In this month’s Transmutation News I am going to start by writing about work we have already been practicing and then lead you into a new place to work from.

The winds of change are really blowing hard and fast. And there are many ways that we can react to what is happening. Between the global economy spiraling downward, the extreme emotion over the United States election, and continual changes in the environment people everywhere are being triggered.

As I go out into the world for my daily activities I notice the fear in the eyes of people who are acting in anger. The energy of the collective is very chaotic making driving an “interesting” activity.

The winds of change are blowing for a reason. We have not been living in balance. We might not like the strong winds blowing but they are here to help us simplify and get our priorities straight.

You have a choice right now. You can feed the collective energies of fear and anger or you can choose to stay positive and do your spiritual work knowing that there are spiritual forces that are behind you and supporting every positive thought and change you feed the web of life with.

I wrote a column on the October newsletter for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners ( And I shared some of the spiritual practices we need to keep doing to stay centered and focused during this transition. Here are the practices I shared:

It is really key right now for all us to keep focused on our spiritual work and to be part of the solution by watching the energies we are feeding in the world. We must stay focused on not allowing ourselves to continue to feed thoughts of fear and disaster.

If you are having troubles right now in being able to stay centered in the midst of this great time of change and readjustment it might be worth visiting your helping spirits. Ask for ways you can shift your perspective and for practices you can engage in throughout the day to stay centered and focused.

I would not journey to ask for predictions about the future for the future is being created by our present behavior.

Other tools you can work with utilizing shamanic practices is to remember to walk through your life with honor and respect for the earth, air, water, the sun for their life giving properties. You can honor the spirit that lives in all things by remembering to live your life honoring all living beings even those who trigger you into states of anger.

Remember to be grateful for being alive and for all that you love about life.

Remember the shamanic teaching of what you bless blesses you return.

You can shift out of a negative way of viewing the world by working with the power of gratefulness. This is a teaching that comes from all shamanic traditions. It is interesting to note that the alpha waves in our brain help to support our immune system. It is now known through brain mapping that being grateful is a potent way to increase alpha waves in your brain.

Keep up your creation practices where you continue to focus on dreaming into being the world you want to live in rather than focusing on what creates fear and anger for you.

Use all your senses and fully engage in an experience of participating in a life and world that brings joy, love, peace, light, harmony, equality, and abundance to all.

See the visuals of such a life and world, hear the sounds of nature and children laughing, feel the feelings of living in such a world, smell the fragrances, and taste foods that are prepared in love. Don’t watch your creation like you would a movie on TV. Rather make it three-dimensional by fully stepping into your dream.

And remember to watch the energy behind your thoughts that you are sending out to others. In shamanism thoughts are things. When we send out thoughts of hate we are sending psychic arrows to others that only feeds the energies of fear, hate, and warfare. We must learn how to see the divine in all creation and transmute the energies we send to ourselves, to others, and into the world. We must also learn not to pity others but rather have compassion for their suffering.

Remember we are caretakers of this great earth and we must continue to tend our beautiful earth garden. Don’t allow yourself to stay in dense states of consciousness. Use your spiritual practice to rise up and fill the world with love and light.

We are limited as egoic beings from really being able to get a full perspective of what this time is about and what it is all leading to. Journey to merge with a teacher and walk around (not drive) and look through the world with “spirit eyes”.

Over the years I have gotten very powerful guidance from the spirit of earth, air, water, and fire. They have assured me that I am not working alone but in partnership with them and that I can count on their support.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis who is my spiritual teacher has been teaching me for years how to ride a different wave than the wave of fear. She has assured me that my thoughts and attitude will create the dimension of reality that I wish to live in.

She started talking to me about this when I had moved into a state of fear after watching a program on TV in the 1980’s predicting extreme droughts and famines in the future. After watching my reaction she shared with me, “If you think you are not going to have water to drink, you will not have water to drink. If you think you will not have food to eat, you will not have food to eat.”

Her words follow me as I find myself being impacted by the news. Even newscasters and financial experts are saying that the turn of the world economy is being fed by fear. We are being shown what fear can create in the world.

This all takes us back to the work we have already been doing. And we have been doing this work together as a global community for many years now. Keep doing your spiritual practices. Choose to ride a different wave than mass consciousness is riding right now.

And it is so important to understand that strength and change comes in numbers. This month I ask you to meditate on or journey on a practice you can engage in to feed the collective energy of the spiritual community who is shining light and love versus hate and anger into the web of life. Even if you choose to focus a few minutes a day on experiencing yourself as part of a community working in behalf of all of life this is so important to being a changing force in the world.

I am now receiving some more guidance about this from the spirit of earth, air, water, and fire, as well as Isis. They said to me that it is important to learn how to project your spiritual energy in the world.

This brings up interesting issues. For one many people engaged in spiritual practices want to remain “hidden” even in the psychic levels. The reasons for this are varied. Some people live in fear of being punished for working spiritually as we remember times when many were killed for working in this way. Some people want to remain humble and staying invisible is seen as a way to do this. Some people are afraid of the attention it will bring to them. And some are afraid of intruding their energies on others space.

But my spiritual guidance is telling me that the time to remain hidden on psychic levels is over. For this is a level that we do need to project our light and loving energies on. As long as you are not trying to force a result moving into working with the principles of “power over” and “manipulation” you are fine.

