I hope you had a good fall equinox celebration. One way that indigenous people stay in harmony with the rhythm of life is by honoring the change in seasons. As we are part of nature the change in seasons is going to have an impact on our energy, our food requirements, our mood, etc. Acknowledging the change in seasons helps us to adjust to the changes in a harmonious way.

Fall is my favorite season. I intentionally scheduled my first workshop on the material from Medicine For The Earth during the weekend of the fall equinox. The workshop went very well and I am excited about continuing the work.

In organizing the material I wanted to share during the weekend I broke the work down into two parts. I feel the most important part of the transmutation work is bringing in spiritual practices into our lives that move us into a state of harmony. As I have repeated many times on this web page harmony within will create harmony without. Typically the truth and what is most important is so simple.

The second part of the work is the ceremonies, which we perform to actually work with the transmutation of environmental pollution.

The personal work we must do ourselves. Yes, it is important to have community support as we incorporate spiritual practices into our lives. But ultimately no one can change our lives except ourselves. The ceremony work I think does have to be done in community. It is time in our evolution to work with groups to come together to heal our environment.

This month we continue with the spiritual practice of changing ourselves. The last couple of months I have given you suggestions of how to work with transmuting the thoughts and energy you send out into the universe. The words, thoughts and energy we send out ultimately end up showering back down on us. When we send out a lot of negativity we end up polluting our environment. Pollution doesn’t come just from what we physically put into the environment. The thoughts, words, and energy we infuse it with also impact the health of our environment.

Here is a visualization for you to work with:
Close your eyes and with your Imagination picture two beings. One being you will label positive thoughts, words, and energy. The other will represent your negative thoughts, words, and energy. For the next month throughout the day check in to see whom you are feeding. Notice who you are nurturing the most during your day.

If you really take this practice seriously you will notice what you are calling to yourself and your environment by whether you feed the positive or the negative more. Being on a spiritual path is like walking on the edge of a razor. Don’t judge yourself when you fall off, just get back on the path.

I hope you will continue the practice for more than just a month but ask yourself are you willing to commit to this for at least a month.

I have been informed by a friend that Amazon.com has begun taking orders for Medicine For The Earth: How To Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins.

During a recent journey my helping spirits asked me to begin monthly meditations for the purpose of forming a human web of light for global healing. I will give you more Information once I have an opportunity to organize this more.

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