In Medicine For The Earth I have a chapter on experiencing heaven on earth. In my own life I had always seen them as separate. In my journeys I have learned that heaven and earth have always been one. It is illusion and misperception that creates any separation. As I wrote in A Fall to Grace it is our illusion that we are separate from Source that created a fall from grace. Realizing that we are all one and connected to all creation and our creator brings us back to a state of grace.

When I questioned the spirits on how to work with my illusions the advice I received was if you change your perception your reality will change. It’s all a matter of perception. I felt and still feel this is such a profound teaching, and I felt like I needed more guidance to find a path to bring and ground this teaching into my life. So I asked for more information. I was then told that to change my perception I must see the beauty in all things. I worked with this for awhile and found myself very challenged with this spiritual practice and once again asked for something simpler that I could begin with. I was told to work with being in a state of appreciation and gratefulness. This became my first step into my practice of learning to change my perception in order to shift my reality.

I am now back to trying to see the beauty in all people and in all things. It’s been fascinating for me to observe my process as I do this and what I bump up against.

As an example let’s take the political situation in the world. Those of you reading this web page live in many different countries around the world. We can all look at the political situation where we live and in different areas of the world. As we begin to look at the beauty in all things one area we can bump up against is not experiencing beauty because of? injustice. There might seem to be a lack of fairness on the planet right now. This could bring one to feeling anger, or depression, or a feeling of powerlessness. There is a threshold to cross with these feelings in order to experience the beauty in all things.

There is nothing wrong with feeling any of these emotions. Having and feeling emotions keeps us healthy. Our adverse emotions give us the impetus to create change. At some point it is time to let our emotions signal that it is time to change and move on from what we are feeling. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with feeling emotions, but hanging on to them and rationalizing why we should hang on to them is where some problems can occur.

For example, let’s look at a tree. I am sure that you have at some point seen trees growing in extremely adverse conditions. Trees growing out of rocks are one example. Trees growing in a grove where they block out each other’s light is another example.

When a tree can’t get it’s branches to the light it will grow around all kinds of blocks and obstacles in order to do so or it will die.

When we hold on to our emotions and don’t learn how to change our route to finding a path to the light there is no growth. Remember in the Transmutation News in October I asked you to visualize two beings that would represent your positive and negative thoughts, attitudes, and belief systems. The instructions I gave you were to watch who you feed throughout your day. When you are stuck in your anger about certain situations and you don’t use your emotions to create and propel change you keep feeding one being only. The being that supports life in you begins to starve. You get the point.

If you decide to begin a practice to see the beauty in all things you will find that as you look at the beauty in people and situations that cause you great distress you might get stuck in a range of emotions. Observe those emotions and honor your feelings. Where can you use these feelings to create change in your life and your perception? Try and go beyond these emotions at some point to go to the next level and look at the pure bright spirit that is connected with all people and all life. With this change in perception you will change your vibration. As you change your vibration the energy in your life will change. You will change and this will create change on the planet in a very unique fashion.

We can’t always change our outer world, but we can always change our inner world. By changing our inner world we change our perception. By changing our perception we change our reality. This is the spiritual practice I will encourage you to bring into your life and to the new millennium as we look at finding harmony within that will create harmony without. Begin to work with the above principle and I will give you more next month.

This month we enter into the season of winter. Winter prepares the ground for the new growth of the spring. When one looks at the earth during this time it seems that the earth is dormant. But if one looks deeper there is quite a lot going on. I would suggest that you do a meditation or journey to merge once again with the earth as I have described in previous months. Ask to merge with an area of earth in winter. Learn by becoming.

Notice how the earth receives and churns the necessary nurturance in order to support the new growth and life of the spring. Look at what you need to do in your life to nurture yourself during this time. We are not separate from nature but we are part of it. Become part of nature by changing your nature during this season to become in sync with the river of life.

On another note I have been continuing to work with groups in Santa Fe to work with learning how to reverse environmental pollution. There are two stages to the workshops I am teaching. One level is to begin to look at spiritual practices that we must bring into our lives to change ourselves which create change in our environment. The other is to work together in community to transmute deionized water infused with ammonium hydroxide. The work is going very well and we are getting consistent positive results.

I hope at some point you will be able to travel to Santa Fe and do some work where as a community we can learn from each other and you can bring what you have learned back to the communities you live in.

Now on to the final instructions to begin to create a human web of light. The Transmutation News in November gave instructions on how to tap into your own light. If you are reading this web site for the first time please go back to the previous month for the initial instructions.

The first meditation will be on the winter solstice to celebrate the return of the light. As you get in touch with your own light and shine it in your life you will change your vibration. As we gather our lights together and share it in the world we change the vibration of the planet. It’s crucial to stay focused on your intention.

I suggest that you add no prayers or words as you do this. Just simply shine and allow yourself to join with a planetary web of light that will reach out to touch all the dark places in the world.

For the winter solstice meditate and shine your light as the solstice begins where you live. As you do this the light will grow as it moves from country to country. The light will be passed around the globe. But let’s not stop there. Continue throughout the day and evening to shine. In this way we begin to link the web of light throughout the world by shining at the time of the solstice but we also keep this web alive throughout the day and night.

If you work with a group for meditations or journeying at important times of the year gather together as a group to bring in the solstice. Link hands and link your lights together as you let your own shine come through. Experience the light of your group linking with groups all over the world. Experience yourself merging into one giant web of light.

If you are working alone once again get into a quiet place and let your shine come through you. Experience yourself merging into one great community web of light that is shining around the world.

After this first meditation at the time of the solstice, I suggest we work with creating this web of light each full moon when the power of the full moon will magnify the light we send out. Each full moon keep working with shining your light and visualizing that you are connected to a global human web of light throughout the day and evening. And let’s keep it going every full moon. Imagine the healing and change in vibration that can take place in your own lives as well as on the planet.

A friend reminded me that children always shine. She is sharing this idea with friends who have children. Bring your children into this practice with you.

Remember all life is of the light. You are light, we all are light, we join together in a great circle and web of light.

The next transmutation news will appear after the new year. In honor of my dear friend Brooke who died recently. I would like to wish you the prayer that I would often hear her say: In this year may your life be filled with magic.

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