For months now I have written about experiencing joy and love. This has been a theme of the Transmutation News for years now. The piece I wrote about last month was the importance of being able to feel joy, love, and gratitude in our bodies rather than it all being a mental concept.

And I have continued to write again and again that indigenous people do have a joy and light emanating from them that goes beyond what is happening in the physical world.

A known belief is that we teach what we need to learn. For everything I write on the Transmutation News I am working towards the same goals I write about.

I have a really good life for which I am so grateful. So I keep sitting with and meditating on what keeps me from being able to fully embrace joy and shine my light fully in the world. Yes, I can do it for times throughout the day and when I with groups. But what is it that prevents me from fully experiencing joy and love all the time.

I started to think about my childhood. Like many people my life circumstances as a child were challenging. But I did experience true joy. And I do remember that very clearly. My joy did not depend on what was outside of me.

When I sat with what created that joy the answer that came to me was that I was in awe and in a state of true wonder about the beauty of life. I had great excitement about trying everything from sports, to writing, to drawing.

And I had to look at how much I am still in awe and a state of wonder. I had to look at how fear of failure prevents me from being totally excited about trying new things. And as I wrote about last month becoming complacent with life definitely limits feelings of joy.

I started to think about people today. There is a vacancy in many people’s eyes and most of the people I see today have a glazed over look.

Where is the awe? Where is the excitement of the promise of what life can bring? And I realized that until we move back into a state of awe and wonder we can’t truly experience joy.

In the early 1970’s I lived part time in San Francisco and for a few months a year lived with a friend in Mount Shasta. For me Mount Shasta is such an extraordinary place of earth. It was such an amazing experience for me to wake up in the morning and see the mountain. I had only been away from my home in Brooklyn, New York for less than a year so I was not used to being surrounded by such natural beauty.

I remember asking my friend who lived all year long in the town of Mount Shasta if he ever took the mountain and the beauty of the place for granted. Did he wake up every day in complete awe as I did? I think I surprised him by asking him this question.

When we do take life and its beauty for granted we lose something crucial for experiencing all the gifts that the earth and life bring to us. And I do believe it is essential to get this state of wonder and awe back.

After I had this realization I picked up a magazine that had some articles I had wanted to read. I had this magazine by my desk for over a year and finally got around to reading it. And there was an article by Matthew Fox writing almost the same words I just wrote here about the need to return to a life filled with wonder and awe. It was quite an omen for me that made me feel I was on the right path.

This month ask yourself if you have become complacent with life and all the beauty around you. Do you wake up in awe of the elements and all the gifts they bring? Are you in amazement about all the food the earth supplies for our nourishment? Are you struck by the beauty of water and all it gives to you? When you breathe are you in appreciation for the life that air gives you? And do you fully connect with the life force of the sun that gives the power for you to thrive?

Look at where you have become complacent and what you do take for granted. And this question might lead you back to a life of awe and wonder that brings you to experiencing true joy.

In the past few months we have looked at how the creator or creative forces of the universe created us from a true place of unconditional love. And I have asked you to experience how much love went into your creation.

This month I want you to look at how much you love yourself and what you have created in the world. Using the principle of “as above, so below, as within, so without” are you in a place of unconditional love as you create in your life and in the world?

I have been debating with myself about saying anything about the current election for President of the U.S. I know there are a range of feelings from fear, anger, confusion, to curiosity about what might occur.

And of course the campaign focusing on the economy versus the environment is a real statement of how separated people are from the understanding that it is crucial to take care of our home.

So whatever happens “out there” in the physical realm we must keep up our focus of taking care of our earth in whatever ways we are called to. And we must keep up our spiritual work as we have been doing over the years.

I am sure I will have more to say at a later time.

Terri in New Zealand shared the following journey with me. I asked her if I could post her journey for all of us to read. I thought it was quite beautiful.


Terri’s Planetary Healing Journey

I put out a strong intention to do planetary healing in whatever way I am guided and shown to do.

