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There are thousands of people who read the Transmutation News each month and engage in the spiritual practices that I have been sharing.

Many of you have been working with these practices for many years now. As a global community we have been weaving a beautiful foundation together that supports our work, our lives, and the process of evolution we are going through.

We have set the intention and have held our focus to keep dreaming the world we wish to live in into being. We have made a commitment to stop throughout the day to observe what we are thinking about and notice what energies we are sending out into the collective. We have been engaging in practices to align our thoughts and words with our desired outcomes.

As you know this is a work in progress. We should be proud for the energy we have put into building and restructuring a new way to live as well as how we have been holding the web of life in love. This is what we should turn our focus to whenever we drop into times of feeling hopeless. Focus on the beauty and healing we have been creating. We have been reweaving a new foundation to hold us as an old way of life that no longer serves us continues to unravel.

I know we can get frustrated wishing we could attain a state of consciousness that we could easily maintain and not get so distracted by the outer world. But the collective we live in supports a stressful way of life. We all do the best we can to live a spiritual life throughout the day.

For the key principle of the Medicine for the Earth work has been to integrate our spiritual work into our daily lives and not separate practices into something we do in the morning without any continuation of the practices as we go out into the world. We have kept a strong beautiful focus on being a light in the world while we are driving in traffic, while at work, when we are in the grocery store, standing in line at the bank, etc.

The teaching that it is who we become changes the world is core to being a positive changemaker. And we must keep up our spiritual practices.

At the same time, I know for myself I am feeling a shift happening in my focus. As the challenges we are facing on the planet become more complex I feel a true yearning to simplify everything I do.

I know from what I read that there has been a real movement with many people to simplify their physical needs – donating clothes and material objects to others and moving into smaller homes – finding ways to live simpler.

I have found this desire inside myself also. And at the same time, I feel a need to simplify the spiritual work that I do. For we can become obsessed and put too much pressure on ourselves with the spiritual practices we do. My soul’s yearning is to reconnect with myself and with MY SELF. I have been writing about SELF for a few months now – that spiritual eternal part of ourselves that is permanent, joyful and always at peace.

I am sure I am not alone in my yearning. I think many of us feel a need to reconnect with ourselves.

It almost feels like as the issues get more challenging and keep increasing on an exponential fashion that my own spiritual goals get smaller. The unraveling of a way of life that does not support life and the energies of love, equality, harmony, and peace will continue. The calls to wake up will continue to get louder. I know all of you understand this. These calls not only come from the earth but from our own soul which yearns to experience a deeper and more meaningful way of life.

So, finding some place inside of ourselves where we can experience peace even if just for a few minutes feels important. I did write about finding time to just experience stillness last month.

This month I want to write about creating sacred space in your home where you can remove yourself from all that is going on in the world and reconnect with yourself.

One way to do this is to find a corner or small table in your house where you can build an altar. I know those of us who have altars in our homes find comfort when we can sit with our altar and be in sacred space.

Keep your altar simple. You can create an altar with a candle, some flowers, crystals, stones, shells, things you have collected in nature that remind you of a place of beauty. Place things on your altar that remind you of times and experiences where you felt happy and peaceful. You can put pictures on your altar or something that you have made. These are just some suggestions to inspire you to come up with your own ideas.

I have a little cup that I fill with rose water that I leave as an offering to give thanks to all the invisible helping spirits that support me in my life. Some of these are my helping spirits, the spirits of the land where I live, the elements, the helping ancestors, and the hidden folk. My personal list might include more.

The key to making an altar is keep it simple, keep it sacred, and use your imagination.

You can also create an altar outdoors.

Allow yourself to be inspired to change your altar as you feel that changes are going on inside of yourself and you want your altar to reflect those changes.

