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The local and world news continues to get more disturbing as stories increase about violence, behavior based on greed, and inhumane treatment of others. These behaviors have always occurred. It is just that through modern communication we have more access to global news.

On the positive side the news is causing both local and global communities to voice their outrage about what is going on. And it is through communities of people standing together in unity and strength that we are seeing and will continue to see change happen. We cannot depend on individual leaders to create the kind of change needed to bring about a life filled with honor, respect, and equal treatment for all of life.

It is powerful to watch how people are gathering together in communities to help and support each other. It is sad that it has been trauma that brings people together in this way. But we are seeing growth and evolution as many people feel they can no longer live in isolation. A new vision about working with the feminine principle of cooperation and collaboration is emerging.

We continue to do our work together as a spiritual community using the practices I have shared with you. At first glance when reading over some of the practices they look so simple. Some people confuse what on a quick scan looks simple to a perception that the practices are for beginners. Many of us equate simple practices as for beginners and complex practices with advanced work.

This is really a misperception. Many people studying spiritual traditions don’t stick with the practices long enough and have persistence to reap the rewards. In the spiritual community there are perpetual seekers who keep looking for complex ceremonies and practices that on the outside look like they might be more powerful.

The key is to keep searching until you find a path that speaks to your soul. And once you find that path it is important to stay true to it, sink into the work, and not get distracted by other ways that look more powerful on the outside. All spiritual paths lead to the same ultimate outcome. The key is doing the work.

Most of us love to engage in shamanic healing ceremonies, and we experience a state of ecstasy in doing so. But unless we engage in the everyday empowerment of a shamanic way of life, the healing ceremonies we perform don’t have a true lasting effect.

Simple practices that are passed down through shamanic cultures are potent ways to create great transformation. But as you have discovered for yourself, in working with the material I share, they are multi-layered. There are times when you find yourself on an adventure where the path is full of joy and is easy and beautiful to walk on.

Then obstacles are put in your path. These obstacles might come from unworked material in your unconscious that reveals itself to be looked at, explored, and healed. The collective energies might not support your living a conscious way of life. You might find that the dynamics of the relationships with loved ones, family, friends, and co-workers pull you off your path leading you to question the work. The same might be true as you continue to engage with the collective energies of the planet that support giving up on dreams, staying in a trance state, and asks you to follow the norm.

I hear from many of you who continue to work with the practices I have shared reporting the benefits you have reaped from the work and also the challenges presented by staying on the path.

Perform simple ceremonies to release obstacles presenting themselves to you. When you find yourself giving up and feeling like creating a healthy way of life is not possible write your beliefs down on a piece of paper. Burn them in a sacred bowl that you can use for your spiritual work. Or think about releasing the power of a belief by breaking a stick while focusing on your intention to let it go. Make a small object out of natural materials empowered with a defeatist belief and send it adrift into a body of water. Buy a bottle of bubbles and blow any sabotaging thoughts and beliefs into the air.

As you release blocking beliefs into an element remember to transmute the energy you are letting go of into love and light. In this way you feed the elements, yourself, others, and all in the web of life with loving and light-filled energies.

A few weeks ago, I had a very powerful dream. In the dream I was attending a conference. The conference was not going so well, and the organizers asked me if I would wear my mask and costume of my spiritual teacher Isis and merge with her. They wanted Isis to share her wisdom in the group.

Well, the dream got very complex and was filled with rich symbolism. There is one part I wanted to share with you. I had dressed in the costume I wear when I merge with Isis. I was getting ready to go on stage. But I noticed I was wearing a sweater over my costume. I took off the sweater and noticed that there was another sweater under it. I kept taking off sweaters only to find that I was wearing many layers of sweaters.

I woke up with an understanding about the layers we have to keep removing to live from our divine nature. For Isis to me represents my inner divine light. But I could not really show my divine light in public because of the layers “of clothing” that I was wearing. This represented to me the thoughts, attitudes, beliefs we must continue to remove so that our divine light can shine forth in the world.

I journeyed and I put out a call into the unseen realms asking if there was a message to write about as we celebrate the solstice on June 21.

The message I clearly heard was, “Tear up the script!”

