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The focus of the Transmutation News has always been on been on engaging in spiritual practices to raise consciousness in your own life and to be a healing presence on the planet. 

But as you know I also teach and write about classic shamanic healing work. I still perform soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, extraction and psychopomp work. I love working with the classic form of shamanic ceremonies. If you are new to shamanic work, you can read the article on the homepage titled “Abstract on Shamanism”. In this article I give a very brief summary on how shamans perceive the spiritual cause of emotional and physical illness.

I continue to perform and teach classic shamanic healing ceremonies. And as you know I also focus on bridging the transfiguration work into my work with clients and in my teachings. For I do believe that we can truly heal and transform personal and planetary issues working with spiritual light. 

Recently I recorded an interview with Nicholas Breeze Wood, the editor of Sacred Hoop. Sacred Hoop is a wonderful magazine on shamanism. And Nick publishes many thought provoking and educational articles on the practice of shamanism. 

My interview with Nicholas appears in the newest issue of Sacred Hoop #87. 

You can learn more about Sacred Hoop at 

One of the issues Nick raised while we were talking was his sadness/frustration that shamanic practitioners are not working with the helping spirits in a way where we can allow them to intervene in our world to help with the problems we are facing.

The issue brought me to reflecting on the difference between “intervention” and “manipulation”. For until we have engaged in daily spiritual practices to look through the eyes of spirit and carve away our ego, we can fall prey to egoic desires for asking for spiritual intervention that is not for our own highest good or for the good of the planet. 

And this month I encourage you to journey or meditate and try to get some understanding of the difference between “intervention” and “manipulation”. 

I do agree with Nick that the practice of shamanism has so much more potential to heal than we are tapping into. I think part of the issue is that people are surfing too many different teachings so that the skill level is not being developed to bring through the true miraculous power of the work. I have talked about how many are surfing spiritual teachings in many issues of this column. 

Developing skill with your work is a key to bringing through more power and healing. But I also think developing a sense of spiritual maturity to know how to engage with the helping spirits is a key to letting more healing power flow from the invisible realms into the tangible realms.

I do not have all the answers. I am simply bringing awareness to the question and encourage you to explore the issue of deepening your level of skill to bring through the helping spirits in a way where they can intervene in positive ways as we face so many personal and global challenges. 

The same week I recorded this interview with Nick I recorded a bonus program for the Shift Network. 

And in this interview, I also spoke about the classic causes of emotional and physical as diagnosed by shamans with the assistance of their helping spirits. And again, I spoke about the power of the practice of transfiguration and how we can heal with spiritual light.

The focus of this interview was on how powerful working with shamanic healing can be whether or not the client is present or if the work is performed long distance.

I shared just a few case studies that show the power of long-distance work. Here are some of the case studies I shared. 

I once worked with a client long distance. I did not know him personally. He contacted me and asked for my help. He was dealing with severe depression. When I journeyed, my power animal said this man needed a power animal retrieval. But instead of sending him a power animal my helping spirit sent him Tree as a guardian spirit. In the practice of shamanism people can have trees as guardian spirits so the term power animal and guardian spirit is used interchangeably depending on what “nature being” appears to restore lost power.

After the journey I shared with my client that I sent him Tree. Upon the healing his depression lifted, and he developed a beautiful and healing relationship with Tree.

I once was asked to work on behalf of little girl who had been kidnapped, found, but returned to her family very traumatized. She had stopped talking. 

I journeyed in the Middle World to get permission from the little girl to work for her. As she was not verbal, I could not talk to her on the phone, so I obtained permission to work on her through performing a journey.

My power animal had me blow her returned soul essence that she lost into a crystal. We wrapped it up in beautiful cloth. He also gave me the words to speak into a recorder that had a metaphorical healing story to help her feel protected and safe again. It was a beautiful healing story he gave me to share. I sent her (via Fed Ex) the crystal and the recording. I told her to hold the crystal and feel the light, love, and joy return to her again. 

