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This month I am sharing some simple practices to help you shift from working with practices as mental concepts to enlivening your body on a cellular level. As we make this shift, we become more cohesive as a global community as we engage in our daily spiritual work. We will create a more tangible light filled energy that will manifest in the collective field.

We have been working together performing daily practices that come from the Medicine for the Earth work. And I know from the correspondence I continue to receive that many of you have experienced positive results from doing the work. At the same time the challenges and turmoil we face in the world keep increasing.  I know that we need some fuel to remain inspired, focused, and deeply engaged in our spiritual work. We must not be brought down by the denser collective energies. So, I did journey to ask for guidance on how we might deepen our work together. And I did receive some guidance on how we can add fuel to our work together. 

One night in September I was watching the national news. Watching or reading the news is certainly one way to get lost in a denser field of energy! President Obama was giving a speech to the public. I do not remember what world challenge he was responding to. But I was so shocked and surprised to hear him say that as we watch the news it looks like the world is falling apart. And then for the next few days a newscaster on the nightly news started each night’s broadcast with, “As we watch the world fall apart….” Then the news program would continue with reporting challenging news stories.

Well of course due to all that is happening in the world we can choose to perceive that all is falling apart. And last month and in past Transmutation News I have asked you to look at the turmoil as an initiation. For the world as it is operating right now simply does not support life. Therefore, the fabric of reality is unraveling.

You can think about it as a layer of skin that is shedding. You can reframe your thoughts about this time on the planet as a snake that is shedding its skin. 

For years I have shared with you that my spiritual teacher Isis has encouraged us to not be brought down by the wave that much of humanity is riding. 

We are all aware that when one tries to save someone who is drowning the danger is drowning along with that person. The weight of the world’s challenges can simply bring us down.

We must choose another wave to surf. For on the waters of life different waves are being presented that we can ride. Choose wisely!

During my first journey in preparation for writing this month’s Transmutation News I was shown a beautiful image of an abundance of spiritual lightkeepers. These are helping compassionate spirits whose only role is to hold beacons of light that not only keep the world lit but also light the way for spiritual practitioners to follow. 

Perform a series of meditations or shamanic journeys to establish a connection with these spiritual lightkeepers. These beings are so enthusiastic about keeping us inspired with our work. One or more of these helping spirits can be consulted with when you forget the truth of who you are and the power you have to create positive change in your own life and for all life on the planet. 

Listen to music that helps you heighten your state of consciousness and where you can expand out of an ordinary state of consciousness. Or listen to a track on a drumming or shamanic music CD. Of course, you can drum or rattle for yourself. 

Hold your intention to meet a spiritual lightkeeper. Ask to be shown how the collective of spiritual lightkeepers is providing light for the planet right now. Ask for advice on ways you can shift your perception to embrace a feeling and attitude of hope. Ask how you can feed the light of the earth and all of life. 

The wisdom and knowledge you gain through this experience will inspire you on many levels but also might inspire you to deepen your work as we perform our monthly ceremony to create a human web of light. 

Pick one word that embraces the power and energy you would like to see manifest in your life and for the planet. Choose just one word that holds deep meaning for you. Just some examples might be splendor, beauty, joy, wisdom, life, peace, love, gratitude, laughter, health, harmony, and so on. 

Remember that in the practice of shamanism, as well as in other spiritual traditions, words have the power to create our reality. Every word we speak creates a vibration that travels up into the universe and from the invisible worlds is then birthed into material form and into the world of substance.

We have been working with the power of words in our work together. But the key is to avoid working on a superficial level where you state words without the true feeling and power programmed in the word. For the deeper you can sink into the feeling sense of the word the more power you will have with your dreaming and creation practices. 

During this month only work with one word at a time. Pick one word and write it down. Place it on your altar. Your altar can be quite simple. You can place a cloth or small rug on a table or on the floor. Put a candle and some items that you collect from nature on your altar. As I have written in the past place objects that feel sacred to you on your altar. You can simply place a candle on a plate or cloth. 

Once you have chosen a word commit to focusing on this word throughout the day. Meditate on the qualities, colors, shape, sound, sensations that go with this word. Feel the color, sound, and sensations start to flow through your body and filling your cells. As you do this notice how the power and energy of this word replaces some of the challenging energies you are feeling and those from the collective field that need to be released. 

To add to this practice, play some music, close your eyes, and move the energy of this word. Dance it. Feel the sensations of this word moving through you.  Take out some paper and crayons or paints and draw and express the color and shape that this word embraces. Use your voice to chant or tone the sound quality of this word. 

By working in this way, you will absorb on a cellular level how to “feel” instead of “mentally comprehend” the power of creation and how to shift the energy in the collective through the use of your words. You have to get the physical sensation and your feeling sense engaged to fuel the creative power. You have to infuse your energetic field with the power of the word for it to have the impact to create a change in the collective field of energy. This is where the power of change lies. 

You can keep working with one word through the entire month. Or you might find that once you have incorporated the power of this word and your cells are filled with its power that you want to work with another word. But again, I encourage you to work with one word at a time to really get the true full sense of a word’s power.

To add to this practice, choose one simple thing about life that you fully appreciate. This might be the taste of your favorite fruit or other food. It might be your favorite image, color, fragrance, sound, or feeling. 

Throughout the day focus on this one thing that you so appreciate. Again, get the feeling into your body and your cells. Fill your energetic field with the feeling of gratitude and appreciation so that it truly radiates from within. 

If you choose a favorite food close your eyes when you eat it. Feel the texture of the food on your tongue and focus on the taste. Notice how it feels as you swallow and how the energy from this food travels through your body. Focus on the energy that comes through the color of this food. Smell the fragrance of this food and absorb it. Do you associate a sound with this food or a tone coming from its energy? Feel your emotion as you eat this food. 

From the above example you get the idea of how you can also work with your favorite color or image, sound in nature, or texture that feels so good to touch. You can choose a favorite smell in the air like how it smells after the rain or you might choose a fragrant flower. 

With each thing that you appreciate you want to wake up your sense of sight, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. As you can enliven your senses with one simple thing that you appreciate your body awakens and fills with the power of how appreciation can completely shift your perception and also fill and shift the collective field of energy. But again, you must experience complete sensory awareness of what you appreciate to embrace and fuel the full power of change. You need to build an expansive positive field of energy. 

And the last practice I would like to ask you to add is to state a blessing for the world before you go to bed at night. If you engage fully in the practices of meeting a spiritual lightkeeper and embracing the sensory power of a word and what you are in appreciation for you should feel your vibration and frequency change. You should feel more expansive yet more solid at the same time. And with being in touch with a fuller range of spiritual energy you should feel a stronger tangible connection with our global community. So when you state your blessings for the world you should experience a resonance as the energy of your blessings connects with the energy of blessings of others in our community. 

The full moon, and also the total eclipse of the moon is on October 8. As you work with the practices I have shared in this month’s column, this will deepen your engagement in our full moon ceremony Creating A Human Web of Light. 

Take the time you need to prepare so that you shift out of your daily activities and thoughts and move the ordinary world out of the way. This is a time for you to commit to being in service to the planet and all of life.

Perform your transfiguration practice and radiate your light experiencing that light connecting with the light of our community. Imagine this light flowing within and throughout the earth touching every living being. Let us continue to weave a radiant and vibrant web of light throughout the earth.

If you are new to reading the Transmutation News, please read the instructions for our full moon ceremony by clicking on “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage.  

Please incorporate into your daily life the practices I have shared this month to infuse more power and energy into your work to help improve the quality of your life and to be in service to the planet.  


Copyright 2014 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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