I hope that you participated in the ceremony we performed in January to send blessings to all the water of the world and to absorb blessings for the coming year as you drank a glass on water on the full moon. I know for myself it felt lovely and energetic!

We all want to see positive changes in our own lives and for the planet and we want to see these changes now! That is the voice of the ego. And the bottom line is that as we are all on a spiritual journey the ego might not get what it wants, in the form it wants, and in the timeframe it wants.

When we look at riding a train into a new arrival station if we take all of our “old garbage” with us on the train then all that old garbage will be there when we get off at the future station.

The key is to be present with what is now. In the last months of 2011, I wrote quite a bit about the power of universal love and the need to bring unconditional love into the world.

There is no way for us to be a vessel of universal and unconditional love unless we love ourselves. It just will not happen. And to go along with the Medicine for the Earth work we must be love to see love manifest in the world.

If we cannot love ourselves and forgive ourselves for our past actions and behaviors then we carry all our old burdens into the future. And it is all these old burdens, judgements, lack of love that are creating the current problems. If we do not heal them, we just carry them into the future, and nothing changes.

We need to learn how to bring through universal and unconditional love for ourselves. We are so trained to give and give. And yet we know from medical and psychological research that the tendency to overgive causes physical illness.

This month turn your attention to you! Take time every morning when you wake up or every evening before you go to sleep. Put on some music you love to listen to. Place your hands on your heart. Connect with your inner divine spirit which is pure universal love and light. Let love pulse through every cell of your being.

As we release all the old that needs to be healed to the spirit of love and light, we are then free to create something new to the future. Otherwise, we just keep creating the same old loop we are trying to free ourselves.

As I have been journeying and meditating on my personal goals for 2012, I keep finding myself yearning to go deeper into my spiritual wisdom and wake up from the trance of the collective.

Since I was a child, I have known that as humans we have so much more potential than we are tapping into. And as each year goes by, I find myself feeling frustrated with a certain lack of movement. There have been lots of positive changes and shifts in consciousness. And I do stay present and appreciate how much people have grown and evolved. Yet we also know that we use so little of our brain. We are still asleep in many areas!

We were born with a blueprint for how to live a healthy and meaningful life. As we have disconnected from living in harmony with nature and from our own deep spiritual wisdom we have disconnected from our blueprint.

All change starts with setting an intention. It is important to reset your intention to wake up. Part of this intention needs to be about reconnecting with nature, as we are one with nature. We need to reset our intention to connect with our deeper spiritual wisdom. We need to set an intention to wake up from the collective trance. This means that we must look at how we continue to distract ourselves from connecting with our internal knowing.

We were all programmed to have enormous spiritual creative potential. But as we have disconnected from our own internal programming and have instead connected with the external mass collective programming we stay in a trance and forget what we are capable of. There are dimensions of reality that we are just not seeing as we are too asleep to be aware of higher frequencies and energies in us and around us. We are asleep to a higher intelligence in nature itself.

It is time for us to wake up to what we were born knowing. Through making this commitment the creative passion inside of us gets fueled giving us new energy to move forward in life.

The full moon is February 7. Let us together set our intention to wake up from the collective trance. Focus on your spiritual light and join our community in radiating that light as we continue to weave a web of light within and throughout the earth.

Let us hold our community in light helping to heal those in need. Remember the exponential power of working in community. As we hold an intention together the power of our work is multiplied. Dream once again of the unlimited potential that we came in with as humans and let us support each other in manifesting our potential together.

Here is a quote from John Muir to inspire us this month:
When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

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