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In teaching my workshops I have really been stressing that there is a magic behind all the healing methods that shamans perform. I feel strongly that a lot of the potential of shamanic healing is being lost as practitioners today focus on the steps of a healing method rather than bringing through the healing energy and power behind the method.

Shamans have always reached expanded states of consciousness. These states of consciousness might have been reached through deep initiations created by elders in the community or through destiny itself. Expanded states of consciousness have been and still are reached through fasting, vision questing, and/or working with vision plants. Many shamans carry through the energy of ancestral spirits as they are taught shamanism through a family member. What is taught is far beyond the steps of ceremonies to perform. There is a transfer of ancestral energy that goes along with the teaching.

It was not through teachings of methods and ceremonies that creates the healing and transformation from the work. It is the energy behind the methods and the expanded energies that the shaman brought through – the formless energies.

We have been working together with formless energies as we go into the transfigured state. But I do find that many of us transfigure and attempt to work with formless energies without the required preparation work. I have written about this before.

But I bring it up again as I feel we are really limiting the power of the work that is possible and needed during these times. I surrender to the issue of timing and I surrender the outcome of the work. At the same time, I do believe we must start a practice of inquiry and ask ourselves if we are really going to the deep well of spirit that lies within each of us.

Do we just stop our activities for a short time and from a mental state say, “I am now a being of light radiating love and brilliance into the world?” Are we really moving into a state of expanded awareness where we can truly heal by our presence? Or is this principle simply a mental concept for us?

The paradox that we continue to dance is being able to function in the world while at the same diving deep into our spiritual work. We must move away from the superficial aspects of performing our spiritual ceremonies. We must become the state of being that naturally transforms.

We get so caught up in the day-to-day world many of us say I just don’t have time. We must find ways to make our spiritual work a priority. We must do this for ourselves, for all of life, and for the planet.

During this month take some time to reflect on, journey on, and meditate on ways that you can create time to move into a true expanded state of consciousness as you perform your work. You do not have to go on an extended vision quest or fast. And I am not suggesting that you ingest vision plants. But you do need to make some sacrifices as far as putting in some time to do the preparation work needed to shift from your ordinary consciousness filled with thoughts to a consciousness that opens the door into the realm of spirit that is filled with unlimited possibilities.

In past writings I have shared how taking some time to walk or sit in nature can open this doorway. Singing and dancing can do the same.

In many of the columns of The Transmutation News I encouraged you to work with learning about your own story of creation and exploring the nature of your creator – God, the goddess, Source, the power of the universe, etc. We must all find the name for the creator that fits into our personal beliefs.

The reason I keep stressing this practice is that we cannot fully merge with the divine if we have no feeling of what the divine is. This goes back to the issue of losing power of the practice if we are merging with something that has simply become a mental concept for us.

In the past exercises I have shared I have asked you to meditate on or journey on your personal story of creation. I have asked you to meet your creator and also to experience and absorb the unconditional love that went into your creation.

Many years ago, my dreamtime teacher Isis encouraged me to reflect on the question, “Would a loving creator program you with fear and scarcity or with joy and plenty?”

She asked me to imagine a seed in a garden programmed with fear. What grows?
Imagine a seed programmed with scarcity. What grows?
Imagine a seed programmed with joy and abundance. What grows?

For many of us our foundation is fear, and everything is built from that and grown out of fear.

When we can experience in all the cells of our being the love that went into our creation, we can then start to experience that we are programmed with love, joy, and all the knowledge to create health and abundance.

This month I would like to ask you to take this practice a little deeper.

Put on some music and ask to meet your creator. Experience the pure energy of creation without any form or trying to understand the how’s and why’s of creation. Just experience the energy of creation.

Then bring the energy through into the physical world. You can use some crayons and allow the energy to come through color. You can also dance and/or sing the energy into the world. You can work with any craft to bring through the energy. Cook something and let the energy transform your food.

We did something similar last month where I asked you to experience the energy of your ancestral line. This month I want you to experience the pure energy of creation itself.

When you can bring through this limitless and bountiful energy you will experience the magic of the energy behind the methods, techniques, and practices you work with.

Each month I encourage you to bridge spiritual practices into your day-to-day life so we can truly become the people who can make a difference in the world.

We must remember to acknowledge and honor ourselves for all we have been doing. We must acknowledge all that we have been through in life that has sculpted us into who we have become.

Let us join our hearts together and acknowledge the brilliant work we have been doing as a spiritual collective. We really have done extraordinary work on behalf of all of life and the planet.

Last month I announced that my book The Shaman’s Toolkit is available. I have been so focused on letting people know this is the same book as How to Thrive in Changing Times. I have not wanted my spiritual community to be disappointed in buying a book that they already have.

I do want to talk about the power of this book. For I am sure many of you have not read it.

I really love this book as it is filled with tools for keeping a state of hope as the world changes and life intensifies. It is filled with practices to help you transform your beliefs that might be outdated so you can create the world you wish to live in for yourself, for all of life, and for the earth.

I wrote this book for a non-shamanic community so that the language fits with all beliefs and the practices are easy to work with whether you have ever performed any spiritual practices or not.

As I wrote last month it is so important to remain in a state of hope and to learn how to project the best for yourself and the planet. Working spiritually is how we can all gather our energies together to create positive change.

If you have not read How to Thrive in Changing Times, I encourage you to read The Shaman’s Toolkit.

The full moon is August 20. Prepare and move out of your ordinary consciousness so that you can experience the boundless energy of divine light and love that resides within. You are divine light and love. Radiate that light throughout the web of light. Feed the earth within and without with light. Join with thousands who are doing the same.

If you are a new reader to the Transmutation News please visit “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site to read the instructions for our full moon ceremony.

As I drive home from doing my errands, I pass a church that posts inspiration sayings outside.

I find that sometimes they post a saying that truly inspires me.

This month they posted:

If your day is hemmed with prayers, it is less likely to unravel.

Let us hem our days with prayers and with our spiritual work from the deepest place within.

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