I realized at this minute that I was projecting a tremendous amount of suffering into the world. And I did remember that I had a choice. Now the issue that came up for me became was I moving into a state of denial about the world situation if I started to project light and peace onto the world and did not acknowledge my perception of the suffering.

At the same time this question arose I also realized that spiraling into a dark depression did not help me, the planet, and all of life.

I realized that if I wanted to be of service I needed to choose this new path that was being presented to me. Change my perception and change my reality. I wrote about this principle in Medicine for the Earth. And now I felt like I was experiencing a deeper feeling for this teaching.

Human beings project. That is the nature of being human. We can project darkness and suffering into the world. We can project hate and anger into the world. Or we can make the choice to project love, beauty, light, and peace into the world. I was being asked by the depth of my being to choose the latter and I did.

I am sharing my story with you, as I know many of you feel challenged by the situation in the world today. We can once again remember that the spiritual work we do does make a difference in the world.

The most creative forces in the world use the power of focus and projection. As a spiritual community are we tapping into this great power together? Can we be a greater force in the world by joining together our spiritual energies from a place of love for all of life to focus on changing the projection in the world?

I think we can. Here is something to think about to start your work. Use your imagination. Let’s say that you invited all the people around the world reading this Transmutation News to project a perception onto you of what kind of person you are and what you are experiencing in life. Would you want that projection to be one of a person who is seen as suffering and should be pitied? Or would you like to be seen as a person standing strong in your divine light? Would you like a projection of being a person at peace with life?

What would you like that projection to look like, feel like, sound like, smell like, and taste like?

Millions of people around the world are projecting a tremendous amount onto others through their perception. Let us make a choice to gather our energies together to be conscious and focus a projection onto the world that we would want projected onto ourselves.

I suggest that you spend some time this month thinking about the power of projection. I have met many people who have traveled to indigenous cultures where people live in extreme poverty. But yet when one looks into many of these people’s eyes a joy is seen that is surprising. On one level you can say these poor people they have no homes and food to eat. But yet many of them carry a joy and peace that those who have an abundance of material wealth don’t carry.

Is this a teaching for us that we often project suffering onto others who are not experiencing suffering?

I am not saying that everyone is at peace with his or her life. But we also must look at how we project darkness in the world.

One of the issues I have had people in my workshops journey on during the last few months has been the power of group mind. I have seen in my own visions that when we can let go of our egos and join together in a state of group mind changes can occur very quickly.

Let us use the power of group mind to work together December 21 in honor of the winter solstice and the return of the light.

The first step is for you to do your preparation work this month of really looking at what you would want a group of people projecting onto you. Look at what you are projecting into the world and if you would like to change that projection.

This work involves working spiritually with changing the collective consciousness through the invisible and imaginal realms. It takes a great deal of focus and all the other elements that go into our formula for transmutation and creation.

We have to set a strong intention and come from a place of love. We cannot perceive ourselves as separate from the collective field around us. We must become harmony to project harmony. Focus and concentration along with tapping into our imagination of what is possible are crucial keys to the work.

On the solstice you can work alone or in a group. Do your transfiguration work and get into a place of divinity where you experience a state of oneness with the web of life. With your breath pulse a vibration projecting divinity, light, and peace throughout the entire web of life.

This process involves more than mental imaging. You want to get your whole being involved. As you transfigure become peace and with your whole being project that out. Become light and with your whole being project that from the void deep within, the place before creation and out into the world. Become love, and birth love into the collective field.

Bring your children into this work. Teach them how to project light and peace into the world. This will help them stay in a place where they can carry light and hope into their own lives which will effect their own present and future.

This is a great gift that we can give to the planet right now which raises the frequency and vibration for all of life to step into.

Keep this work as a practice to continue. And use this same principle on the full moon which is December 15 as we continue to weave a web of light within and through the earth. We cannot truly weave a web of light if we cannot project that light into the world.

I am updating my book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self as it is now being translated in French. I have contacted HarperSan Francisco to see if they would also like to do a new edition with updates in the work. I have not heard back yet.

In writing my updates I went back and read both Soul Retrieval and my second book on life after healing Welcome Home: Following Your Soul’s Journey Home. I was really amazed to find how much information in both of these books I have been sharing in my Medicine for the Earth work and in the Transmutation News.

Some of the messages I had remembered and refer back to these two books in my writing. But some of the material I have completely forgotten that it was already written.

This is a real lesson for me about timing. Some of the material I had previously written about clearly was not integrated into my psyche. Since I wrote the books and have had a chance to live the work the material is emerging from me with new understanding.

Happy solstice and the return of the light! I project out into the world peace, light, and love for all.

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