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Over the years, one focus of the work I have been teaching and writing about is transfiguration. For when we experience our own divine light and the light of Source we move into a place of unity and oneness. And as you know light and love are healing forces that can transform all the challenges we face physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Radiating unconditional love and light transforms the planet.

I have been encouraging you to do whatever shamanic journeying work or meditation work that helps you create a cellular understanding of unconditional love, oneness, and divine light so that you are not just working from a cerebral place. For until we experience these states as part of ourselves the force of love and light cannot truly shine through us in a way that creates true healing. 

Recently in a journey I performed I was taken into my inner garden. I have been leading you in exercises to travel within into your Inner World to experience it and cultivate your inner landscape as you would a beautiful and healthy garden. I have led you into inspecting the texture and quality of your soil and how it feels and smells. I have encouraged you to be diligent about the seeds you have been planting through your thoughts, words, and daydreams that lead to the personal and collective dream we are all dreaming into being.

In my journey I was guided to connect with the heartbeat of the earth in my inner garden and the heartbeat of the Earth. And then I was encouraged by my helping spirit Isis to deepen my work. She acknowledged that through my writing and teaching I invite people to connect their heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Earth.

But Isis shared with me that in my own life and for many who hear or read these words there is a tendency to think about this on a rational level. For it sounds so good and healing to connect one’s heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Earth. But for the healing and connection to happen again this must become a cellular experience instead of a mental concept. 

Isis then went on to say that when I personally connect my heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Earth, I have been doing it on somewhat of a superficial level. For she explained that just as Source is eternal the Earth is an ancient being. 

It is believed that the Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old. It is also believed that the universe is approximately 14 billion years old. In my journey she instructed me to connect my heartbeat to the primordial heartbeat of the Earth not just the heartbeat of the Earth that I conceptualize feeling in present time. 

And she went on to say that when I/we connect with the primordial heartbeat of the Earth then we can truly experience our connection with all in the web of life that is also connected to such an ancient energy and force that emanates the desire for life and the will to live. We can connect with an energy that is so ancient and strong which physically puts us in touch with our primordial wisdom that already knows how to guide us in our personal lives and through the changing times we are living in.

And as I have been recently writing about then we have to stop asking questions and simply listen. For this ancient primordial force has deep wisdom to share with us if we choose to listen. And all life on this Earth is guided in how to survive by this ancient primordial force. 

During the month of August travel into your inner garden/inner landscape and continue the work you have been doing to cultivate a deep and rich inner garden. If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News you can click on “Huffington Post Links” and read the article I wrote titled “How to Cultivate a Rich Inner Garden”. 

Inspect your inner garden and make sure you have followed through on your commitment to nurture the soil and be conscious about the seeds you have been planting through your thoughts, words, and daydreams. 

And once you have spent some time in your inner garden lie on the earth. And allow your heartbeat to first connect with what you feel to be the present heartbeat of the Earth. But keep going deeper. With intention ask to connect to the primordial and ancient heartbeat that began as the Earth was formed.

And as you feel your connection with the primordial heartbeat of the Earth allow yourself to connect with your primordial heartbeat. For you are connected to life since the beginning of time.

Feel this ancient quality of life beating through you and the Earth. Allow yourself to open up and listen and feel the deep wisdom that is being shared with you.

You are born from the Earth. You are connected to and one with a living breathing organism that is 4.6 billion years old. How does this shift your perspective? 

This process of course is not a one-time journey or meditation. This is a practice for you to continue on a regular basis.

You can also physically go out and lie down on the earth and do the same. It is always wonderful to lie on the earth and fully connect with her heartbeat and healing. But go beyond present time and connect fully with the ancient and primordial heartbeat of the Earth.

Notice how you feel changed and different as you do this. And continue to listen to messages that come through all your senses to help guide you in your life to be in service to the planet at this time.

The full moon is August 29.  Transfigure and experience oneness with Source and your divine light. As you are also a body, connect your heartbeat to the primordial heartbeat of the Earth. And let us join together in love for life and radiate unconditional love and light throughout the Earth to feed the light of the planet and all of life. Do this while you merge with the ancientness of the Earth. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremony.

A Update About Inspiring Stories:

As most of you know last winter, I invited readers of the Transmutation News to share some inspiring stories about how the practices I have been sharing in the monthly column have changed their lives. Each month I have been sharing one or two stories.

I still have a few more stories I can add to the Transmutation News. Some of the stories that people so generously sent to me are very personal and are not quite appropriate to share in the column. Some stories are long and need editing. 

I am trying to lighten my workload a bit so editing stories is not something I want to take on right now. But I will work on some stories I have in my file to share in future columns of the Transmutation News. 

I am very grateful to all of you who did send me stories last winter. I know it took time to write them up, and I appreciate your generosity of spirit. 

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