I hear the drumming and journey very quickly with ease to the water hole at Muriwai Beach. I am alone, looking into the swollen murky fast flowing high waters. Rain is pouring down and high winds are all around. There are large whirlpools in the water hole and they are taking everything into them and down under to the bottom to be composted into mother earth. I am told it is a good thing to be done.

I see and feel my wolf power animal come to be with me. He is my teacher and tells me to follow him. We both dive into a huge whirlpool and it becomes a vortex to the other side. We dive deep down into the earth and then we are blasted out into space. He has become very streamlined and I ride with him circling around the planet. We are both very large. We see mother earth in all her beauty, it reminds me of a picture I have seen of planet earth taken from out in space. We are weightless and gliding silently just observing the beauty of the planet, the stars and the universe.

Then we are taken swiftly, diving into the centre of the earth. I know I am in the centre of the earth. It is a beautiful open space, lots of soft greenery around the edge, tumbling over the smooth dark charcoal coloured shining rock walls. They have an emerald green tinge to them too. There is a warm sunlight infusing the whole area. I am told it is the central sun and as we have a sun above us mother earth also has a central sun within her.

My power animal passes me an opened wolf medicine bag and I take out the large green seeds and am told to plant them in the warm, rich, brown soil. They are love seeds. Instantly I see them grow up into people of all colours and creeds and dressed in all the rainbow colours. They are gardening in this internal, warm, sunny field, and there are hundreds of them, woman, men and children. There is a feeling of harmony, peace and playfulness. They use thought to communicate. No words are spoken.

I am observing this when I then see above us a rainbow form in the sky and then many, many more, filling up the whole sky. I am told to watch, as the central sun energy, weaves these rainbows in to balls. I know it represents our future and the ball of rainbows is the new web of life. I then see and am taken on shafts of this rainbow light travelling upwards in all directions to come through the surface of the planet earth. I see that the same scene of people working in harmony, peace and laughter is also taking place around the whole of the earth surface. As above so below.

I am then taken out high above the planet again and see earth in all its beauty. Then I have another strong sensation enter my body on the floor in the room and I am feeling colder and my blood and flesh is tingling. I feel and see the other people in the room as golden pillars of light holding the space. I hear the drumming strong, holding and steady.

I am out in space. I see the earth and hear her speak to me. She says to be with my breath and she will be with hers. I see her breathing and exhaling as one being. She shows me and teaches me. She inhales and she is form and I see her in all her beauty. She then exhales and I see and feel her expand, and gently explode into no form, just sparkling golden and white light taking up all space. No beginning and no end. I am also melted into this never-ending sea of light and feel and know from being dissolved into it, what she is saying. She breathes in again and says form. She breathes out again and says no form. It is a wonderful feeling of natural ebb and flow, ebb and flow. This is happening all the time we just don’t see or know it. I am just resting in it and experiencing the wonder of the teaching. I feel like a soft baby held in the most exquisite light and love. She is saying we will create with each breath our earth and with each exhale we will expand into light. I experience the earth as so alive now and forever.

I have a knowing that by doing this spiritual healing work we are creating our new world and new ways to live in peace and harmony. I see and experience that when we have form, always behind it all is formlessness and light (Source). We are the light workers, the spiritual gardeners. Love and light are there for us forever, no beginning and no end and we will create from it. I stay, dissolved; experiencing this ecstasy until I hear the drumming again and I know I need to return. Wolf comes to me and says its time to go home. He has to pull my energy out from where I am as I have a reluctance to return. I slip into my body beside him and fly back to the water hole at Muriwai Beach and then back into the room.

I have tears of joy on returning and sharing.

The full moon is October 14. Let’s be in place of awe for the beauty of the moon and the night sky. And with joy and gratitude for our lives and for what a gift it is to be here on earth let’s continue to weave a beautiful web of light throughout the world.

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