Last month I mentioned that I would be starting monthly meditations that would create a human web of light. I want to explain what I mean by this.

When I was researching different spiritual teachings for Medicine for the Earth I found the underlying principle of esoteric beliefs is that all life is made of light. As human beings with egos we often forget our true nature and we over identify with our personalities and bodies. We are light in bodies.

Alchemists did not literally change lead into gold. Rather they transmuted heavy leaded consciousness into gold light consciousness. Jesus in Matthew 5:30-20 challenges us not to hide our light under baskets. When mystics all over the world perform their miracles of healing they are seen to shine and become luminescent. Throughout Medicine for the Earth I write about the importance of the concept of light in all spiritual traditions.

We are light and we came here to shine. But most of us have forgotten our true nature as well as why we came here. A few years ago I was teaching a soul retrieval training in Santa Cruz, CA. I was teaching at a beautiful retreat center in the redwoods where the walk from the dining room to the meeting room was long. It had been raining for days and I found myself missing the night sky, as I knew it in Santa Fe. Living at 7000 feet with not much pollution in the air I can see the stars dancing in the night sky every evening.

One night after dinner I was walking to the meeting space alone. The rain had stopped and the clouds were moving out of the sky. I stopped and looked up and I could see one lone star. As I stood looking up at the sky I had a realization.

When a group of people gathers outside and looks up at the night sky no one gets particularly excited when there is only one star visible. But when an infinite number of stars dazzle us, people start to ooh and ah and take on the excitement of children seeing something beautiful for the first time. The complete awe of the night sky never fails to impact us.

Here on earth we are told at a very early age not to shine so brightly. If we shine too bright no one will love us. There can only be a few “stars” and it is not you. Does this sound familiar?

Why can there only be a few stars here on earth? I have never heard anyone say when looking up at the stars in the sky, “1 wish that star wouldn’t shine so brightly it is outshining other stars”. Why do we have that belief here?

It is our birthright to shine as brightly as we can. In this way we can reflect back the beauty of the night sky above us. We need to find our shine again so that we can light up the dark places of the world.

I propose that we begin on a monthly basis to create a human web of light where for a time we all just shine. This will not only bring light to places that need it right now, but it will heal us and help us remember our true nature which is light. It will also be quite healing to know that you are hooking up with thousands of others who are remembering that we are light. As we share this concept with others our web of light will grow which I know will have an impact on the earth and all life on it.

Remembering the formula intention + harmony + love + concentration + focus + union + imagination = transmutation we can begin to work on remembering our light and letting it shine forth.

You can begin to get in touch with your true nature which is light by putting on some relaxing soothing music and allow yourself to get into a quiet place. Take some deep breaths bringing you to a centered place where you will be able experience a state of harmony and love. Allow yourself to go inside holding the intention that you want to experience the light that shines within your being. This will bring you into a state of union with your creator or the power of the universe. Keep your focus and concentrate on your intention. Allow your imagination to help you feel and see your internal light. Give yourself permission to let your light shine fully through you. This light is always there and cannot be used up. The capacity to share your light and be filled by it yourself is endless. Your light cannot be destroyed or taken from you. You do not have to worry about becoming depleted, as the source of this light is always abundant.

Once you have had the experience of your abundant light and have let it shine through you once again use your breath and intention to take you out of the state you are in. Come back, open your eyes, feel your body, wiggle your toes, and know you are ready to connect with others who wish to shine to bring healing energy into the world.

Begin to practice with letting your light shine through you. And next practice breathing in light and breathing out light throughout the day. In next month’s web page I will give you more information on the monthly meditations. The first meditation will be on the winter solstice to celebrate the return of the light. Again I will give you more information next month.

The exercises I have been giving you on working with your negative states of consciousness as well as being grateful and showing appreciation for your life and all life on earth are essential practices to help us shine. Please don’t think of these monthly meditations as separate work from what we have been doing. Everything I am sharing with you works together. We can’t truly shine our light in the world unless we learn how to transmute the negativity we put out. We must be in a state of gratefulness and appreciation to bring light into the dark places in ourselves, our lives, and to the planet. So please continue the practices of the last few months.

Don’t forget in the dark what you learned in the light.

In May I gave you instructions on how to work with merging with the elements so that we learn about them by becoming them. Over the last few months we merged with earth, water, and air. This month we will merge with a force that gives off great light – fire.

As fire you might become a campfire, a fire burning in a fireplace to keep others warm, the flame on a candle burning, the fire in a volcano or in the core of the earth, or the fire of a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

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