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Some of you might have listened to the introductory call for my upcoming course “Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing: Shamanic Practices for Divination, Collective Blessings, and Helping Others”.

I brought up an issue during my intro lecture that I would like to ask us to focus on and try to receive some guidance on. 

We all know the potential for the practice of shamanism to heal on personal, community, and global levels. As the practice has been around for tens of thousands of years that speaks to the good results that come from the work. When good results are not seen practices tend to die out. 

I have been so passionate about not just teaching individuals the practice of shamanic journeying and ceremony. But I feel my soul’s purpose is to gather people to work together in community to work together to solve problems that we now all face individually and collectively. 

Before traditional shamans enter into the invisible realms, they perform a lot of preparation work. This preparation work lifts them out of their humanness and allows them to leave their ordinary thoughts and lives behind so they can enter into a pure and clear field. In this pure field they can work in partnership with the helping and compassionate spirits to weave healing energies, blessings, and positive change that form in the invisible realms and are birthed into manifest form in our tangible world. 

I have been reflecting on the importance of stepping out of our humanness and daily concerns as we enter into the field that shamans work in. Otherwise, we are simply carrying our psychic baggage into the invisible realms. And what happens when we do that? I think for one we limit the power of the work that is possible. But I also think we end up leaving energies in this field that were never meant to be intermeshed with anything but the purest intentions and energies of love and light. 

This issue has “called to me”, and I feel a desire to explore it with you.  For are we polluting the invisible realms preventing the magical healings that we know shamanism is famous for?

This month I invite you to journey or to meditate on this issue/question. You can always journey to your own helping spirits and ask them about the importance of keeping the invisible realms clear of our human thoughts and emotions. But I thought it would be interesting to consult with the ancestral helping spirits of shamanism. 

In May we journeyed to the Cave of Ancestors to work with symbols ancient ancestral spirits left on a cave wall for us. You can visit the May Transmutation News for instructions of how to journey or perform a meditation to the Cave of Ancestors by clicking on the link:

Once you have the instructions of how to visit this cave, set your new intention. The intention I propose is to ask that a helping ancestral spirit of shamanism greet you there to give you guidance. It might be more than one helping ancestral spirit as a group might greet you and volunteer some guidance. 

The guidance you are requesting is knowledge about the importance of keeping the invisible realms clear in which we partner with our helping spirits to perform our ceremonial work on behalf of ourselves, clients, loved ones, our local community, or the planet. Ask for ways that you can let go of the energies from your ordinary world that you carry into the invisible realms. 

If you do not practice shamanic journeying, you can still join us in this work. You can go into a place of stillness and hold this question and pay attention to any messages or visions you receive. You can take a walk in nature and find a place that calls to you to come and sit. While connecting with the power of nature and the land you can hold your intention and raise your awareness to what is being shown to you. You can also listen to some meditative music and see what comes. 

I thought it would be interesting to set up a forum to share the information we have received. If you receive some pertinent and helpful information that you feel our global community would benefit from hearing, you can send in a message to Only do this if you feel called to share. For obvious reasons please keep your messages short and to the point. One of the teachings in shamanism is that less words carry more power. For often the important teachings and wisdom can be lost in too much of the story of the journey. 

Sylvia Edwards, our webmaster, will collect the messages. If there are too many messages to share within the August Transmutation News, then we will create a separate section of messages that will be posted. It will appear under the link for the July Transmutation News. Let us join our hearts together to thank Sylvia for helping us share the potent and helpful messages we receive. 

I feel this is a deep and rich topic that is important for all of us to explore in our own ways. There is a lot to reflect on as we turn to shamanism to provide answers and help for the times we live in. How can we keep the field where shamans have always worked clean from our ordinary energies that might prevent the manifestation of the true power of our dreaming work?

The full moon is July 19. Let us gather in the pure field of our own inner landscape and reflect on the seeds we have planted in our inner garden and what is growing within us and in the world. Is our garden filled with the energies of light and love that we would like to see manifest in the web of light we are creating? Take time to reflect on if you need to clean up your own inner garden/landscape. And then travel within beyond the world of form into the depths of your own light. Allow your light to radiate through you into the field of energy, the web of light that connects all that is alive on this great Earth. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating a Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions for our full moon ceremonies. 


Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved. 

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