As we are human it is natural for emotions to arise when things are going well in our life and when we are experiencing trouble. The important factor for us to look at in our work in transmutation is not getting rid of our feelings but being able to transform the energy around our feelings. In doing this we create an energy that can be used for personal and environmental healing.

Here is a very potent ritual for dealing with anger that rides on the exercise I gave you last month about thinking of something precious to you when you are angry.

Any pain that we feel is an indication, a flag that something is not right in our lives. Pain indicates that there is a disharmony. The first step is to acknowledge why you are angry. Where do you feel that disharmony is occurring that brings up your anger? Once you have looked at this and diagnosed the problem it is time to transmute your anger so that it doesn’t sit inside you creating illness or is not being sent outside you to the environment causing spiritual pollution.

Once you are ready for the transmutation work to occur go outside into nature and find something that seems precious to you—a beautiful rock, flower, leaf, etc. Make sure that this object is something that you would want to nurture and love and not harm. Sit with this life form from nature thinking about your anger. Do you want to send your anger to this precious life? Would you like to transmute your anger so as you hold this life form in your angry state you change the energy you are sending to love and light?

Through your intention ask that the energy that you are identifying as anger be transformed to an energy that embraces love and light. Allow the energy of your anger to change into a form embracing some nurturing, life giving energy that you would like to send to this most precious object you have found. Stay with this experience as long as you can until you feel that the energy has shifted and you have returned to a place of harmony.

In this harmonious state you can now work on the original situation that was causing you pain. You can now take action not from a place of anger but from a place of knowing that change needs to happen If you find yourself filled with anger again around the person or situation you are working with go out again and keep repeating the exercise as many times as will shift the emotion you are feeling.

Remember that the life form you found in nature that you feel is so precious is a reflection of the part of you that you feel is precious. As you would not want to direct an energy that would be harmful to your precious life form, you also don’t want to hold an energy that would be harmful to the precious part of you.

Our local Santa Fe newspaper has begun sharing the predictions of scientists that it is possible that Santa Fe will run out of water in the next decade and that there will be a continued drought for the next twenty five years. These articles have moved me to continue my journeying on the weather patterns not just in Santa Fe but also in the world. The weather is so extreme in so many locations around the world right now.

When I journeyed the key words that emerged for me is that this is a time of renewal. For so long humankind has not been acting in harmony with nature. Humankind has seen the earth as a way to fill our needs without giving anything back. As the energy of giving and receiving is out of balance the earth is renewing itself and no longer making itself so “human friendly”. In order for humans to survive there will need to be more attention put on the use of resources as they will not be unlimited. Natural disasters will force us to put our attention on the land and clean up what is happening instead of on collecting more material objects.

As you know I do not believe in doom and gloom prophecies and know that anything being shown that troubles me in a journey can be changed. So I continued my journey by asking how we can change this. I was told for myself that I was to continue doing the ceremonies that I do on my land to honor the earth, the other elements, and all life forms there. The singing and dancing I do on a regular basis giving thanks for all that the land provides me is a wonderful energy of giving thanks to the land that creates the power of reciprocation. This is just a first step and I will continue to ask for more.

In this same journey I was also encouraged to inspire journey groups around the world to do a journey together of looking at how the community can give back energy that would create the earth renewing itself where nurturance could be experienced by all concerned. Is there a gentler way that this process can continue? This is an issue that each community must look at as the spirit of the land in different places is responding to our behavior in different ways.

All life needs to be nurtured and given back to. The earth and the spirit of where you live are alive too.

A reader of this web page, Mark, after reading the section on entering into a place of appreciation when one fears losing something was inspired to write some haiku verses related to protecting Mother Earth. He generously agreed to have me print them here:


Each moment of thanks,
Sending ripples of healing:
Me to Earth to me.

Each moment of thanks,
Ripples joining with others:
We to earth to We.

Each moment of thanks,
Joys of sacred relations:
Help save what still is.

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