And then my spiritual teacher Isis appeared, and I asked her for more information. She brought me back to the power of the dreaming work we do together as we vision a new dream for the earth and all in the web of life.

Right now, in the world at large, the life we are living is based on a script that the collective has written.

Changing the script is certainly a work in progress. But we have to be diligent and continue to work on creating the life we want to see manifest. This takes discipline and persistence, as the dense collective energies are not aware of the power of the dream we are all creating together. For every daydream, thoughts we have, and words we speak create the world we live in. And as a society we do not focus on the power of the daydreams, our thoughts, and the words we are dreaming into being. The current dream no longer supports a state of health and well being.

Isis shared with me that it is important for all of us to take action to tear up the current script that we are playing out. I would like to encourage all of us to do this work together on the solstice.

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you feel inclined to do so, write out the current script of behaviors you would like to see an end to.
  • If you are too busy to write out an entire script, write down one or more words that describes what you would like to see released such as: hate, war, greed, or abuse.
  • Gather some art supplies together. You can use crayons or paint. Draw an image of what you would like to see released. For example, you can draw an image of oil polluting water.
  • Or you can use colors to draw or paint chaotic lines that represent energies that you no longer want to see manifest. Close your eyes and draw or paint while expressing energies to be released.

On the solstice, prepare the space you want to work in either indoors or outdoors. Welcome the helping compassionate spirits who witness and support your work. Create an altar with a candle and sacred objects such as flowers, special stones, crystals, or any objects from nature that call to you. You might want to wear something special that helps you to move from your daily ordinary consciousness to a spiritual state. You can play music, drum, rattle, and sing or chant.

Once you feel you are in the appropriate spiritual state that brings you into a greater awareness of the power of your spirit tear up the paper representing the collective script.

As an alternative you could empower a stick with the script of the present collective dream and break it. Or you can blow it into a natural object and release it into the water while focusing on destroying the current script. Of course, burning something in fire is a powerful way to work for the true nature of fire is to transmute and transform.

Use your imagination and tear up the current script of the collective dream.

As we all do this on the same day, we join our collective energies together to say “No” to living an abusive and unhealthy way of life.

Feel a space that opens in the collective field that you can fill with positive thoughts, words, and dreams. Fill the space with love.

Through writing, drawing, painting, or using a craft to create an object bring through the power of a new script, a new dream. Place this on your altar to be empowered by the collective energy of our community and the power of helping spirits and spiritual allies.

You can also sing and/or dance a new dream.

Make a commitment to continue your dreaming work. With full sensory awareness imagine the world you wish to live in. Step into the dream and live from it.

Know that your dreamwork does impact the physical world. For everything that is now manifested into physical form in your life and the world began as a thought in the unseen realms.

Engage with full sensory awareness, as you perceive the light of humans and all of life shining as brightly as the sun. It is not enough to mentally recognize the divine light of life. Project light onto all that you see.

Let go of the need to see immediate results. Your dream is now in the hands of spirit. Your role is to do the work.

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On the solstice, be a light and brighten up someone else’s life. Engage a stranger in friendly conversation and get them to smile. Notice how good this feels. As we can brighten up the life of others this energy becomes contagious. And this is one way we begin to change the collective script.

As we enter a new season it is important to harmonize with the energy of the earth. Performing a meditation or shamanic journey to merge with an element or all the elements is a way to do this.

You might be noticing that an element in your area is trying to get residents’ attention through drought, fires, flooding, earthquakes, or tornadoes.

Listen to some music or drumming and imagine merging with the earth where you live, or a fire burning, a flooding body of water, or strong winds. Learn about the element by becoming it. The information you receive will go beyond a rational understanding, but rather will impact you physically as you become one with the energy of another living being.

State a decree and give thanks to the element for harmonizing with you and returning to a state of balance. Experience the element you are merged with in its perfect balance and in a state of harmony.

When you have completed your meditation or journey align your heartbeat with the heartbeat of the earth.

The full moon is June 12. Let us continue to gather our energies in love and weave a web of light within and throughout the earth. Let’s deepen our work and focus on the dream we are dreaming into being experiencing a world filled with love, light, harmony, peace, equality, and abundance for all.

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions of how you can join us during our full moon ceremony.

I join with all in our community to send blessings to you for a beautiful summer/winter solstice!

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