Having some special spot that you can visit during the day and take a time out is a wonderful way to find some minutes of inner peace. Sitting in your sacred space can be a time where you can pray in your own way for yourself, others, and the planet. It is a place where you can give thanks for what you do have in your life. And it is a place where you can give thanks for the global circle of spiritual practitioners working in their own ways to make a difference in the world. Most of all this can be a place to find quiet from the noise of the world – both the inner and outer noise.

In this way we can continue to connect with ourselves and this will allow us to regenerate so that we do feel the strength and energy to keep our visions going and be a light in the world.

But we must be able to stay connected to ourselves in order to have this kind of energy. Otherwise, we end up trying too hard. Our spiritual practices stop flowing and they feel forced. And when we force our spiritual work, we end up feeling inauthentic with the work and might move to a place of hopelessness. When we allow our divine spirit and light to flow through us, we feel filled with inspiration and hope.

Life is unpredictable and many people are feeling fragile. This is not a new condition that humans have had to deal with. But as the unraveling of collective energies keep occurring, we are not always sure of the foundation we have to rely on. We must keep building a strong inner world. Our inner world is what will hold us in the times ahead. This allows us to wake up each day and be fully present to what life brings us knowing all solutions and actions we need to take will be presented to us.

You can rely on the foundation of love and support built by many thousands of us. We have woven a beautiful and strong foundation for us to stand on. But we have to take some time out each day to find a sacred and still place where we can just sit, be, and feel all that we have done. We must be able to experience moments of inner peace to refuel and regenerate.

As I experience peace filling each cell of my being every day, I don’t feel stressed out about what practices I am doing and what I might have lost concentration with. And as I can momentarily touch into a sense of peace and stillness, I deepen my trust in divine order.

We will continue to feel challenged by events around us. I know the shock that we felt by the senseless tragedy in Colorado. And there are so many senseless tragedies that stretch our hearts as we are filled with compassion. If you track energy, you can see where the energy is going. And we must hold strong individually and collectively.

Simplify your spiritual practices – don’t stress about them and don’t get caught up in trying to learn new methods. Give yourself a time out and find a corner where you can just be in peace.

Over the years I have written a lot to help us find tools in these changing times to keep our focus.

After the oil spill occurred in the Gulf, I wrote a summary of Medicine for the Earth practices that we have been working with.

If you would like to reread this column, please click on this link

Also on the homepage of this site is a button for The Huffington Post Articles that I wrote. These articles are very short and easy to read. Some of the articles that might inspire you and give you some tools to work with are:

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On September 22 we celebrate the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Nature is such an amazing teacher for us and can help us to learn how to live in harmony through change. For nature is always changing and at the same time the earth provides for us what we need during shifts and changes.

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And the weather predictions are for an intense winter. I have been noticing how nature is preparing us for the winter ahead.

The fruit trees in Santa Fe have bore more fruit that has been seen in recent years. Trees are heavy with berries, acorns, and pinecones. I have an apricot tree that produced apricots for the first time in the 17 years. It is quite extraordinary. The earth is preparing us and providing nurturance for all of life.

Take some time and notice the changes where you live. How has nature been showing you signs about the change in season coming? Learn to allow nature to help you make your own predictions rather than relying on meteorologists.

Meditate on a short ceremony that you might want to perform alone or with others in your community to celebrate the change in seasons.

You might want to do a releasing ceremony to let go of a disappointment or a block to your creative potential. You might want to perform a blessing ceremony for the earth and all of life planting seeds of gratitude, love, light, and hope for all of life.

Allow your own inspiration to guide you for your equinox celebrations. Ceremonies at the change of seasons is a way to honor the earth and at the same time assists us on a very deep level to step into the shift of seasons.

And know that our circle is radiating unconditional love and light to you for who you are. You are held in love and support by many thousands of people around the world. Feel it, take it in, and radiate it back.

The full moon is September 29. Let us continue weaving a beautiful web of light that expands out of our circle and embraces the entire earth and all of life.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage of this site.

I wish you a joyous autumn and spring!

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