You can say that you have been doing this in our monthly meditation Creating A Human Web of Light. Well maybe you have. But I ask you to spend some time this month on reflecting on how much you actually project your spiritual divine light and love into the world. And how much do you project your spiritual energies into the world – not trying to manipulate, but rather simply by being a strong presence in the collective. There is a difference between watching yourself be a light as if you are watching a movie or TV and fully stepping into the collective and engaging in it.

I imagine that some of you will notice you have not been a strong personal spiritual presence in the collective. You shine your light to a degree while hiding or holding some part of you back at the same time.

There are many writings from authors who speak to the issue that humankind has destroyed the planet before whether through ordinary means such as warfare or through spiritual means as humans started to move into abuse of power on psychic levels.

So here we are again in human history needing to look at next steps and choices. Are we going to repeat what has been done before?

In using the principle of the hundredth monkey that has been talked about so much throughout the years we really should have seen more change by this time. This statement contradicts what I have been saying for months now in saying we must do our spiritual work and not get distracted by the results that we are seeing in the world.

And I still believe this. But at the same time I also think that many people are becoming complacent with the practices we are doing. Complacency is an issue I wrote about in the October Transmutation News.

We need to keep deepening our practices and evolving our work. For example, when I first started learning the practice of shamanic journeying I was taught to journey into the non-ordinary realms and work with my helping spirits and then at the return beat on the drum to say good-bye and come back.

But I never truly felt that this was a traditional way of working in shamanism. I never felt inside myself that the lines between the worlds were drawn so strictly. Yes, shamans had regular lives and jobs and families. But in watching indigenous shamans it never looked like there was such a strong boundary between “here” and “there”.

So then when I started teaching the practice of transfiguration in the Medicine for the Earth work I did not bring people all the way back from the transfiguration work. Rather I encouraged people to hold that state of divine light throughout the day as much as possible. And I started reminding people that in transfiguring you are not going anywhere you are just allowing your own spiritual light to merge with who you are on a personality level.

In working with projecting oneself more into the spiritual realms there is no longer a boundary between here and there. You are in both realms simultaneously here AND there. And I think this is one of the keys to how true shamans and mystics work. They are in ordinary and non-ordinary realms simultaneously all the time.

The key is not to try to manipulate energies in the ordinary or non-ordinary but to simply be a presence of love and light as we have been doing in the Medicine for the Earth work where we engage with the feminine principle of “being” versus “doing”.

When we do try to manipulate then we get into a place of working with “power over” and that is where psychic abuse comes in. To avoid moving into such a trap it is crucial to keep working on our egoic self that wants to control.

As you tap into the power of “the unlimited” the ego can easily be tempted to use the power to manipulate spiritual energies.

It is also important to be as fully embodied in your physical body as you are in the spiritual realm. You need to continue to do whatever emotional work that needs to be done so that you are fully present in both the visible and invisible realms.

Last year I did write about the journey/meditation where I was led into the Inner Chamber of Light. And I have now added this ceremony into my Medicine for the Earth Gatherings. In this work we become part of an anonymous global spiritual collective that works in the inner worlds to weave and strengthen the web of light. And I still work on this level.

In this meditation/journey you experience yourself going into the inner realms where you are met by two anonymous figures
who bring you to a place to work in strengthening the web of light. The beauty of this place is there are millions of other people working here anonymously to heal the web of light.

Now my spirits are asking me to add to that work. For working in the inner worlds and on a level of anonymity is important work. And at the same time – the operative word here is AND – to also be more of a stronger presence in the collective.

You can think of it this way. You know what happens when someone in a state of love and light walks into a room that is filled with people in emotional chaotic states. The whole energy in the room calms down. Well our collective is in a chaotic state. Project your spiritual presence filled with love and light into the collective and allow the chaos of the collective to calm down by your state of being. As with all our work there is nothing to do. Just be a presence of light and love.

I feel that as a spiritual community we are still allowing ourselves to be limited by human laws of what the collective believes is possible. We continue to get caught up in limiting methods for healing and change. We continue to be influenced by what science says is possible and not possible. We continue to be more influenced by collective beliefs than by allowing ourselves to open the prison doors from ordinary laws and allow ourselves to move deeply into the spiritual.

Journey and/or meditate on this issue this month. We can be a strong psychic presence that creates change. Other factions have been doing this for years now but maybe not with the same motivations that we are working with. As long as we don’t try to manipulate others we can be a greater positive force than we have been.

For years now I keep getting that the work we do spiritually and on psychic levels is where change can happen in big ways. And I am getting stronger messages on this as the psychic level of the collective keeps being fed and moved by fear and anger. Imagine how the collective can change which also impacts our physical reality if we feed the collective with love, light, hope, and inspiration.


I don’t know if you heard this news but penguins ended up in the oceans of Brazil. I can’t think of a better example to show how much confusion is feeding the collective of all of life right now. Be a positive force in the collective – don’t be afraid to be a strong spiritual presence. We must remember to be part of restoring balance to nature not just ourselves but for all of life.

And most of all remember that there are many waves of consciousness people are riding right now. Choose a wave that matches your change in awareness and consciousness.

Be excited and remember the power of being in awe and wonder as I wrote about last month. For the universe will match your state of excitement bringing joy into your life.

The full moon is November 13. Let’s use the principle of projection that I wrote about this month to be a stronger presence of love and light in the collective while we continue to weave the web of light throughout the earth.

And as always we continue to support our global collective by performing the transfiguration ceremony for those of you in need as is written up in Creating A Human Web of Light on the Transmutation News page of this site.

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