I stayed in touch with her parents for months. The child’s progress was slow. But the parents told me how she would never be separated from the crystal and that she played the recording over and over again all day long. She would hide the recording when she was not listening to it so no one would take it away from her.

Her healing was slow and gradual, but the long-distance work provided her with great benefit.

And the last story I wanted to share was an example of the power of long-distance transfiguration work. A group of us were at a workshop in Santa Fe at Sunrise Springs Retreat Center. We were planning to perform a transfiguration ceremony on behalf of water. Shortly before the gathering I was contacted by Mark who lived in Findhorn, Scotland. He asked me if a group would do some long-distance work on his philodendron. He sent me a photo of the plant, and I placed it on our altar in the middle of our circle. He had attached a device to the philodendron so he could measure its activity. Mark did not know exactly when the group would be working. 

As a group we did not try to heal the water on our altar or try to send healing to the philodendron. We transfigured into our divine light and radiated that light while focusing on the divine health and perfection of everything on our altar.

We worked at about 9 PM in Santa Fe. And when Mark checked the readings of the device attached to the philodendron the plant became so alive energetically at the same time, we were working in Santa Fe which was in the middle of the night in Scotland.

You can see the results of the recorded activity of the philodendron by clicking on “GDV Camera Results” on the homepage. Look at Findhorn Remote Plant Experiment Results. 

These are three stories out of many hundreds of amazing case studies I collected from my own work and also those of shamanic practitioners I trained.

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As you know I do teach about the difference of “healing” and “curing”. I write about this in most of my books as well as in my most recent book Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.  For with most cases the client has to do a great deal of personal work in order to see long term results after receiving a healing performed by a shamanic practitioner.

The helping spirits can help us to intervene to heal the issues that people, other nature beings, and the planet are experiencing. But we must be willing to dive deeply into our spiritual work so that we gain the emotional maturity to know what kind of help to ask for and to open the veils between the worlds so that the amazing and unlimited power of the universe can flow through. 

I am so impressed by the stunning stories and case studies my current students are sharing with me. They are bridging shamanic work into working with children, relationships, family life, business, organizations and community. I am feeling deeply inspired by the people who are truly working in partnership with the helping spirits to make a difference. 

The full moon (which is also an eclipse) is April 4. Let us be a vessel of light and love that shines from within and through the invisible realms. Perform your transfiguration practice while also giving thanks to your helping spirits for dropping their form so you can both merge formless energies together. May the energies of light, love, and oneness radiating from all worlds weave together to form a web of light within and throughout the Earth. Miracles are possible. We need to focus and do the work that allows the invisible threads to be spun from the invisible into the visible to weave a new fabric of reality that embraces love, light, peace, equality, and honor and respect for all that is alive including the elements that sustain us. 

If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage for instructions to our full moon ceremony.

Inspiring story to share this month:

From Judi:

I was asked by a group of women, to lead a meditation night. I was reluctant at first, thinking I was unprepared and not worthy.

After some encouraging words I decided to try once. 

I spent a number of days meditating to create just the right meditation for them. When I felt satisfied that I was ready, I gave it a shot.

I had a successful group of eighteen women show up and afterwards they only had positive comments. During the month after the meditation, they would tell me how their lives had been shifted by that night. The time I spend in preparation also helps shift consciousness in me.

I did another one and from that experience I have been leading a meditation once a month for several women who tell me each meditation is better than the previous one.

Because of those meditation evenings I was asked to lead full moon drum circles and those also have been successful.

For my private work (I knew nothing of your trees) I used a Mimosa tree on my back hill that had lost its life force (beetles had infested the trunk). The birds still would sit in the leafless branches and sing so I didn’t remove the tree. I collected can lids with the tab. I added names to the lids, of people asking for prayers. With ribbons and colored plant ties I tied them to the tree branches. They are a constant reminder, as I look out the windows, of those needing help. Each day I release their needs via the element of wind so their needs can be taken to the Universe for manifestation. 

Thank you so much for your healing work and encouragement.


Copyright 2015 Sandra Ingerman. All rights reserved.

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