the deepest place within where all the knowledge and wisdom is waiting for you to learn from as you touch deeper into your humanness.

Behind your physical heart is a spiritual heart. You do not have to travel that deeply within to connect with it. It is talked about by many gurus, mystics, and spiritual teachers.

And this spiritual heart – one with Source and the joy, bliss, and unconditional love for all of life and creation knows no suffering. It knows bliss, it knows unconditional love, but has no experience of suffering on this Earth.

In the Land of Dreams, I see millions of egos dreaming the illusion you are seeing as it is being created again and again on Earth.

Shift out of this Land of Dreams to where evolved spiritual beings are dreaming joy and love into the world.

You are caught and trapped in your ego. Transcend into a dimensional reality situated beyond your ego to your spiritual heart which is only experiencing eternal joy, bliss, unconditional love, and the light of Source.

You are in a new time and new evolution on Earth. Drop your current role in the play of life. Step into the life of an awakened spiritual being. You keep trying to raise your vibration and frequency when you need to work from a higher vibration and frequency.

I hold you in my arms and say you do have more choices than you know. You can shift to a higher level of consciousness.”

This month listen to some shamanic music or meditative music or spend some time in nature. Imagine traveling right behind your physical heart to your spiritual heart. It is the place where divine love, light, and bliss emanate from. Bring your burdens to your spiritual heart and experience how quickly they are transmuted and transformed into light.

Perform your transfiguration work and radiate light from your spiritual heart. Be a presence of love as your heart emanates pure and non-personal unconditional love. 

In past issues of the Transmutation News, I have shared the exercise of traveling to the Land of Dreams as I wrote about it in my book Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.

You can perform a journey or meditation and ask to be taken to the Land of Dreams where an evolved spiritual community of people from all over the world are focusing their daydreams only on experiencing the most positive, beautiful, and awe inspired dreams for the planet. Take your place among this circle of dreamers and do your work.

The full moon is October 5. This is a great time to keep “harvesting” the plants we have been planting with our seed words, thoughts, daydreams and keep up our practice of radiating light into the world.

Let us join together on this day. Perform your preparation work to leave your ordinary reality burdens and distracting thoughts behind. Travel within to your spiritual heart, to the place of your inner   starlight, sunlight, flame of light and radiate immense waves of light that connect all in our circle as we feed all of life with love and light. We radiate light within and throughout the Earth creating an awe-inspiring web of light.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News, welcome to our circle. You can find the instructions for our full moon ceremonies on the homepage link “Creating a Human Web of Light”.

Story for the Month:

Anne wrote:


 To your point about just being a loving presence; it goes the distance.

I have relegated divisiveness as an energy that other’s experience because they need to clear stuff in their own system.

I don’t pay attention to it but rather I operate as uplifted and kind to others as I can in all situations.

Family, grocery store clerks and anyone I run into. Being happy and relaxed and just listening to people is key.

You don’t need to comment or solve or get involved. I have seen tough situations become transformed immediately by this practice and ongoing.

I have family members who are all going through tough stuff. I compliment their strength, listen to them and generally remain happy and easy going with them and it lightens everything for them.

I take it further in daily intention by saying “For all I encounter and all I do is for the highest good for all in all directions of time and space and all dimensions.”

Keep up your good work. It’s all going to be fine. This is just a rough patch in time. We’ll get through this.




Thank you, Anne, for sharing this inspirational message with us.


Copyright 2017 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved. 

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