I have found one of the keys to the success of our work with the transmutation of the water has been merging with the water either before or as we worked.

In previous web pages I have written that I feel that much of the illness we suffer today is a direct result of how we have become separated from nature. The elements earth, water, air, and fire are not only around us, but we are made up of these elements too. I have found it to be beneficial to bring into your spiritual practice a way of merging with the elements. This practice is not to try to speak to or communicate with an element, although this practice is important too, rather it is learning by becoming and being the element you are working with.

If you are trained in the practice of shamanic journeying, you would journey with the intention to merge with an element. If you are not trained in this spiritual practice you would want to do a meditation with the same intention. I would suggest putting on some music which is relaxing to you. As you listen to the music make sure that you are breathing, allowing yourself to move into a deep meditative state. When you feel that you are in a deep state, hold an intention that you want to experience a particular element by becoming it.

This month I suggest that you work with the element of earth. As we are in the season of spring the earth is teaming with life. As you become the earth you will experience the frost of winter being dissolved creating an incredible vitality that will amaze you as you experience it. You might choose to merge with the soil in your garden or where you live, or the earth of a desert, tropical beach, or rain forest. Use your imagination. Feel how the earth is being fed by the sun and the moisture and the movement of life in this season.

We all know that the earth is alive. And as you feel it’s life force you will experience this concept on a much deeper level.

For the month of May just concentrate on learning about the life force of earth by merging with it. Next month I will lead you through the next element to work with.

Our transmutation group performed our next experiment with water. We wanted to try working long distance where this time all the group members were in different locations. Once again we found that we were able to change the pH in a similar way as when a group worked together long distance. We have not been able to change the water as significantly long distance as when the group has been working in the same room with the water. But it did change. Obviously more work needs to be done.

I feel perfecting our long distance technique is important as when we move into working with nuclear waste we would want to work long distance for obvious reasons.

I scheduled two workshops on transmutation this fall, which filled immediately. I will be scheduling more workshops for 2001. As soon as I come up with some dates I will let you know.

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