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I heard from a friend of mine who had listened with a group of her students to my free Introductory call for my teleconferencing course on the Shift Network. 

Some of her students wondered why so many challenges are being experienced in the world if shamanism is such a powerful healing practice and has been around for tens of thousands of years.

This was a common question I used to address on the Transmutation News in the beginning years of writing the monthly column. 

We really do not know where the world would be today if all the spiritual work we are doing collectively had not been happening. And the key in doing spiritual work is to make a commitment to be in it for the long term. For we do not know what kind of growth and evolution will come out of the times we are living in. And on the big collective issues we are experiencing we might not see change in our lifetime. We simply have to accept that and hold true to our vision and keep our focus on our spiritual practices. 

All spiritual practices involve times when people lose their sense of faith. There have always been teachings about “the dark night of the soul” that manifest on many levels in all of our lives. This is the way our ego and personality are sculpted so that the radiance of our spirit can shine through. 

My feeling has always been I do not know what the end result of all the spiritual work I am doing will have on the destiny of the Earth. For the Earth has her own destiny, and I am born from the Earth and am part of this destiny. 

But I want to do the best I can to hold my focus and vision for healing to happen for all of life so that we move into living on this Earth in peace, harmony, and honor and respect for each other and all of life. 

I do not know where my work will lead. But I do want to be able to say at the end of my life that I faced all of life’s challenges and did not sit down. I stayed present to life and to all the teachings I have received. I performed my spiritual practices so that I have personally evolved as much as I could. As far as the ultimate outcome I cannot stay attached to the outcome that I see by looking through my ordinary eyes. There is a bigger picture, I need to surrender the outcome, and stay focused on my work. 

It is easy to lose faith and hope when we look at the state of the world. I encourage you to keep up your work and know that your own personal shamanic and meditation practices do create personal and global transformation. 

When I was journeying for my next session of my teleconferencing course, I received an interesting message from the Egyptian God Osiris. I rarely meet this powerful teacher in my journeys. But he does appear when he has an important message to share.

He told me how when I teach, I focus on love and opening up our hearts. And of course, we all know that healing happens through the energy and vibration of love. But he told me that it is important to engage all of our energy centers when we perform our spiritual work. Osiris talked to me about engaging the 2nd and 3rd chakras that hold the vibration of walking and working in the world connected to our own spiritual power. 

He said we often listen to drumming which alters our brainwaves to help us enter into the invisible realms. And we work from a place of heart which opens us to being a vessel of unconditional love. But Osiris said we were born into a body to use all of it. And learning how to tap into the vibration of walking through the world and honoring our own personal power is part of our personal journey and will add to the healing work we need to do to be in service to the planet. 

This made so much sense to me. For it is a time to own our power and not be afraid of it. During the month of February, you might meditate or journey on what walking in your power means to you. 

February is also a month where in the U.S. and some other countries we celebrate Valentine’s Day which is a time to express our love for loved ones. On one level I always feel a bit triggered by the artificial nature of holidays that are created to sell material things. But I feel we can also use the energy of these days that are created as themes set up by the corporate world to connect energetically on a collective level to help manifest vibrations and frequencies we are trying to manifest in the world. 

And we are working towards manifesting the energy of unconditional love into the world. On Valentine’s Day we can merge with the energy of the collective and fuel the vibration to feed all of life and the Earth with love. 

I did receive a letter from someone who reads the Transmutation News. She said she loves reading the Transmutation News but has never been called to the practice of shamanic journeying. Her path is meditation. 

I want to make sure that all of you reading the column understand that I have always wanted to open the work up to a broad community. So, there is no need to perform shamanic journeys in order to be part of our circle and work together. I always suggest in the exercises I share to either perform a shamanic journey or perform a meditation. I just want to clarify that the exercises I share are designed to be performed within the framework of the personal practice in which you work. There are so many ways to access direct revelation and your own inner wisdom. There are so many ways to experience your own divine light and let that flow into the web of life. I think you all understand what I am saying. 

I journeyed and meditated on this month’s ceremony. In a meditation or journey visit the altar that we have created. Perform this ceremony on Valentine’s Day February 14. In this way we join with the energy of love flowing from the larger collective in the world. 

Close your eyes and begin to travel into the invisible realms. As we have done in the last couple of months, walk the path from the room you are journeying or meditating in. You might find yourself walking down a path that is surrounded by tall, beautiful, strong, and healthy trees. The earth you walk on is fine and you are stepping on rich dark soil. You can feel your footsteps making an impression on the earth. As you walk you listen to the beauty of the sounds in nature and take in the exquisite fragrances shared by the local trees, plants, and air which gives us life. Is there grass growing? What other nature beings are in this place? You can even experience how the air tastes. Notice if there is a body of water in this place, and if you can hear running water. Feel the power of the sun as it is setting, and the stars and moon above start to shine their beautiful light. 

As you walk, feel your heartbeat and just notice what you are feeling. We have taken the time to open our hearts in love to each other. Feel your connection to a family of like-minded souls who do everything possible to be in service to others and to the Earth. 

As you continue to walk you arrive at a large clearing. Use your imagination to see, feel, hear, smell, taste all that is around you in this clearing. Step fully into this clearing rather than watching your journey/meditation/daydream as if it was a movie. Be here now. Give thanks to all the helping spirits you continue to work with who are now also part of our circle.

As you enter the clearing you will be met by a guardian spirit who will cleanse you on a spiritual level. This compassionate spirit might cleanse you with incense, or a feather, or sing over you, or touch your hair, or whisper a message into your ear. Be open and know these are helping spirits who wish to help you feel unburdened by your ordinary thoughts and concerns.

Once you have been cleansed step into the clearing and visit the altar we created. 

Let us stand together around the altar and drum and sing to honor each other and this sacred space. After honoring our circle let’s all sit around the altar and pray for ourselves, loved ones, all in the web of life, and the Earth. As you pray and meditate travel inside yourself and come up with an energetic gift you can send to someone you love, to nature beings, and/or to the Earth herself.

After you send this energetic gift open your eyes. On the altar you will see beautiful paper and objects that all have the names of everyone in our circle written on them. On each piece of paper or object is an energetic gift for everyone. It might be a word, a symbol, a kiss, a hug, and so on. This energetic gift has been created by a helping spirit, an element, a God, goddess, an ancestor, or Source. This gift is for you. When I went to the altar and picked up a beautiful spirit painting with my name on it, I saw that Osiris had left me a beautiful offering that had the word “hope” written on it. I was instructed to absorb the energy of this word. 

Remember that it is as important to give love as to receive love. You will notice on the altar that there is something that has been left by helping spirits just for you. 

Pick up the gift that is specifically for you and absorb the vibration and frequency of this gift. 

When you feel you have spent the time at the altar so that you have sent your energetic gift and have received your gift stand up. Say goodbye to our group. Notice and greet the sacred fire that always burns strong in this place. 

Walking down the same path that you took to arrive at this place return to the room you are in now.

Open your eyes and feel yourself deeply rooted to the Earth and take a few deep grounding breaths. You are fully back filled with radiance and the blessings of our circle. 

The full moon is February 22. Let us continue sharing this flow of love and giving and receiving the energies that we need to walk strong in power and beauty. Let us do our preparation practices for our powerful monthly transfiguration ceremony of weaving a web of light within and throughout this great Earth. 

For those of you who are new readers of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” and also “Preparing for Ceremonial Work” that appears at the beginning of the section of the Transmutation News. 

Let us all walk and work from a place of love but also from a place of strength and power. 


Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman.  All rights reserved.

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