I have no doubt that humankind is here to caretake this great earth. Unfortunately we do not know how to caretake each other, the earth, or ourselves. We have been and are right now experiencing the consequences of this.

We live in a world out of balance and the environment is mirroring back to us how out of balance we are. We are experiencing environmental changes at an exponential rate. In December there was the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia.  As I was away during this time I did not get a chance to write about it until the February Transmutation News. In February I wrote about spiritual practices for us to work with during times of disaster where there is a pain and suffering for all of life.

 Once again I wrote the September Transmutation News before hurricane Katrina had devastating effects on all of life in the U.S. And the same spiritual practices apply. There were also the biggest floods in recorded history in Europe and fires in Portugal.

  You might look at the Transmutation News February 2005 for a summary of spiritual practices during challenging times.

 It is so important not to blame the elements for our troubles. Earth, air, water, and fire are reflecting back to us our own inner state of consciousness as well as our actions toward the earth.

 It has been known that by humankind making a conscious decision to destroy the wetlands in New Orleans that problems could occur with a hurricane. But yet the thinking and actions in destroying wetlands was very short sighted. Some of the destruction that occurred in Thailand was also from humans destroying the wetlands.

 We have made very shortsighted decisions based on the belief that we are disconnected from nature. We have made choices to change landscapes in a way that don’t serve the viewpoint that future generations will be still living on the earth.

 We need to look at how we can caretake the earth so that we are not just destroying and taking what we want for the present time. And this is not news for any of you.

 I still believe that one of the keys is what I wrote about in the Transmutation News in September. We must journey within to find our internal strength and wisdom that can and will guide us in the coming times.

 After seeing the pictures of New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama I decided to take some time to close my eyes and be in silence. I found myself connecting with the web of light that we have been weaving for the last few years. There are other spiritual groups that have also been working with weaving a web of light throughout the planet.

 In a vision I witnessed thousands of people around the world from all spiritual traditions as sparks of light weaving this great web. And I observed that as the outer world is being destroyed a bridge is being built for inner consciousness to grow.

 We can choose an inner road without so much destruction. It is a choice we all have to make right now.

 Caretaking and being taken care of is an equal relationship. When giving and receiving are in balance there is harmony.

 So where do we start? A good place to begin is to throughout each day take time to be grateful for the land you live on, the food you eat, the water you drink and have to wash in, and the energy which comes from the sun. When we are grateful we begin to move into a state of cooperation which is key to healing the environment we live in.

 As you go out into your daily life – the market, the bank, etc. make comments to others about what you are grateful for. For example at the check out counter you might say to someone “Aren’t we lucky to live in such a beautiful place?”

 Plant “gratefulness seeds” everywhere you go with the knowing this will stimulate a place of appreciation in others. This is powerful earth medicine and is something we all can do.

 For years I have been telling people to watch the signs of what is to come. And the signs have showed us what is coming to pass now. Many have just not been paying attention. But the signs have all been pointing to the environmental challenges we are now facing.

 We are living in a time of many paradoxes. On one level we are part of an evolving organism and need to learn how to surrender to some of the changes ahead. On another level we are creative beings who also have the opportunity to create changes. Living with this dance can be quite challenging.

 The future is created from the present. Be an inspiration to others and spread the power of appreciation. As people drop into the energy and power of appreciation their behavior changes. By just this one simple act we can change the course of what’s to come.

 And please continue to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste a world filled with love, respect for the environment and all of life, harmony, and peace. This is important work. We are dreaming the world into being with each thought.

Recently a student of mine shared an inspiring story. She had this experience years ago and now wishes she had more information. But you will get the point and also be inspired by it.

She was standing on line in a Ladies Room. As the lines can be very long in the United States one can have a long time for conversations.

The woman she was standing next to was from Cambodia and they struck up a conversation. The woman said that she came from a prominent family in Cambodia. During a change in administration her father was assassinated. After her father’s death her family went into hiding for they were all also in danger.

They had come from affluence and now they had no money, no place to go, and nothing to eat. They were really hungry and they came upon some very dirty rice in a place that no rice should have been. They did not see dirty rice, they only saw food and they ate it. And no one became ill.

They were also very thirsty and they had no water to drink. They came upon a river where there were dead bodies floating in it. They were very thirsty so they did not see dead bodies. They only saw water and as they were thirsty they drank the water from the river. As they only saw water no one became ill in any way from drinking what we would call polluted water.

She talked about this not from a place of please pity me or from a place of bitterness. She spoke from a true place of gratitude that when her family was in need of food and water they found it and were nourished by it.

Then the woman left leaving my student in a deep place of wonder. She then took a Healing with Spiritual Light workshop with me. And in the workshop I teach people to perceive pure light as we drink and bathe in water, as we take in our food, as we breathe air, and as we absorb the energy from the sun. If you believe you are eating, drinking, and breathing in toxic substances you are. And if you perceive everything you take in as light from a source of abundance and love then you are being nourished by what you absorb into your body.

This family in hiding in Cambodia learned this out of pure need of survival. And they did it and are an inspiration for us all.

This month make sure you practice absorbing light from the abundance of all we have been given for our nurturance on all levels.

You might need to write a note somewhere to remind you:

Absorb the light from the food I eat, the water I drink, the air I breathe, and from the rays of the sun.

Add this to your practice of transfiguration experiencing the light within. You might write the phrase “I am radiance” and leave it in places where you will see it often.

If you combine these practices with intention, concentration, and focus you should feel a major difference in your emotional, physical, and spiritual sense of well being.

When you live these practices you not only heal yourself but you become a guiding light for those who have lost their way.

The full moon is Oct. 17. Let us continue to truly focus and concentrate on transfiguring into our true nature, which is spiritual light. And in that state let’s together join together to weave a web of light within and through the earth.

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