I spent just about a month in Europe doing some teaching and traveling. I had an extraordinary trip. One of the workshops I led was my second meeting of my Two Year Teacher Training in Switzerland. It really makes my heart sing to watch how the teachers I am training are taking the work out into the world in a creative and profound way.

I also did a combination of Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light in Salzburg, Austria. And I am in deep gratitude for the gift of the group that showed up to do this work. They really embraced the work and got the importance of bridging the teachings of Medicine for the Earth into their daily life. I was left with a wonderful feeling, as this was my last workshop that I was teaching for the year.

At the same time I was experiencing the joy of the work going out into the world I was facing some challenges brewing deep inside of me. While I was at my Two Year Teacher Training I discovered that the media was not accurately reporting the truth of the damage created by Hurricane Wilma in Florida. When I found out just how bad things really were I became very concerned about my 91 year old parents who were in the path of the hurricane. For about 24 hours I suffered deeply as I could not find out if they were okay.

I find that when I really hit the depth of deep sadness it puts me into a very open place. As I left Switzerland and went to Austria I watched some CNN. To see the state of the people in Pakistan in tents really hit me when I was in such an open and vulnerable state. On top of all I was seeing on the news I kept hearing stories of abuse about species of animals during my workshops.

I found myself feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world. While I was at my Medicine for the Earth Gathering I was able to stay focused and inspired. The power of the work and the support of the group kept me moving forward and in a very positive state.

I left Austria to meet my husband in Amsterdam. During my airplane flight I found myself moving into a state of deep depression about the state of the world and the behavior of humanity towards each other and all of life.

I found myself facing a deep dark tunnel as the next step on my path. I have not experienced this opening into such a state of darkness since my soul retrieval in the 1980’s where I was cured of depression that had been with me for years.

There did not seem like a choice for me. Entering into this tunnel seemed to be the next step on my path and there did not seem any way around it. I knew the tunnel leading into darkness was very long. I also knew from my past that I would make it through. And I also knew that the only way out was through.

As I felt myself getting ready to move forward into this darkness I heard a voice from deep inside of me say that there is another choice, another way, another path.

I said to this voice tell me more. The voice inside of me said remember that your external world is all a projection. What are you projecting onto all of life?

There is a lot going on the planet right now. Our outer environment is mirroring back to us our lack of inner balance.

Of course there are outer changes we need to look at that bring our environment back into harmony. But for now keeping with the Medicine for the Earth principles I am going to direct you into your inner environment.

We have been so outer directed. Many on a spiritual path have also been directed into the outer spiritual realms. Evolution of consciousness as well as the times we live in requires that we reverse directions and explore the inner realms.

We need to find a state of inner stillness, balance, and peace. As a great spiritual master taught a couple of thousand years ago – the key to the kingdom lies within.

It is crucial right now that we take this teaching to heart. Those of you reading the Transmutation News are attracted to the Medicine for the Earth teachings for it does speak to a programming that lies within you. And it is now time for you to focus your intention on traveling within and allowing your own inner wisdom, knowing, and light to guide you through making the appropriate changes within that bring balance back to your own life and to the world.

Remember that every change in consciousness you make ripples through the entire web of life. And as each of you is willing to shift your consciousness to a place of inner light and balance there will be an effect in our physical world. Every small change in consciousness that you make does have an exponential effect on the world. This means that the spiritual practices that you are willing to commit to is a place that you have power to create change.

When I teach workshops on shamanism I often bring in some transfiguration work. Every time we do any transfiguration work in a group a deep stillness and quiet is created. No matter how many people are in the group, no matter what has been stirred up by the shamanic healing we have performed, and no matter how much social energy has been created from the community everything becomes so peaceful and still after one transfiguration journey.

As you really commit to a practice of transfiguration you do end up creating balance in the web of life which does create change in our environment.

But you must find ways to become more inner directed and find the spiritual light which lies within and continue to learn to be in that place throughout the day. This takes a lot of discipline and practice as traveling within is not what most of us are used to.

You might want to do some experimentation with other ways besides transfiguration to find your inner stillness, balance, light, and peace.

For those of you who can maintain this state through silent meditation please continue to do your inner work.

For those of you who find that you need more active meditation experiment a bit. What activities bring you to a place of stillness? Here are a few things to try while maintaining your focus on traveling within to your inner light and stillness:

Drawing or painting
Crocheting, sewing, knitting
Taking a shower or taking a bath

Do these activities with the intention of getting to a place of stillness which allows your own spiritual knowing, wisdom, and intuition to come through.

Do these activities with the intention of creating peace and allowing your spiritual light to shine through you.

Learn to hold a state of peace throughout the day no matter what is going on in the outer world. From a spiritual perspective this is important work to do to create balance and harmony in the world.

Keep holding the preciousness of this great earth and the spirit that lives in all things in your heart. Keep being in great love and appreciation for your life.

I have written throughout the last few years about the creation process and working in the void. Using what I have just written make sure you are traveling into your inner void to do your creation work. The void is the place right before creation and is the place that seems empty yet so full. It is where all life is created.

Travel within to the void or if you wish to your own spiritual light. Begin to see, feel, hear, taste, smell the world you want to live in being birthed from within you. Have passion for the world you are creating. And experience it as if your creation has fully manifested right now.

This practice is keeping with the spiritual teachings that the creator or the creative forces of the universe are within. As I have written over the last few months we are living in a time of paradox. On one level we must surrender to the coming changes of evolution. On another level we must keep doing our creation work as we are dreaming the world we live in into being with every thought, every breath, and every step we take in the world.

To experience the world being birthed through you is an evolution of the creation work. Try it and see what comes up for you.

Try keeping a mantra and decree going throughout the day of:

The light of __________(God, the goddess, the creator, the creative forces of the universe, source, the power of the universe – find the phrase that works for you) surrounds me.

The light of ___________is within me.

The light of ___________shines through me.

I am radiance.

We need to find a bridge to walk across to move from a state of fear, divisiveness, and anger to a state of embodying love, light, and joy. This is easier said then done.

Keep working with the transmutation work of transforming the energy behind your thoughts, attitudes, and emotions to a state of love and light.

And tap into your own inner guidance for other ways to work.

Make a choice to be one of the weavers of the web of life that creates harmony, peace, and balance in the world. This is work that is done underground to go with the brilliant work that many are doing in the outer world to create change. I know deep inside you know how important this inner work is, so commit to a practice of inner journeying now.

The full moon is November 15. Join in with all of us around the world who continue to weave a beautiful web of light around and through the world that creates balance and harmony in all of life.

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